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  • flamingheart 16w


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    Some minor discomfort and disregarded
    Agony are beautifully concealed
    behind those three dots,Just to let them look away from it;also silently willing them to look at it.

  • nareshkumar03 23w

    सुंदरता, सुख- शांति समृद्धि का दामन छोड़
    बर्बरता , क्रूरता कि हदें न पार करो
    अब मानवता पर उपकार कर दो
    युद्ध से इनकार कर दो

    बर्बादी का ये मंजर देख कर
    तन मन फिर से सहम उठा
    हिरोशिमा नागासाकी को फिर याद कर लो
    युद्ध से इनकार कर दो

    हो रही लड़ाई वर्चस्व की है .
    बिन मानवता किस पर राज करोगे?
    भुगते भयंकर परिणाम पहले भी
    अब युद्ध से इनकार कर दो..
    अब युद्ध से इनकार कर दो..

    - Naresh

  • works_of_imagination 36w


    The chilling wintry morning,
    covered with fog all around.
    Air brushed against my skin
    making me shiver.
    Here comes my favourite season.

    The view of snow capped alps.
    Aroma of fresh coffee early in the morning
    and longing to stay inside the blanket for a few more minutes.
    Here comes my favourite season

    Reading books in the afternoon.
    Sitting alongside your loved ones near the bonfire,
    Under the crystal clear sky.
    Here comes my favourite season .

    The season of love.
    The season of celebration
    Or the season of preparation.
    Here comes my favourite season.

    ~ Kankana Roy

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Advent of Winter


  • joan53 42w

    Spider died
    Ghost spied
    Devil lied
    Mummy cried
    Witch dyed
    Pumpkin pied
    Moon decried
    Earth sighed
    Treaters hide


  • aayu11 47w

    We're not afraid of loving someone again.
    We get afraid from doing the things that's makes you remember all those past stuff,
    That fear to get broken again
    Or broke someone's heart
    Coz you don't want anyone to suffer the way you suffered and that's somehow makes you feel anxious,
    Sometimes emotionally weak..
    It's happening because after all those traumas you chose to grow up,,
    It wasn't happened at a very first stage coz you wasn't known about the level of people's downgrade
    You was so pure,you think all are like you so pure,so genuine..so there is no point of doubting but as we started moving ahead we met peoples who taught us we're so wrong,,
    But it's totally fine to get over all those stuff that so rigid with you and torturing you
    And as I know myself I've so much love to give someone like one don't even think about it
    So keep moving
    Keep loving
    And don't let jerks ruin your faith from love

  • aayu11 51w

    कुछ खास तो बदला नही तुम्हारे जाने के बाद
    जो मेरे अधखुले बाल तुमको पसंद हुआ करते थे
    अब वो पसंद किसी और की है

  • zohiii 59w

    a canary's chicanery

    when did you tame
    your fists into not breaking
    the noses of those who tried
    to sell you the crap that
    you can't grow wings?

    it was sunday when your
    lips refused to kiss the sunlight,
    and you somehow became
    as still as the air before
    a thunderstorm;
    but I didn't have to worry
    about you because
    you said,

    "it isn't worth a catastrophe
    to dwell on ruins of what
    we couldn't be,
    sometimes we succumb,
    and carry on,"

    your parents said it was a
    strange disease that spread
    inside your heart,
    and your friends said
    you were your own undoing;
    an icarus who flew
    straight into
    burning annihilation,
    and when I whispered this
    to you, you said nothing,
    but it seemed like you
    were content that they think
    atleast you flew,
    even if for once and never;

    the poems you
    read reeked of the tragic
    glorification of sylvia
    and dazai's fallen angels,
    but I never had to worry
    about you because
    whenever I did, you said,

    "I'm a serene pond;
    your worries send ripples
    down my skin-"

    I'd exclaim,

    "calm waters rot inside;
    you rather seem an iceberg,
    visible utterly little,"

    "yes, that I am;
    an iceberg, a river,
    and all rivers run far and wide,
    collapsing into a waterfall-"

    it was then,
    I reckoned that your soul
    was deteriorating for
    the deficiency of the fluid
    that once coursed
    through your veins in surfeit—
    it was hope.

    and it was then,
    I learnt that god doesn't exist.

    it was monday yesterday,
    when bathed in moonlight,
    you leapt off from the
    roof of your workplace,
    a magnificent multistorey
    building witnessed
    your wicked chicanery;
    they said it took barely a
    few seconds before your
    blood spilt all over the concrete;

    even if for only
    a dying moment,
    did falling feel like flying,
    and when it did,
    did you smile?

    there were people with pitying
    glances but
    mine were filled with relief;
    and because it's a consoling
    thought I told myself,
    that when you came
    cascading down,
    you grew wings and flew
    somewhere far, far away.

    I know that it's probably only
    a fallacy but
    it's comforting,
    and I like to believe it,
    because after all,
    it isn't worth a catastrophe
    to dwell on ruins of what
    we couldn't be,
    sometimes we succumb,
    and carry on;
    and so,
    I'll succumb,
    and carry on,
    to live in a world where
    you were able to fly.


  • aayu11 60w

    गर मिल जाओ यूं ही चलते हुए राह में
    तुम कही

    तो अब मन,
    नजरें झुकाने का बना लिए है मैने

  • _do_lafj_ 61w

    नाजाने कितने क़िस्सों की कहानी हूँ,
    हाँ नए दौर में मैं थोड़ी पुरानी हूँ।।

    #Dream #Love #21

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    Am not interested in love marriage ...
    Mera to dream bina dekhe Arrange Marriage krne ka hai ....


  • aayu11 61w

    अच्छा वो तुम्हारा सोते वक्त जब कभी अचानक चमक जाना
    और मेरा और कस कर तुम्हे अपनी बाहों के आगोश में समा लेना

    ऐसा तो नहीं चाहता होगा ना तुम्हे अब कोई

  • aayu11 61w

    A boy can be a man!!!
    but be the reason for someone believes in gentleman

  • aayu11 62w

    For sure I'll raise my child having inbuilt beneath things,, but at this very time,,,,
    I always advise my brothers that never let ruin someone's peace or someone's life just for being cool in short term

    Never break someone heart just for your mood swings

    The pain you'll give them
    You can't even bear the consequences thereof

    So just be kind,
    Be genuine with everyone
    And always be down to earth


  • aayu11 62w

    कुछ खास बदलाव तो नही रहा तेरे जाने के बाद मुझमें

    पर हां!!
    कल जो तुम्हारी खुशी के लिए
    तेरे सारे दुख,मुझे मेरे हिस्से कबूल थे
    बस अब वो मंजूर नही रहे!!

  • aayu11 62w

    तेरी गैरमौजूदगी कभी इतना सुकून देगी
    इस बात से तो वाकिफ ही ना थे हम

  • aayu11 63w

    अरे छोड़ो दुनिया भर के सारे नशे
    कभी किसी इंसान का नशा किया है इस हद तक के बाकी के सारे नशे
    सिर्फ बेरंग और कीफें लगे

  • aayu11 63w

    सोचा तुम्हारी बेवफाई के किस्सों से भर दू ये चंद किताबें
    पर फिर लगा तुम्हारी इतनी तरफदारी भी सही नही

  • aayu11 64w

    The one who made you feel toxic

    They are
    The real toxic one
    Stay away from them
    You're too good to be with them

  • nareshkumar03 64w

    लम्हे हसीन चंद गुज़ार लूं क्या,

    जिंदगी आज तुझे ज़रा संवार लूं क्या...

    Naresh Kumar.

  • aayu11 64w

    Kitne matlabi hote hai na hum sab

    Wo ek tara jo toot raha hota hai
    Uske tootne par bhi khush ho kar
    Khushiyaan apni hi maang liya karte hai

  • aayu11 65w

    मैंने तो दिल से निकाल फेंका तुझे

    ये झूठ है की सिर्फ दिल से तुझे उतारा है