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  • girish_naidu 76w


    Test my patience. Not my love!

  • nosnaejwrites 82w

    I've had countless talks with my father since March of 2015. He is a lead by example type. Real strong silent kind of guy and I love him for it. One thing we speak on are mistakes and how we live with them.

    It's a wild topic for us. He still can't get over that hump. At his age that's a shocker! The past is the past and he drills that in my head. I'll talk about how temperament is the key. He'll agree like usual and look away....

  • flamesfrommind 85w

    महाराणा प्रताप

    देश प्रेम की चिंगारी उसमें जो जली थी,
    एक पल न बुझ सकी वह चिंगारी अनोखी थी,
    मातृभूमि की रक्षा परम कर्तव्य जो माना था,
    रक्त की आखिरी बूंद तक खूब वह लड़ा था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    थाम लिया था हृदय हर मेवाड़ी का जिसने,
    स्वतंत्र मातृभूमि की ज़िद ठान ली थी उसने,
    आदर सम्मान हर मानव के लिए मन में थामा था,
    उसके लिए स्वदेश की कीमत जीवन रूपी धन था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    सभी चेष्टाएं ऐसीं उसकी आकर्षण सब को होता था,
    भीलों का संग भी उसने अपनी ओर पाया था,
    हार कभी ना मानी उसने जो शत्रुओं का प्रिय था,
    वर्षों युद्ध क्षेत्र में खेला शत्रुओं को लुभाया था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    बिन इसके पन्ने पलटे इतिहास जैसे अधूरा है,
    अभी भी वतन में बस्ता इसका दिया खून है,
    भारत रत्नों में से एक वह मेवाड़ी राणा था,
    जिसका सबने सम्मान किया वह आँखों का तारा था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    मेवाड़ के भाग्य में एक नया सवेरा आया था,
    शीश कभी ना ढला जिसका वह अखंड कहलाया था,
    मेवाड़ को पुनर्जीवित करना यही वचन उसने लिया था,
    शीश कटे तो मान था जिसका नाम स्वर्ण समान था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    चेतक पर सवार दूर तक निशाना उसने साधा था,
    वह राणा का स्वामिभक्त घोड़ा बड़ा ही अनमोल था,
    राणा की रक्षा मे दान दिया स्वजीवन था,
    राणा और चेतक का जोड़ा कोटि कोटि धन्य था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    जननी जन्मभूमि को स्वर्ग से महान माना था,
    हल्दीघाटी में इसने फिर यही प्रमाण किया था,
    स्वतंत्र मातृभूमि का स्वप्न साकार कर दिखाया था,
    मरते दम तक देश की रक्षा को सर्वोपरि माना था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।

    संघर्ष का मैदान कभी ना छोड़ा परिश्रम से सींचा था,
    मेवाड़ का सूरज कभी न ढला सदा यादों में बसा था,
    पंद्रह सौ सत्तान्वे में आखिरी स्वास जो रखा था,
    ज्येष्ठ शत्रु अकबर का भी आँख से आंसू छलका था,
    वीरों के साहस की ज्योति वह तो महाराणा था।।
    (Edited by G.A.)

  • rupeshreang 132w


    High up in the night sky
    I shall one day fly.
    Mine be all dreams gained
    And all stones hidden in Shame,
    The pains overflew in rain
    Mine be the happiness of butterfly.

  • kabrinia 133w


    I want to stomp a bitch
    I have a list
    Shes small and short and has Author's© fist
    So fuck that bitch
    Fuck that shit
    I'll smack that bitch in front of her kid
    Ill do what your mom should of did
    Dont try me again cause im queen hen
    Kitten mitten in michigan
    With the palm of my hand

    I want to fuck her up
    I want to upper cut
    I want to drag that hoe
    Into dirt and dust
    Not glitter
    No reproduction or osmosis
    Get stomped in the gut
    FUCK that cunt
    You see me you know whats up
    You see me you know its done
    Fuck you bitch; im not the one
    Fuck you hoe; stomp necks for fun
    Fuck that bum; dumb bitch stay dumb
    Always talking shit
    2015 and stalked me in 2016
    Dont forget I hit and will cause a scene
    Top lip
    Ill split
    Fuck you stop sucking so much dick
    Pass around ass bitch
    And you go home to your kid
    After fucking him, her and this
    Pimple pussy bitch You Can't even keep track of that shit
    Baby bic
    Like thanos, rock diamond my fist
    My fist
    Compact; Straight wrist
    Thats it I'm pissed
    Time for ratchet, bells, and fresh switches
    Stand my ground and go bat shit
    I want to fight
    I want to slam
    Smack to the head like BAM BAM
    grand slam
    Denny dips


  • nikkiminaj1369 139w


    Its sad when I feel sorrow
    About thoughts of tomorrow
    Wake up with the same
    Look of pain upon my face

    Ashamed to see what's ahead of me
    Because yesterday's chaos is still there to see
    I cannot protect myself from the one who knows what happened to me
    My childhood I wish to keep it a mystery

    Every scar that I bear
    Shows the love that wasn't there
    And the ones on the inside are better to hide
    Because with them there I am not alive

    Don't think I haven't tried
    To get rid of the pain inside
    Its just too deep within my soul
    Buried deep down in this hole

    I ask if I share this with you
    That you keep it safe within you too
    I try to not to be forever broken
    But its hard when this house is forever smoking
    Burning away memories
    Of days we wish we could forget of these

    Sometimes I feel there will be no end
    Of the chaos that consumes me till I can't bend, mend, or change
    Why is it that I have to rearrange
    To move on forward to another storm
    When I can't even make it out of this one

    Maybe I'm not meant to find love
    Maybe all I got is up above
    I wish I could stop the deep hurt within my callous heart
    But I guess its too late to start


  • arcane_rhymes 144w

    I was just fifteen,
    In the year 2005,
    When those news got live,

    All of my shouts,
    All of my pain,
    Were their only gain,

    "Stop acid attacks" , "save Laxmi" was written on banners,
    The question was why boys are not taught some manners?,

    On the hospital bed,
    With my family I was led,

    My cries and screams were not over yet,
    How peace my parents would get?,

    In silence my screams were heard,
    Because of that nerd,

    My body was burned more terribly then in the fire,
    The protest sound went higher and higher,

    For more than 3 months it felt like I was living in house of fire,
    That burns, that screams were in my mind, as if my brain was their hire,

    And my parents felt helpless,
    Not having any sign they became hopless,

    I woke up from my hospital bed,
    With my disfigured face, depression was where I was led,

    During my shower,
    I tried to control my tears and boost my will power,

    I was wondering,
    What 'NO' exactly had the meaning?,

    All my life my parents gave me freedom,
    They now might be thinking that they were so dumb,

    A single marriage proposal,
    Acid attack was the answer for it's refusal,

    My motivation died,
    To myself I don't know how many times I lied,

    After all those struggle and everyday dressing,
    'Alokji' came in my life as a blessing,

    After knowing all that was already known,
    In the campaign I was given a job on his own,

    With all the time we were together,
    'Love' brought us together,

    I always thought just like single hair curl,
    My dreams are not valued as I am a girl,

    In 2015, 'Pihu' was blessed to me as a daughter,
    Surviving in pain was already taught to her,

    I was led towards many campaigns,
    After going through all those pains,

    My face melted just like plastic,
    But more than that acid,
    My dreams were realistic,

    Laxmi Agarwal was known by those men,
    Today I am called an acid attack survivor and a wonder woman.


    #acid #acidattack #motivation #love #power #strength #marraige #daughter #dreams #realistic #face #plastic #survivor #story #of #laxmiagarwal #wonderwoman #inspirational #2015 #2005 #campaign #pains #savelaxmi #stopacidattack #15 #poemlove #awareness #stop #arcane #rhymes

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    Story of a wonder woman


  • kabrinia 145w

    Summer of 2015

    For my first kiss
    It went like this
    He gave me comfort
    He gave me a home
    He built my ego
    He got me on the phone
    We were on that couch
    I was in that house
    I had those keys
    I did those deeds
    We were at home
    We were alone
    He rub my feet

    I cried and said alot
    I shoot my shot
    and he caressed me deep
    He called me out
    "you have never had your first kiss"
    I was like what ever
    I trusted him that day 2015
    I imprinted on a wolverine
    I felt safe
    I felt bass
    I felt it
    I felt waves
    He said "stop we shouldnt be doing this"
    Then grabbed me
    Laid me down
    He kiss me
    On that couch
    I had his house key
    The wood showed up
    And suprised me
    I figured it out
    it was gradually
    It was heavy and happy
    I got nervous and said "I gotta go home"
    I dont want no baby daddies
    He said its nature
    Brown sugar like candy

  • kabrinia 146w

    FUCK Carolyn Bryant Donhem

    Officer "what is your plan?"
    Do you want to kill me like sandra bland
    We are 7 years apart
    Where do you stand
    Do you know the case
    It was a cover up and scam

    My thoughts on texas have been bland since selena
    For sandra help never came; FEMA
    In black history men have prosecuted like jesus

    That could have been me
    I am alone in my own community
    Rooted Snakes and enemies
    blacks and Brown's flood the system
    Because of the rule of Bill clinton

    The system is designed to get rid of me
    My humanity was just legalized
    So i could have the ability
    To choose for me and only me
    This is my body

    They tookour work like picasso
    And rebranded it for mulattos
    You cant take my roots i wont follow
    Take the truth and try and swallow

    To this curpit judicial system
    Full of hypocrites
    And counterfeit

    Why are there so many monsters & people who behave like animals
    Like hannibal
    Unholy and never held accountable
    I am miss Powell
    With curvy curls
    Love simeon, my brown cowell
    I am teased by the east for dipping my vowels
    I am not from here
    I am a leader; i wallow

    I was not raised through mud
    Or gold
    Just it was tile
    Love for any gender
    And sexuality thats not vile

    I dont like church; its a place you go for hours and hours
    While your kids are in the back
    Like wall flowers
    Touching and judging each other when someone cowers
    To engage in advances in a group of bowers

    Did they tape her eyes open ?
    Was her body on the ground ?
    Was this death a notch or token
    Because of the quota and a promise under oath that was broken?

    How can you kill yourself when you are already dead?
    Was she shoot in the head?
    Does anyone care or fear the dead?
    Family was paid off to be quiet by the feds
    I kind of understand. Move on and get your bread
    We are black and at a disadvantage
    I think her brain was full of led
    I think they hurt her
    And now shes dead

    She was 28 in texas with a degree and well
    3 days later she's dead on the ground in Waller County Jail
    Took a mugshot
    she was tampered with
    This example shows the system failed
    I could have been her
    2015 in jail
    I hate July
    Another cautionary Tale covered up by a lie

    Sandra bland could have been me man

    You dont lie about suicide
    You shouldmt lie about how people die
    Bad karma comez when shes bored
    And when zhe feels defied
    I wish i was there
    A fly on the wall so i could confide in the negligence of a generatjons of presdients, residents and pride

    they used to ride in pick up trucks and dressed in white to lench us
    Emmett till still deserves justice
    He was only 14, in August
    When a girl lied in solace
    Hes body was mutilated
    From retaliation that was lawless

  • naawaazish 146w


    Kabhi na bujhne wali aas
    Khud me khud ki talash
    Auro se alag bht hi khaas
    Mere andar chupe saare raaz
    Bht hi nayaab h maa

    Zinda rehne ki umeed
    Saath chalne wali raah
    Ek pyara sa ehsaas
    Humesha mere saath h maa

    Harr pal mere saath rahi h
    Andhero me roshini bni h
    Ek ankahi daastaan
    Ek uljhii si paheli h maa

    Meri aankho ka paani

  • me_you_emotions 153w


    Physics is mein Hai Bada risk,
    isliye aata hai twist.
    numerical Mujhe atay Nahi,
    isliye physics mujhe Bhata hi nahi.
    ma'am khati hai Har Jagah physics ka use hai,
    student pehle se confuse hai.
    Victor, motion, fraction us time Sab smjh ata,
    Jab Koi teacher physics Hai padhata.
    ek mahine baad Kuch Yaad Aata Nahi,
    isliye physics Mujhe Bhata nahi.
    mam khati hai physics padhna zaroori hai, bina physics life Adhuri hai.
    mehnat Karoge To marks Aayenge badiya, physics bhi hai success Ka Zariya.
    formula Ratna or ratkar Bhool Jana,
    Har Bar isi prakriya ko dohraya.
    student ka rule hai isme hue Na Bhool hai, student hone ka Bharam Rakhna hai,
    isliye physics padhna hai.
    acche marks Aayenge,
    Sab teacher khush ho jayenge...

  • lapislazuli 158w

    Ramblings of a Girl in Love

    I love the way I can't look you in the eye
    The way you put me in a split state of mind
    Today you packed up and left me behind

    Taunted by your invisible touch in the night
    As I lay awake with my man by my side
    I don't love him
    Like I love you
    I wake up in a loathful place
    In the morning light
    Tortured by the fact that you're seldom far from sight
    Tormented by your eloquence
    Wrenching is your knowing smile
    It leaves me strangely alive

    Guilty do you leave me
    In the middle of the night
    When I come to you because I don't feel alright
    But I feel this way because I can't call you mine
    It shows
    And he knows

    Graced with the voice
    You're like a fallen angel in disguise
    My endeavor is not wise
    As you speak, I look in your eyes
    And I know something so beautiful could be deadly

  • lapislazuli 158w


    It's just a memory
    It's right in front of me
    Smashing all my hopes and my dreams
    I had such high expectations
    Now watch me in desperation
    Watch it fall in front of me
    Destroyed before my eyes
    Your tongue burns
    I see lies in your eyes

    It never helps to tell someone else
    You're not allowed to be hurt
    And if you are, don't you dare show it
    All of my desperation, despair
    Has got me gasping for air
    Even when you can't stand
    You better get back up and walk
    No one else has to know
    That inside you're broken up
    I don't want my friends to know
    Don't want the feeling to show
    Even when your soul is dying
    Don't let them know that you're bleeding

  • lapislazuli 158w

    Marijuana and Backroads

    I smoked myself dry
    They went home and left nothing behind
    Tomorrow is a concept of maturity
    I'll never reach, but I live for the moment
    I never thought I'd end up here
    With the boys who never grow up
    On that quiet little backwoods road
    Where nothing seems alright

    I traveled 1500 miles
    Just for a smile
    A break from my insipid life
    Smoking blunts from grape cigarillos
    I came upon a dusty town
    That I know so well
    And made myself a bed I never sleep in
    Never at home
    Just a house for me to stay in
    Can I crash on your couch?

    Take this as it is
    I'll never have a chance
    In this place I thought I'd left behind
    Years ago
    But I guess I really don't know shit

  • embodiedlove 175w

    Sometimes I wanna go back to being a baby where all the attention's on me, all the love, care.. No one's intentionally hurting me nor even think of doing it.. Yet, being a baby is quite hard.. You can't do things your way.. You can't talk.. You want something, you cry.. Cry until your good loved-ones figure out what that something is.. Practically speaking, I don't know what's better.. To not how to express and say things because you can't, or to know exactly what you want to do yet afraid of all the consequences it may bring back to you knowing the fact you could actually hurt somebody in one way or another.. Life is kind.. But way too much complicated..

  • autumn_sunset_poetry 177w

    Year : 2009

    I still remember when
    i met you first time
    In Summer 2009...
    I still remember in
    Autumn 2015 when
    i talked to you last time...

  • artisticallyworded 178w

    Monsters Make Way For Sun

    Dedicated to the sunshine who didn't let me love her from only afar.
    The sun that saved me.

    I loved a monster; she liked to hide.
    What people don’t know, is that she stayed inside.
    She think it’s funny, to mess with what you say,
    Now nothing you'll speak, comes out the right way.
    She sometimes leaves, she had more victims than me,
    Everyone has someone like her,
    Sweet and tortuous.
    Unrequited heartbreakers.

    She messes with thoughts, feelings of greed
    She laughs and cackles when she becomes what they need.
    She’s a toxic addiction, a drug in all ways,
    You can’t just forget her.
    At least not in one day.

    I sat on this roof, and trird to pray,
    Back when I knew she'd return,
    Before the end of the day.
    She haunted my dreams, and played games with my heart,
    When she’s around the longing will wake with a start.

    It doesn’t matter however,
    I have more strength within,
    I have my hope,
    It’s a small ember, still dim.
    But I will fight, live to see the day,
    When I am greater than any sins.

    My light, that will never know.
    When my sun smiles, I swear I can see the stars
    When she laughs, I hear music
    In her eyes is the galaxy I love
    On her lips is the drug I crave
    I’ve always been addicted so easily.

    Honey you’ll be the death of me
    And to you I’ll give my life gladly
    To the drug that is you
    Your smile
    Your eyes
    Your hair
    Your lips

    Just please don’t break me more than I’ve broken already
    I don’t think I can handle what the monster has done to me
    Just, continue to be my angel in the sky
    But there was the moon is nigh
    And the stars near you rise
    Only proving your glow is unrivaled
    I’ll sit there, watching with a smile

    My angel, let me send love to you from afar,
    We both won’t get hurt then.

  • merishayari_khandelwaldiary 183w

    वो दिन

    वो भी क्या दिन हुआ करते थे......
    जब हम चुप चुपके मिला करते थे...
    जब हम घंटों एक-दूसरे को देखा करते थे....
    जब हम फोन पर रहा करते थे....
    एक दूसरे का इन्तजार किया करते थे....
    सुबह से शाम तक हम तुम्हें याद किया करते थे.....
    वो भी क्या दिन हुआ करते थे.....
    जब हम आंखों की बोली बोला करते थे....
    बिना बोले सब समझा करते थे.....
    एक दूसरे से मोहब्बत किया करते थे....
    वो भी क्या दिन हुआ करते थे......

  • gayatree 184w


    zindagi zindagi kehte rahe..
    bas ek zinda rhne ko
    jane kya kya karte rahe..

    gumo ko kosa bahut
    khusiyan mili, haste rahe...
    mann ka mila to apna liye
    jo na mila use taraste rahe..

    nirasha mili, kayi raahon pe
    fir v,
    palkon pe khwab baste rahe..
    aur bas unhe sach kar lene ko
    chalte rahe, hum chalte rahe..

    yuhi chalna hi to hai zindagi
    safar ka maza lete rahen...
    bas ek zinda rhne ko hi
    na zindagi zindagi kehte rahen...

  • ayeshafm 188w

    #published #piece #yr #2015 if I could explain this pain a little more better......book -P.I .....#wds

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    Flaws of cloud

    Wish I could tell you the true colour
    Colour? Was it blue ,was it true ?
    Was sunshine there out for me
    Or was it for you?
    Truth is hard to be revealed
    I am still not healed
    But I appear the best
    Better than the rest .

    Unacceptable neither can I be accepted
    In this harsh world , which has labelled me "rejected"
    I am proud epileptic
    And they are proud insensitive.