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    Being Average isn't enough.
    Either be the "BEST" Or the "WORST" Version of yourself.


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    Trunk or treating fun
    Trunk monsters having some fun
    Fun for everyone

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    thanks @happy81❤️ @rahat_samrat ❤️ for being my best part of life
    nd thanks here to every1 for such love , blessing n
    appreaciation as always

    Happy b'day chahat ��#me

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    जिस्म में रूह किसी मेहमान से कम नहीं होती
    ताउम्र ये सांसे किसी एहसान से कम नहीं होती

    दुवाओं की चादर है सर पर,तो चल रहा हूं हर हाल में
    ये आप सबकी दुवाएं किसी मुकाम से कम नहीं होती

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    Inner peace

    That moment when you actually feel you're moving on,
    In every inhale you feel the happiness of healing and deep down that is so satisfying and the satisfaction puts a different smile on your face which makes you look jubilant and the way you breathe out it releasing every negativity you possessed,the heaviness of your heart were carried on,all the dried tears on your cheeks, somewhere it's paying off all the Awaken nights which spent by craving for a single glimpse of yours...
    Yeah it was quite tough for me to love someone unconditionally and then it became necessity to let them be but once you reached at that level na,,then you can feel the healness even in the air..
    Now you're heading in the way of healing,,,,possessing a mischievous smile on your with a different level of inner peace

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    yuuki: japanese for snow.
    yes, 'tis a poem for a fictional character.

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    a snowflake inside my heart

    we promised you
    not to shed a single tear of sorrow,
    but you know how
    inconvenient these eyes
    are sometimes;
    they simply refused to obey;
    but you'll forgive us for that much,
    because we forgive you for
    leaving us all behind.

    it seemed like the most impulsive
    of thoughts when you
    said sometimes some things
    can't be communicated
    unless you clash,
    but your war with fate was the
    testament that you fight
    for what you want;
    you collided against the unfair
    universe and you were
    stunning and brave;
    you seized immortality
    because now you live inside our
    hearts as the greatest swordsman
    to ever descend on this world;
    we want you to know,
    that you live on, always.

    I will forget the light of a
    thousand stars but I won't ever
    forget the way you
    smiled at me;
    and the sun was envious,
    because you were a snowflake
    it could never melt;
    you were resistance,
    you taught us how to live—
    even if you're going down,
    even if you're born to die,
    because sometimes,
    you can't have some things
    unless you're willing to
    die in pursuit of it;

    did you feel alive falling in
    the haven of someone
    you loved?

    yuuki; a snowflake in the orchards
    of spring to thaw your heart.


  • aayu11 59w

    Ye chaand bhi kuch khushnumaa sa rehne lagaa hai!

    Mujhse nazarein milate hue muskurata dekh tumhe..

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    #FeelingCrazy #Chocolatelove #23

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    मुझसे Dairy Milk का वादा करके,
    वो Five Star वाली के साथ भाग गया..


  • rhythmic_beats 63w

    A gleamy nocturnal spirit starts burning
    The cigars of poetry, by firing the heart
    To run in the marathon of 23:59,
    Where the potions of love and hatred
    Competes to bubble out
    The elixir of sonnets, but both wins at the
    Junction of juxtaposition like a twilight
    Celebrating the oneness of dusk and night!

    The door of heaven welcomes hell
    To dance in the hallucination of
    Bombarding screams from the valves
    Of heart to collide and fall asleep and naked
    On the snowy pages,
    By drinking the sparkling
    Scarlet wine of fizzy metaphors
    And exploding the dynamite of memories,
    Which was tearing the nerves of brain apart!

    Nights are misty yet crystal clear
    Just like a poet hiding his treasure
    Inside the dry petals of rose which
    Once used to breathe season of love
    But now breathing the freshly dead flashbacks
    Stopping the eyes not to shut for sleeping peacefully.

    I light the lamp of your silver lining smiles
    And tears flame up my eyes,
    And my drought land of lips yell the silence
    Hiding behind the shadow of our fading love.

    I burn the cigars of poetry,
    Racing in the marathon of 23:59,
    Unleashing the secret of night mists.

    Lemme tell you a secret to write!
    /~The secret of writing is not to write,
    Simply like river of nerves tell not to love
    And a paralysed heart will still love
    To die completely~/,
    When the curtains of 23:59 falls down;
    The nib starts holy ballet dance
    Till the fifty shades of melancholic
    Drunk night gets faded to the first
    Mauve crimson ray of dawn,
    When the moon finally says goodbye
    To the sun,
    The way your zephyrs waved a goodbye
    To my incomplete syllables of life.

    Burning cigars of poetry
    Racing in the marathon of 23:59
    Unleashing the secret of night mists,
    Reveals secret of writing rhymes,
    When life fails to give rhyming beats
    To my fainted heart.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Yes! The secret of writing is not to write♥️

    Lol! What's this��

    Image: Instagram

    #secrets of a #poet
    #love #writing #poetry #23:59
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork for repost ��♥️

    And tons and tons of love my dear
    @fromwitchpen @rani_shri @theinkdomain @gunjit_jain for encouraging and showering love♥️��

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    Burning cigars of poetry
    Racing in the marathon of 23:59,
    Unleashing the secret of night mists.

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    बिछड़े थे कभी तय कर के
    फिर ना मिलेंगे कभी...
    मिलें हैं आज अनायास
    इस मुकाम पर....अभी
    गन्तव्य की है दिशा विपरीत
    कुछ वक्त है अभी सफर को
    आओ बैठे साथ कुछ पल
    जी लें जरा इन लम्हों को
    यही नियति है.. तय है जैसे
    हमारा पृथक होना
    ढल चुकी इस साँझ का
    अब रात में तब्दील होना

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    "The Lord is my Shepherd...

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, Lord, for You are with me."
    — Psalm 23

    My Rhema, this is the Word of God repeated in times of need.

    #Psalms #Psalm23 #23 #Shepherd #pod mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • syeda_fazila 77w

    •“Be my quote ,
    I will be your story!”


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    Sometimes I wish to have a world of two
    Only me and you on it
    Where I walk next to you
    With no meters apart
    Where I talk to you
    With no high voice
    Where I see you smile
    Wearing no face mask
    Where I hold your hands
    While sanitized or not
    Where I feel your warm hugs
    With no worries
    Where I kiss your lips
    As I wish to.

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    23:23 brought up so many wishes,

    I wished to never let you go
    I wished to love you till the end
    I wished to always be by your side
    I wished to always make you smile
    I wished to always make you proud
    I wished us to be forever

    But the best is that I wished to make a wish at 23:23 right by your side
    Right in your arms
    Next to you
    I wished to always be with you at 23:23.

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    #Temporaryposts #23



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    Don't cry
    Everything will be alright. " I said
    I'm fine, i think you're not? " Heart said

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    ADHD is a part of my life Distractions working extremely hard to fulfill my dreams of being a veterinarian one day!
    #hope #Adhd #hardworking #overcome #lifebeyond
    #single #focus #23

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    Vision of a single life doesn’t seem to be all that difficult, I can’t keep up with the changes of the world it’s self.

    I was built with fragments of the issues we all seem to have a hard time facing, trying to find the ability to instill hope into this world that facing issues it can’t face alone.
    I wasn’t build to hold every single persons hand, not that I wouldn’t drop a pretty dime to make sure someone eats tonight, yet I’ve been on the other side of hopelessness without food to sooth my stomach that very heart wrenching night.

    These visions of myself having everything I’ve lived without from a young age, to a women who has a dream that I will accomplish by the end of my life,

    Distractions don’t accommodate me well my mind is fast my memory is crap I can’t function unless I have 2 pills in my system carrying me through my day, my life has been so rough but nothing that hasn’t been handled, leaving me feeling like I should tackle this dream being single without any distractions, so my mind can rest easy, work hard and be done so that this vision of mine doesn’t end up at the dump.

    Thank you for your love I promise I’ll always know who stood by my side when I was at my worst.


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    काश हां और ना के अलावा भी कोई जवाब होता


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    22! It's time to bid adieu

    Dear 22 . Thank you !
    It's Strange how Day 1 seems an infinity apart.
    22..The year I became brave enough to finally accept that I was weak and opened up about needing help..
    The year I went on my first long solo trip & carried out so many other impulsive plans
    The year I held a guy's hand tight and walked the busy streets with my head held high..
    The year I came out to countless no. Of people about my sexuality..
    The year I made strong connections with people & felt like i inspire people
    Dear 22.. You taught me so much !
    From being helpless managing my anxiety to crying on my best friend's shoulders to sitting in that chair in that locked room at a therapist's clinic & to learning how to to stand up..
    From throwing constant setbacks in my path to letting me achieve the unbelievable academically , professionally & mentally..
    Can't believe an year could prove this fruitful..
    Dear 22.. I shall never forget the lessons you taught me.. Thank You !

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    Watch the official Trailer from Pokémon Koko an Japanese Anime movie. In theaters July 10th 2020. It was announced during the morning program Oha Suta on January 10, that the new Pokémon film will be released on July 10, and that it'll be a continuation of the film continuity that started with 2017's I Choose You!.

    #23'rd Pokemon Movie

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    Are people mocking you with insults?
    Bash them with your results...