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  • _myscribblings 12w

    I've been sober since 22

    been a mess lately
    you were true

    but you called me love
    now I'm use to you.


  • _aaru__ 16w

    Today the sky is calm, yet rain is pouring. Yet something is changed.

    Oh universe,
    Oh sky,
    What are you carrying in the heart of yours.

    Is that anger? If so, than why, you so calm. Are you teaching me, what's calmness is ?

    Or is that the sorrow? If so, than why, it's not taking a little break. Are you teaching me to let my sorrows too disappears, until you're eyes can finally rest.

    Tell me, I'm worried for you.
    Tell me, what's wrong with you, today.

    Tell me, why there are no thunderstorms to be heard yet, the sorrow these rain drops are carrying can be felt.


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    There was no thunderstorms to be heard,
    Yet, the sorrow these rain drops are carrying in em' can be felt.


  • miss__jyoti 19w

    Wishing u all The Best Year #22❤️

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    Happy new year

  • works_of_imagination 22w

    As the winter arrived,
    I arrived too.
    To add more beauty,
    in this beautiful world.
    Am silently falling from the celestial city.

    ~ Kankana Roy

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    The snowflakes

    As the winter arrived,
    I arrived too.
    To add more beauty,
    in this beautiful world.
    Am silently falling from the celestial city.

  • _desaiagraja 24w

    You are 22 and they thought of you....

    A young woman with the job in hand.
    Earning like what a lakh or 2, it's tough dude.

    Or Being in love and relationships, opps!!
    I've got far more versatile things to do.

    You must be the one with cooking skills...
    Shut up, don't you have the guilt.

    it's miserable and magical life
    I'm not perfect but
    I'm pretty strong, smart and kind.

    I'm 22 and I just wish for you,
    Happy, health, lovely life,
    Nothing tensed and everything bright.
    How about just a sky dive
    Or talking to the mountains,
    about the Marine drive.

    I've been in love for a while
    That self obsessed bitch in me is still alive.
    I'm 22 and it's dangerous for you,
    Keeping your judgements far aside ,
    better, you stay out of my life.

  • joan53 29w

    The pumpkin was placed carefully on the porch
    Right next to an eerie lit torch
    During the night
    A black cat came out to play, causing a fright
    Chased a rat knocking the pumpkin, it fell
    A passing witch put it together with a spell
    It rose on imaginary legs, it went running into the night
    Screeching after trick or treaters, causing a fright
    When the clock struck midnight
    The spell broke, it fell upon a spike, a bloody sight

  • tokingbetweenthelines 45w


    It's a strange place to be.
    You've experienced glimpses
    of what's in store
    and it seems predominantly bleak.

    You've answered all the questions
    your youth had to ask
    and it's left you
    more confused than before.

    You're not old enough
    and you haven't seen enough
    to draw definite conclusions to anything,
    so you're left in perpetual uncertainty.

    You're free to fuck about
    to your heart's content,
    but wary of the eyes
    watching your every move,
    with the little worry
    at the back of your mind
    warning you
    of stepping over the line.

    You're full of energy and enthusiasm or
    full of distress and dejection or
    see-sawing between the two.

    Everything's exciting,
    everything's fleeting,
    everything's daunting.

    Anxiety wears you
    like bespoke lingerie,
    Reality is a cement truck
    speeding at you,
    the crash coming faster everyday.
    The drinks and the smokes
    can only numb so much.
    It's all getting unavoidable,
    you can't escape anymore,
    and best of all,
    it's all on you.

  • zohiii 46w


    *drum rolls*

    guess who agreed to have a collab with me? ;_;


    the title is from lana's love.

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    don't worry, baby

    “winter flakes, dead feuillemort leaves,
    you say there are things I'm yet to be,
    but there's no void that I'll leave behind,
    the world will still go on without me,”

    as inconsequential as we are,
    as grave as the truth of
    insignificance may be,
    in the lives that you've touched,
    a little something breaks,
    even at the mention of a world
    without you in it.

    “floating ash of pyres, cherry blossoms,
    when the flowers wither into their doom,
    why rage this ugly pointless odyssey,
    there's but gloom, gloom, and gloom,”

    autumn is a requisite
    for the spring to be cherished;
    it's because we hope, that we also mourn,
    but every tide has its ebb, my love,
    isn't the night darkest just before the dawn?

    “a hundred tears, and a moonlit lake,
    there's no brazen beauty now left untold,
    stringless kites never find heaven's halls,
    marigolds are pale among roses of gold,”

    I see your eyes, glistening and calm,
    yet somewhere containing
    a collosal storm;
    kites are loosened for them to soar higher,
    marigolds, atleast, are devoid of thorns.

    “there's no glory in living, and persevering,
    it's an endless lie of a bitter suffering.

    you say it's a world of hope and love,
    every moment a miracle worth rejoicing,
    if I, for once, gave in to your whims,
    a song of this so-called love, will ye sing?”

    if it's a hundred ways
    in which the damage was done,
    I promise love can be
    in a hundred and one.

    in this song of surrender,
    to make the chains stop hurting,
    if I sing along, will you choose to live?

    ©zohiii & ©thegreymetaphor

  • aayu11 47w

    अकेले रहना भी कितना खूबसूरत है न
    ना किसी के आने की उम्मीद
    ना किसी के जाने का डर
    बस अपनी धुन में जीए जाना

  • _do_lafj_ 48w


    मोहब्बत में बरसते है,
    किसी की चाहतों में हम।।
    भरा है इश्क़ की बूंदों से,
    जो वो मेघ जैसे है।।
    हमे तो खुद नही मालूम है,
    किस्सा कोई अपनी मोहब्ब्त का।।
    घूमते है दीवाना बन,
    किसी पागल के जैसे है।।
    छुआ है हाथ से जबसे मेरे वो अक्स को तुमने,
    तुझे ही सोच कर के अब वो सीसा चूमते है हम।।

    Something new��

    #Love #Kiss #mirror #22

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  • _do_lafj_ 48w

    मैं हर किसी पे हक़ नही जताती,
    न अपनी चीजों पे हर किसी को हक़ जताने देती हूँ।।

    So be careful darling❤️...

    #Love #Mine #You #22

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    If you are mine then you are only mine....


  • _do_lafj_ 48w

    When Zakir Khan Said-

    Ishq kiya tha to Haq se kiya tha

    Single Rahenge to bhi Haq se rahenge ...

    I felt that..


  • deepika_j 51w

    #22 May 2021

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    I always believe More Fortunate more Gratitude you will more easily heal from everything.

  • fathima_sumaiya 54w

    Day 22

    O Allah, on this day, open for me the doors of Your Grace, send down on me its blessings, help me towards the causes of Your mercy, and give me a place in the comforts of Paradise, O the one who answers the call of the distressed.
    © Fathima_Sumaiya

  • meetgupta 60w

    दिल करता है

    दिल करता है कुछ लिखा जाए आज
    उनकी यादों के पन्नो को घुमाते गए
    और लिखते गए ।
    कमबख्त जैसे ही लिखना खत्म किया
    तो देखा की आंसुओं ने सारा लिखा मिटा दिया था !


  • lovemirchinew 64w


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    Kal jaisa din kbhi na aae
    Mirchi k liye bhut roe thi
    Lekin mummy k liye Rona aur Jada pain deta hai.
    Aur dobara unk liye nhi Rona chahti hu
    Sab thik hojaaega..

  • syeda_fazila 64w

    •“I'm not a poet!”

    I'm not a poet!
    But for me, poetry is a feeling
    that a person recollects in tranquility
    and which overflows in the form of words.


  • vipin_vn 65w

    मानव खरा तोच जो
    पारदर्शी असे अंतरबाह्य.
    # Mirakee # Marathi Poetry # 15/Feb /2021#

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    मानवी प्रतिमा आरशात
    दिसते तशीच बाह्यरूपे
    बदलता येई कधीही
    छद्म रूपच, ते असे
    आत धगधगता लाव्हा,
    ठिणगी न दिसे बाहेर
    आतून अश्रूगंगा वाहे
    हास्य फुलतसे बाहेर
    वर वर दिसे फक्त राख
    आत राखेतला निखारा
    बाहेर प्रेमाची शीतल वर्षा
    आत फक्त वासनेची तृष्णा
    आरशात दिसे ते जे मेंदूत असे
    मनात जे असे ते सर्वांना न दिसे
    मनातलं ओळखायला शिकायला हवे
    मनाच्या आरशातलं खरे रूप तेव्हाच दिसे
    माणूस तोच खरा
    जो पारदर्शी असे अंतरबाह्य...


  • power_0909 66w


    My Valentine'sEx
    Is handsome.
    My ValentineSex
    Is just an useless memorandum.

  • vipin_vn 68w

    # Mirakee # Hindi Poetry#hindinama #hindiwriters #Jan/ 22/2021

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    हार के जब हम मायूस हो,
    कोई और राह न बचे
    हमारी जीवन नैया,
    बीच भवंर फंस जाये
    डूबते को तिनके का सहारा ना मिले
    हौसला खो बुझती लौ से फडफड़ाए
    अब हुए के तब हुए अकल से खतम
    दूसरे ही पल हम भव पार हो जाये...
    तो वो जो कभी दिखाई न दें पर
    सिर्फ वही करें जो कोई न कर पाए
    सारे दुःखदर्द, पीड़ा अर्पित कर
    सच्चे मन हो समर्पित उसकी शरण लें
    अस्तित्व का अहसास होना ही अनुभूति
    जहाँ हमारी हद ख़त्म उसकी शुरू हो जाये
    मद ना कर बन्दे, जो है... उसका दिया है
    उसी से शुरू है, उसी से खतम हो जाये