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  • ckeerthana 22h

    I stood there rooted in my place
    With my lips dry of speaking.
    Staring at the ground
    Holding on to the rim of glass silently.
    The hold became right
    When things started setting in my mind.

    What is more worse.....

    When your dreams
    crush into unbearable pieces????

    When all your valued efforts had
    No meaning in life
    When you tried hard
    But still the star's weren't favourable

    What is more worse....

    When your favourite person left you
    at the most important time in life???

    Dreams would have been shackled leaving a huge hearted lovable heart falling down miserably.

    What is more worse....

    When someone you love leaves forever
    Without telling a goodbye........

    Tears just flow out silently
    Breaking the glass that was on hold.
    It just broke into pieces
    Like how my heart is inside
    Blood was oozing at the tip of my fingers
    It was painful but bearable
    Better than what my heart is holding on
    in that moment......

    #mirakee #2022 #breaking #glass @writersnetwork @miraquill #break #wod

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    Breaking the glass

  • lyzgarden 2d

    Sobre mim e você

    Em última análise , somos opostas que não se complementam. A metáfora de uma metáfora. Cérebro analítico e coração agitado. Metade de mim é iceberg. Você é uma coisa só, o oceano.


  • lyzgarden 2d

    Morte aos imprevistos 

    Ouvi o som do interfone antes que ele tocasse
    Meu corpo se comprimiu como uma armadilha 
    Oxigênio reflete frustração, claro e transparente

    Me dizer o que fazer só faz com que eu me irrite
    E minha irritação é sempre uma viagem só de ida 
    Pra fora de vista, de órbita, de plano, de dimensão

    Nossas vozes alteradas na linha a troco de nada 
    A minha voz é involuntária, réplica sem sentido
    Já a sua é um ponto de vista que diverge demais

    Fiz todo um diagnóstico preciso e equilibrado 
    Até imaginei diversos métodos de resolução
    Enquanto suas mãos se moviam apressadas


  • iforever 1w


    Life is short
    Or is it long
    Before we realise
    It's already gone
    So best is to take life as it comes
    Little moments that make it strong
    Moments make up the lifespan
    So make the little moments memorable before it's gone
    It's the small things that make us happy
    So more than the principal the interest is sweeter
    Make each moment loving living and special
    So that everyone remembers the moments together


  • iforever 1w


    Life is short
    Or is it long
    Before we realise
    It's already gone
    So best is to take life as it comes
    Little moments that make it strong
    Moments make up the lifespan
    So make the little moments memorable before it's gone
    It's the small things that make us happy
    So more than the principal the interest is sweeter
    Make each moment loving living and special
    So that everyone remembers the moments together


  • iforever 1w

    The war

    Let me decide what to do
    Stay with you or see it through
    My mind is logical and gives reasons many
    My heart doesn't understand logics any
    You my lover have pained me much
    My loyalty you have tested my trust
    Forever forgiving no human can be
    The human mind gets pained easily
    After giving a lot of time
    Chances galore expensive life time
    You have ignored my love always
    But your my best friend and we can't part ways
    My mind is at war with my heart
    To demote you from my life with a but
    The war is unseen but it's a violent siege
    To dethrone you ignoring my heartbeat
    Difficult wars lead to beautiful destinations
    But this war is a loss for me in every situation
    Lose a friend. Lose a lover.
    When will this war be over

  • shrutisinha 2w


    जिसमे पूरी दुनिया समाती है
    आज भी वो शख्स माँ ही कहलाती है
    कोई काम हो ना हो, पर तेरा दिखना हमेशा ज़रूरी
    तेरे होने से ही हर ख़ुशी, तेरे न होने से ये ज़िन्दगी अधूरी

    जिसने हर धूप से बचाया मुझे, माँ वो परछाई हो तुम
    जिसने हर जख़्म भुलाए मेरे, माँ वो दवाई हो तुम
    तुझसे ही सीखी मैंने, मान सम्मान और मर्यादा की ज़ुबान है
    तेरे ही कदमो मे मेरी जन्नत, और हर तीर्थ स्थान है

    नज़रिया बेशक़ हमारा हो, पर सोच तेरी झलकती है
    मेरे बात करने के सलीके में, मेरी माँ की सीख दिखती है
    जिसने ख्वाब देखना सिखाया मुझे, माँ वो रात हो तुम
    जिसने सही गलत पढ़ाया मुझे, माँ वो किताब हो तुम

    दुनिया को मुझमें तेरी परछाई
    और तुझे अपनी दुनिया नज़र आती है
    बिन बोले ही तू मेरी फ़िर
    हर ख्वाहिश पूरी कर जाती है

    एक शब्द का निबंध हो तुम
    खुद में ही माँ अनंत हो तुम
    समर्पण का पयार्य और स्वार्थ का विलोम हो तुम
    कैसे समझाऊँ तुम्हें, माँ मेरी कितनी अनमोल हो तुम


  • ankitadeb 2w


    "I was a bud until she decided to fall down from the brownest branch!
    Reviving through her journey all night made my petals of shoulders open and I stretched my identity towards being a flower.
    I was a feeble plant until she hold my roots being the soil.
    Beautifying her fierce grace she was the storm who broke the gigantic tree into pieces but I stood quiet learning my survival."
    Mother(Maa) the sweetest, kindest and the deepest word in the eternity of this metaphorical universe.
    Those dreamy eyes captures the dream of the child at once and throws away the unfinished reel from the oldest camera as dark circles guards the eyes forever in a fort of responsibilities. For a woman this is a feeling that comes even before the world welcomes the child, a journey that starts from womb and never ends. This feeling comes with ultimate duties, responsibilities, unconditional love, protection, sacrifices and a huge strength. It's truly said that, God can't be everywhere so they created mothers.
    Whenever a child falls down it screams as 'Maa', when an infant gets hungry the sparkling tiny eyes searches for the mother. When a toddler goes to the school for the first time, he/she wants mother to be on their side.
    But, Is it necessary that the woman who kept the foetus in her womb for straight 9 months resisting numerous pain and problems can only be a mother? Is it mandatory that only in the most precious moment when she holds her baby for the first time she becomes a mother?
    Deep inside every heart will answer a 'No'.
    Every heart which feels for a child, every body which works for a child, every eye which sheds tears for a child is a Mother. Shifting a vision slightly from the dystopian surrounding towards the utopian, I see a SINGLE FATHER trying his best to fulfill the void of a mother. That sense of helplessness catering his eyes, when his empty heart becomes numb and his lips remains unuttered but still he tries his best to sing a lullaby carrying the child on his lap so that the child never feels the absence of the mother. Taking the place of a mother is the toughest, but the tireless attempt finally makes him a mother in a true sense. In a parallel scenario, witnessing a SINGLE UNMARRIED MOTHER dealing with the countless taboos of the society, the largest discriminations, the numerous words of aspersion. Without any support or recognition of the father, she finally becomes a rebel for the sake of her child. She forgets every bit of pain while staring at the holy gigglings. Hence, everyday struggle becomes her routine as she just wants her child to get the best life possible.
    And what for those who can't give birth being a mother or can't even get the status of a father? Can't they be a great mother? Can't they have that pinch of happiness, that portion of satisfaction of having a child?
    A TRANSGENDER can also be a great mom and can raise a child with utmost care and love and can give a beautiful life! Maybe the almighty made them a bit different in terms of organs but they have that same emotional heart which makes them a mother. Worrying about the upbringing of the child rather than worrying of the gender of the human matters way more.
    A mother can be anyone of any age. Being a mother is that job in which one never wants to remain absent for the upcoming challenges.
    I have seen how a TEENAGER GIRL took that wounded stray puppy with her at her home and cured it, cared for it and she was the one who used to talk with the puppy, pamper it, feed it and play with it. Her emotional connect with the puppy was visible as a string of a motherly trait.
    "What if there was never a bud and directly a flower abruptly?" A baseless questions it seems to be, but not in real.
    "The INNOCENT GIRL of 7 years had to become a mother of her 2 yr old sister, when their mother was diagnosed with last stage cancer.
    Finance backlashed at once and the father had no option left behind.
    Seeing the mother lying on bed everyday knowing that her death is approaching!
    7 year old Riku learnt to feed her 2 year old sister Juhi, learnt to dressup her own, learnt to wash their clothes and even learnt to sing a lullaby for her sister."
    Maybe, the pathetic circumstances left no choice for Riku and her budding childhood faded in the process of being a mother to her tiny sister.
    Simultaneously Circumstances and Choices makes one a mother. Hence, MOTHER IS AN EMOTION NOT A GENDER so HE/SHE/THEY are MOTHERS!!!!!

  • jmaj161914 2w

    I've been gone I'm sorry I've been busy with college and life. You know how it gets in the way yet I felt guilty not posting. I do apologize. #life #love #life #pride #metoo #mylife #problems #thisisme #unashamed #feels #cry #deep #dark #FR #why #writingcontest #creativearena #wot #love #2022 @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @mirakeeworldwidewriter

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    A wanted dream

    It hurts to love and leave
    So I'll love you less
    Cause I know you won't do your best
    Even if you can see
    Me struggling to be
    What you've always wanted
    I did try to give you my all
    It's what I saw
    It's how it all started
    But it's not how you responded
    You desperately needed my love
    It wasn't what I had
    I didn't think you'd understand
    It's not something you could think of
    Yet what pushed me away was your shove
    It hurts to love and leave
    So I'll loved you less
    I didn't try to do my best
    I know you could see
    Me struggling to be
    The dream you always wanted

  • ckeerthana 3w

    Anger will never give you any solution
    Patience can change even a bad situation into an opportunity

  • meetgupta 4w


    She ordered a काला खट्टा Gola for herself .
    His tongue's color was purple the next morning !


  • ckeerthana 4w

    You would never know when it entered
    But it will hit all your deepest emotions
    Broken by pieces,eyes full of tears
    It just stays on forever.....

  • lyzgarden 5w

    Merricat, a guardiã da torre espelhada

    A um passo e meio da loucura
    Ouvi sua silhueta pela balaustrada
    Não deixei de ver ruído algum sequer
    Nem seus passos leves pude tocar
    Mesmo diante de intensa disforia
    Seus olhos tinham o mesmo gosto
    Sua voz o mesmo palpitar me iluminando
    Você para mim era a extensão de faróis
    Meu caminho para fora de tempestades


  • eowkii2 5w

    He doesn't even have a round ass but he wants round rotis.

  • ifeatu 5w

    Worth dying for

    Here comes my Saviour, my knight in shining armour.
    Riding on a donkey, down to his slaughter
    The people around shout for joy
    "Hossana in the highest
    Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord
    Hossana in the highest"
    Their"Hossana" will be the straw that breaks the camels back, for a meeting will be held and my King's fate sealed.
    With a kiss my king will be betrayed, offered as a sacrifice to his enemies, betrayed by one whom he greatly loved
    He will walk the treacherous road to Calvary and all the way He will think of me.
    He will bear the shame of death on the cross, a death reserved solely for criminals
    He will bear the pain and sorrow as he is mocked and beaten, yet through this all he will only think of me
    As He is lifted up on the cross for the world to see, He whispers these lovely words
    "You are worth it
    You are worth the pain
    The shame and mockery
    You my darling are worth dying for"
    And as He breaths His last and gives up His soul, He screams with a loud voice
    "Daughter, you are worth it
    You have been reconciled with the father
    And now you have been granted unlimited access to Him.
    You have been made whole
    You are no more a slave to sin
    The power of sin and death have been defeated and you are hereby set free"
    So each Easter, everytime I feel sad and defeated, I still myself and remember of how my king looked at me and said
    "You my daughter are worth dying for"

    Ifeatu Ozioma

  • eowkii2 6w

    This year either you'll believe in humans or crystals!!!!

  • jujujules1 6w

    Yearning by Truly Julie

    The never ending cycle
    Of the world spinning
    I can feel my heart
    beating.. racing..
    My minds thoughts are twisting.. turning...
    My soul bares all
    For its you that I'm yearning
    By TrulyJulie

  • ckeerthana 6w


    Stop complaining about everything. Start appreciating every small moments of life

  • ckeerthana 6w

    "Being honest is way better than playing with someone's emotions "

  • ckeerthana 7w

    Those bitter
    Moments would make
    You a stronger person than before