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  • raghavendrabs 7w

    21st Century Home

    A brawl at breakfast and a kiss at noon.
    An unreasonable argument and a stretched debate.
    A fight that started ugly but ended soon,
    “Home” was always a person that understood despite the dire state.

    An unwelcome guest asked to leave,
    A fight to stay while the host was not hospitable,
    “What you seek isn’t here and this isn’t a place to grieve!”
    The tears meant nothing, unrequited love was a trait that was deplorable!

    Hours together and hours on call,
    The words never ended, the rush seemed perennial.
    A whisper of rumours and it came crashing with a fall.
    The tears meant something, as a breakup usually leaves either in denial.

    Self proclaimed reasons and the attached commitment issues,
    A bee had better sense of loyalty but it was set to be an example.
    Trying to fill a void by using innocent feelings and collecting unlawful dues.
    The tears didn’t exist, many hearts were broken by yet another “Freestyle” vandal.

    Far away from all of this, lived a simple being
    That only dreamt of a person called Home and a life with ease.
    That sought a childish brawl at breakfast and at noon, endless kissing.
    Neither a “Home” nor able to find one, the person ended up in others’ list of AirBNBs.
    Raghavendra B S

  • prachi_33 38w

    Idk why boys always have misconceptions that a girl would love him for his money and his assets and may leave him if she finds someone more rich and wealthy!
    Bro,it's 21st century,a girl earns for herself and even for her family,she is independent enough,she's living as a princess that her parents made her since childhood ..Why the heck would she sniff your money even?


  • avyhizuka 48w

    21st century

    An era where everything is almost digitalized. Where freedom are mostly contained in cyber world. Social media is the definition of acquaintances. Fast. Acknowledgeable. Challenging. Tempting. But undeniably dangerous and very risky. Why are we so into this kind of ways, simply because we are all curious what this advancement can give us, whether good or bad, we don't care, as much a sit thrilled us, it is also some kind of a fullfilment of our nature as a human, seeking for new things.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 48w

    21st century

    First century of the 3rd millennium,
    Yes, it's the 21st century we live in.
    The current era where we are officially is the Holocene age.
    An age that came into existence,
    With past magical big bang theory's grace.

    Marked by the rise of a global economy and Third World consumerism,
    Deepening global concern over terrorism and an increase in private enterprises,
    Effects of global warming and rising sea levels, with eight islands disappearing between 2007 and 2014.
    21st century began with so much of changes,
    From societal shifts to technology,
    And environment to our mentality,
    Nothing remain constant,
    Since, everything is temporary and undergo changes.

    Some things either progress or deteriorates,
    Some things either grows becoming much better or gets worse,
    Some things either get improved or get dominated.
    List can go long,
    The short summary is that everything is a slave of time and bear changes.

    With the proliferation of mobile devices,
    more than half of the world's population obtained access to internet.
    With any query in mind,
    Most of us can search anywhere anything anytime quickly, using the superhighway - cyber server called the web.

    Advancement of the sum total of human knowledge and information, continues to grow at an exponential rate but what's important is to use knowledge in right direction.

    With success of the Human Genome Project, DNA sequencing services became available in the world,
    From maths, science to arts and entertainment,
    There's too much of development but also some concerns.

    War and violence has declined considerably compared to the 20th.
    But the inner war people suffers are more than ever,
    Suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression has risen.
    People need to realise their purpose and cherish life to its fullest.

    Somewhere there's malnourishment and poverty,
    And somewhere people waste the food throwing in dustbin.

    Somewhere people are worshipping God and prasing their own religion,
    Somewhere people are opting bad deeds, not fearing for their karma.

    Somewhere people are not giving attention to the environment and somewhere this or that, coutless concerns are present to point fingers upon it.

    Somewhere there's people thirsty, with barren lands or lack of water,
    Whereas somewhere there's people wasting water and not saving.

    Somewhere people choose or prefer to be self centred,
    Somewhere people open up and spread love and peace preaching goodness and kindness.

    As if, it can be said,
    there's opposite of everything one could be or see.

    Where there is goodness,
    There is also something bad to feel.
    Where there is development,
    There will be also some drawbacks, and somewhere it must be opposite of development,
    ponderous all these things are!

    That's how it is,
    That's what it always will be.
    Which one we choose to be,
    Always is in our hands.

    Leading oneself to right direction,
    Knowing the concerns and following the ways to wash them away,
    Being a leader, individually bring the right changes for improvements,
    Using knowledge for the betterment,
    Is how we can reward our planet Earth.
    It's 21st century, we live in,
    Let's make us more and more worthy to be its part.


  • pranalishah 48w

    - 21st Century -

    Building the courage to speak up,
    Learning to appreciate the given,
    And letting go is the ultimatum.

    But even then the turmoils turn for the worse somehow,
    It ain’t so much of the calm left somehow,
    It ain’t so much of the peace left inside somehow...

    We’re only running as if on a wild spree,
    Oblivion to what is and what’s not that could be...


  • antarraal 48w

    Vini admired herself one last time in the mirror and went out to meet her parents. Her sister Pari looked gorgeous aa usual. Their parents were sitting on the sofa, their faces sad, and anger with hopelessness in their eyes.

    Vini had enough, " Ma, Papa, if you dont want to be a part of my wedding, please dont force yourself. I will not have unhappy people clouding my Big Day. Both Sharad and I want our families and friends to be part of our wedding and not hundreds of strangers flocking in, wasting food and creating unnecessary stupidity. Why should all our relatives be here? Where were they when we were going through severe problems, where were they when Papa was in ICU and Ma you had to sell of your jewelry.
    You have spent in giving me the finest education, that cannot go waste. We want you to be proud of me and my decision but if you are not then please dont spoil my day."

    Vini reached the court with Pari, Sharad was waiting with his parents and friends. 10 minutes and they came out as a married couple to start a bright new journey.

    #contemporary #pod #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #readwriteunite #microtale #21stcentury #today #moderntimes

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    Vini admired herself one last time in the mirror and went out to meet her parents. Her sister Pari looked gorgeous aa usual. Their parents were sitting on the sofa, their faces sad, and anger with hopelessness in their eyes.


  • jalaal_writes 57w


    It is said that earn respect more than money but nowadays a person is respected if only he is rich in his life. In this 21st century our mentality has changed everyone explains us the value of money, power and highness but no one explains the value of humanity, kindness and humbleness.

  • emaans_reality_check 82w

    When we live in 21st century we must be aware of hypocrisy, when you face un-constructive but destructive criticism it is likely to come from a jealous consort . Remember when they cannot reach your level they pull u down 🥀. #poetry #positivevibes #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #21stcentury #criticalthinking #critisism #hipocrates #loveyourself #life #bossbabe #sayittomyface #Emaans_reality_check #follow #quoteoftheday #quotes #motivation

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    By ig @emaans.reality.check

    Who am I to you ?
    An enigma perhaps unknown to you ,
    So you try to define me ,
    Perhaps you always define your psyche ,
    And perhaps for you am a matter of rivalry,
    For you , am always a porangi ,
    You don't like the way I pull up an attire,
    Hon , you know it’s a pure satire ,
    Or the way I rock that ramp ,
    Thinking of ways to decamp ?
    You take me for granted when I blether ,
    Darling have you ever heard yourself prattle? You think I am stuck with you ?
    Between the devil and the deep sea blue,
    Well Hon let's be clear ,
    You're not the only fish in the sea ,
    You trivialize me ,
    For you know I'm flawless ,
    For you know I’m fearless ,
    For you know I’m the mistress ,
    Perhaps of hell ,
    For even though am blemished ,
    Behold and be scared for my ravishness ,
    And stay away ! , mind the signs ,
    I can be toxic , I am poisonous ,
    Perhaps nothing is more lethal than a

  • emaans_reality_check 82w

    A piece of writing dedicated to the Youth. Nobody is perfect ,even the most successful has flaws , it’s funny how we are impressed by people because of their social media life . A picture does not tell you the story , it is when we meet people in person we realise how blessed we are !!. Cherish your today 🌈💘 #poetry #poetrycommunity #positivevibes #poetsofinstagram #socialmedia #21stcentury #love #hate #youth #cherisheverymoment #life #perfection #care #reality #emaans.reality.check 🦋

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    By ig @emaans.reality.check

    I woke up to the breaking daylight ,
    Began with picking up my phone on my right,
    Of course not for checking the time ,
    Nor for interacting with something bonafide,
    But perhaps for infuriating myself to a height ,
    As I force my fingers to scroll ,
    I am thunderstruck by what catches my sight ,
    Blooming faces with serene lives ,
    Makes me think whether I’m alive ,
    Pristine personalities with flawless times,
    Like nothing ever existed called vexatious nights,
    As i again force my fingers to scroll ,
    My misery climbs upon me as I see them all ,
    Perhaps those who left me ,
    Perhaps those who tyrannized me ,
    My sorrow drags me to the ground ,
    As I see them all profound ,
    My heart melts ,
    As I see them all in accord ,
    And then i forced my fingers to stalk them all ,
    Perhaps I never left them ,
    Perhaps I never unloved them ,
    My desolation then pulls me down ,
    Perhaps to a point where I crackdown ,
    But then something strucks me ,
    We live in a world where everyone’s a feign ,
    Where the brightest beam ,
    Has the darkest bloodstream ,
    In a world where we all have stalkers ,
    Perhaps where we all are stalkers !.

  • khush_4 83w

    Confused us

    We have to trust taking a risk,
    Be ready to get happy or hurt.

    Thoughts go far and wide, and sometimes in the woods.
    Don't know run to search them or sit brood.

    Reality is hidden rumours are paid hid,
    Sitting idle is really a good sign kid?

    We are messed-up completely, don't know where to go and what to do,
    Crawling, jumping, and walking we end up in the same place where we started todo.

    Funky generation with fake feathers,
    Confused all the time rather.

    Expectations kill them inside,
    Wishing for north and practising south, they are torn apart.


  • aishwarysharma7 91w

    |SHE-the right|

    So The Summer Is Here,
    She Also Wants,Those Loose Clothes To Wear.

    She Has Fear Of,This Cruel Society,
    That They Will Stare Her,Like Their Own Property.

    They Will Look At Her Curves,
    & Give a Tag Of Whore..

    She Can Feel Their Hunger,
    That They Will Rape Her,With Their Eyes,For Sure.

    She Is a Bit Afraid,To Choose Her Right,
    Its a Battle With Those Idiots,& She Just Has To Fight.

    Yes She Isn't His Sister,Daughter Or Wife,
    But She Is Also a Girl,And She Can Live Her Own Life...


  • thehiddenthoughts 98w

    Women Empowerment

    The women,who,in stories considered as the goddess .
    But in reality has no right about her choices.

    She is the mother, who gives birth to a male.
    But always struggles to maintain her position well.

    She is the sister, one of the best supporter.
    But is always forced to except else's order.

    She is the wife, who is always ready to sacrifice.
    But no one understands her when she cries.

    She is the daughter, who can sacrifice her love.
    But in comparison a son is always kept above.

    It's a women who is the backbone.
    But at times she finds her alone.

    Talking about women empowerment, we are filled with pride !!
    Does the society really understand the pain she hides ?

    Without a women their is no existence of life values and emotion.
    But even today the male dominating society questions her position.

    In this 21st century, do we really need topics like women empowerment ?
    And by doing so can we really stop those rape and harrasment.

    Women herself needs to fight for their rights.
    Overcome every opposition to secure her position.
    There's a need to change the mentality, which is the only way which can establish equality.

  • spoiledwifeslifediary 99w

    Building Up

    You are "Building up"
    Not giving up..!
    Letting go of what is not yours
    Closing a road with a dead end
    Opening a new chapter on new rulebook..❤️
    Saying goodbye to faded inks...
    Keeping your charm alive
    Accepting old goons.. Keeping alive
    Say what...
    Yes Acceptance of denial.. Gladly hugging it
    And one more step towards closer..
    Getting what you want and letting go what wasnt your's
    By-Ar Rashmi Lathi (@spoiledwifeslifediary)

  • randomvichars 104w

    Live nowadays seems animated, its done as it needs to done and not natural.


  • blankvoice 107w


    दुनिया बदल रही मगर,
    बदल रहे न लोग हैं,
    दृष्टि क्यों बदले नहीं,
    बदल रहे जब रोग हैं,
    काम करते दुष्ट पर,
    बेकसूर के नाम पे भोग है।

  • cause_im_ada 109w

    21st Century

    We are blinded by the way the 21st century works
    Lost in getting fame
    In getting married
    In receiving money
    In seeking what does not belong to you
    Lost in wasting time
    We are blinded by the way the 21st century works
    Parents not caring about their children being alone in their room
    Children, teenagers, and adults afraid to speak what is in their mind
    We are blinded by the way the 21st century works
    Not caring about our environment
    Our future
    Our life
    Our present
    Using age, gender, and race to not have action
    I'm too old
    I'm too young
    What can I do
    I can't do anything
    I don't have nothing to offer
    What can I do.
    You know that is a great question
    We can have a better future
    Concentrate in helping mother nature
    We can look forward into having a good career
    Into becoming our better self's.


  • spoiledwifeslifediary 113w


    My personality is mistaken as attitude
    Why? It isn't Unknown fact to you
    Stating I changed but was is always will be same
    Just that you can't handle it
    As my confidence blows away your orthodox theories
    Your narrow minded Conservative opinion
    Doesn't bother to me
    I gladly announce you can deal with my open nature
    Happy to be myself not bounded by your cliche societal statements
    Sadly your spectacles also makes seen facts to unseen events
    And I, I belong to my element my choice
    By-Ar Rashmi Lath(@spoiledwifeslifediary)

  • poisonpen 113w

    Lost Love

    Often we forget that love doesn't lie at the tip of your fingers and a few clicks on the screen,
    It's the heart beating within that skin, it's the teardrop building in the eyes that aren't even seen

  • shalini_jain_pipada 117w

    By looking at this challenge i write 3 different thoughts..

    Challenge by @akshay_challenge

    1.) छोटी सी उम्र में ये मुकाम आया
    माँ बाप को हमेशा खुद में ही व्यस्त पाया||

    2.) माँ के पास अब वक़्त नही की मेरी भी सुने
    पापा तो हमेशा से ही खुद में रहे हैं,
    मैं कहा जाउँ अपनी बात कहने।।

    3.) माँ बाप के पास बहुत लोग हैं आधुनिकता की दुनिया में बात करने के लिये,
    और मेरे पास अपने माँ बाप तक नहीं हैं मेरी बात कहने के लिये।
    Shalinijain pipada

    #technology #changingworld #21stcentury #asb26
    @akshay21bawane @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #nature #love #travel #inspiration #friendship #diary #thoughts #life #poetry

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  • dosbambi 124w

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #truth #loyalty #21stcentury

    One of the many challenges of our world today, is to find a common ground for all man, so that we can all live in peace no matter, where we chose to live our lives, and our individual character.

    In finding this common ground for all, we are gradually losing out on our sanity all in the name of making room for all to fit in.

    Very soon, we will no longer have a standard, neither are we going to have the kind of law to put us all in proper check.

    #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #nigeriatotheworld

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    I'm seeing the rise of an evil under the sun,
    creeping slowly into every community under the sun,
    like a lion on the hunt for a prey.
    Truth has become a chameleon that changes,
    from person to persons and from place to places.
    I continue to ask myself, isn't truth a leopard,
    whose skin gives room for no changes?
    I see everyone is beginning to have their own truth.
    She has her own truth, he has his, they have theirs and I have my truth.
    These days, the street is occupied by all manners of truth.
    Please answer me, has truth stopped being a leopard?

    People now prefer truth to be the figure six and nine, over zero,
    their subjectivity and mischievous nature,
    is a reason people now have individual truth.
    That way, everyone can choose the side that suits them.
    Truth is no longer what it is, but whatever matches our taste,
    irrespective of the absurdity, as long as you can turn it over to fit in.
    This chameleon truth, set people against people,
    this six and nine truth creates a path for river to pass between people.
    But, I know for a fact that truth is no other figure other than zero,
    it is the same, irrespective of the angle you take your view from.
    Truth is loyal to no man, but all man.