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  • dearbelladonna 7w


    I could fill a cave with treasures I own
    and yet fill alone
    my heart is grateful for every beat it takes
    why then does it burn with agony for a bit of company
    I have infinitely been alone
    why is it now that I seek harmony
    why do I now rebel against my nutshell

  • akkshu 12w


    Just believe in God and stay calm
    Your destination has been set, the route you're suppose to go through, and your co-passengers.
    He's the one who planned your journey,
    You were waiting at the lounge, for the journey to start...
    The departure time and date has been set,
    Then one day you come out of the lounge, and get into this beautiful vehicle and the journey starts...
    In this journey, you experience a lot
    Your co-passengers
    Their bonding with you
    Some pour love on you
    Some teach you lessons
    Some make you feel blessed
    Some make you feel unworthy
    So just believe in God and stay calm.
    You will reach your destination, just are the time, be patient, don't get off the bus in a hurry
    He will let you know, where to take a break, when to sit back and enjoy, and when to introspect
    He's there... He'll be there to guide you throughout the journey
    Just believe in God and stay calm

  • sarah_arsheen 27w


    A radiant smile
    Can burn apart
    Many thousand mile,
    Even between stangers
    Met just in a while
    Making them as rangers
    For each other
    Even without a single utter!

  • tahseen1408 86w

    My thoughts on human's humanity..

    #first #1stpoem #insaniyat #poem

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    इंसानियत का पैग़ाम
    ना कुछ लेकर आए हो, ना कुछ लेकर जाओगे,
    तो किया कुछ देकर भी नहीं जाओगे,
    कुछ बादल कर भी ना जाओगे,.......

    बुलन्द कर आवाज़ जाऊँगा, इस दुनिया मे,
    कुछ देकर जाऊँगा, कुछ बदल कर जाऊँगा,
    एक अच्छा - सच्चा इन्सान बनकर जाऊँगा......
    हर लफ़ज़ हर होठों को मुहब्बत का पैग़ाम देकर जाऊँगा......,
    हर पल इंसानियत का पैग़ाम देकर जाऊँगा.........

    मौहम्मद तहसीन

  • buttermilkjewel 115w


    He still will be short
    No one liked him because
    They thought he was a dork
    He said "Being short is not the
    Best but indeed it doesn't bring
    Any stress."

  • remmyfrank 116w

    Lyrical poem

    singing my poem,
    under the tree .
    Following the tunes,
    of a singing bird.
    Beautiful! you can imagine.
    The canary's voice,
    its a melody of profound tunes.
    This is my song it says.
    This are my lyrics i state.
    A livid duet,
    of man versus nature.

  • richa_rg 121w


    It is not when you are with no one.
    It is when you are not with the one you need!
    Physically I have been crowded by lots of people but mentally there is no one in sight!
    Better were those days when mine people were with me..
    For I could say while I used to live...!

    Wishing those days,those smiles, those feelings could revert back ..
    Which I'm always gonna cherrish in ma heart's sank..!

    They are the ever lasting memories in heart
    But also the ever lasting pain in mind...
    That pain can never be killed..
    When someone mine was seized.. !

    Loneliness is not peace, but state of confusion of mind..
    All I can feel right now is self losing signs...!
    At every stage of life, you are the one whom I seek;
    Never knew that you could also be one of the freak...!

    LONELY is the me resting in solitude
    That every breeze of life makes me think of YOU!

  • lisamiranda 127w

    It's the #1stpoem I've written. I was sitting in my school when I got the idea I felt a like a sudden wave came into my mind and it made me reflect on all the wrong behaviour of humans and how we are getting far from "being humans", this thought provoked me to write. I hope to like this poem, share and please let me know how was it!
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Let's be Human again

    Let the wind blow through your hair
    Let your nostrils feel the air

    Let hatred turn to ashes
    And love win all the matches

    Let the cries of the innocent reach your ears
    Lets rebuild the lives of those in tears

    Let the lamp of sacrifice ignite
    To remember the heroes who gave up their life

    Let the stream of education flow
    Lets be humble but not stand low
    Let the ignorant one know that he is smarter than he'd ever know

    Let men and women be seen equally
    And all the differences end gradually

    Lets be compassionate and share what we have
    Because God is our giver and he'll give us right

    Let every girl stand for her right
    And her father support her with pride

    Let the sense of broad-mindedness be forever
    To make way for the message of freedom to deliver

    Let the powers of the universe unite
    Not to divide but enlight and guide.

  • shikeengamj 128w

    Grounded Truth

    Verity admission is an imperative entity in life,
    chiefly when effects take a turn,
    problems can’t solve each other complications.
    It never takes you anywhere
    equating yourself to others lacking an action.
    you are not everyone
    yet everyone has his own reveries and attainment
    at different jump, dissimilar stretch.
    It’s futile stressing yourself
    for roughly you can’t change.
    nonentity to be gained
    but aching yourself even more.
    Fact don’t need to be whispered,
    it rests as it’s, heedless of how you take it.
    Veracity can’t be submerged
    even sometimes it hurt once told

  • abhishree_17 128w


    Lying shattered on the cold floor,
    The broken mirror had seen,
    What happened behind the door,
    With the daughter of the Dean.

    The little girl was an orphan,
    And was six years old,
    When her parents died,
    And the fairy was sold.

    She suffered from lots of pain,
    And she knew that she was almost dead.
    But without thinking about any loss or gain.
    She just worked and worked ahead.

    But soon the black day came,
    When they accused her for stealing money.
    She was bitterly beaten by them,
    And that was the end of that little bunny.

    They broke the mirror of hers,
    And the last symbol of her parents was broken.
    The soul of mirror gave them curse,
    Without any words being spoken.

    The mirror was her only belonging,
    Which was lying still on the floor.
    The helpless mirror saw everything,
    How she was killed behind the door.

  • thewintermist 140w

    Just an inspired content from a Koren drama that I watched. Let me know if there's any mistake. Just read it and let me know in the comment section below. #1stpoem #bride #fate #immortallove #kdramainspired #mirakke

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    The goblin's bride

    You promised to return with the first snow,
    You promised to return with the rain,
    Each bit of my mind waited,
    Every part of my memory was in pain.
    The day when we parted,
    I can still remember the flames,
    You got crushed into some micro pieces &
    The ominous air that I breathe...
    I scratched hard on the paper
    Just to remember the moment,
    I knew my memories will be erased
    And all the paths that we went.
    The kiss which you planted on my forehead,
    The warmness that I was fond of
    Every giggles we shared together
    Every single memory was on stake.
    I was about to break,
    and you scattered into ashes,
    There my memories got erased
    And I went through an unknown forever pain.
    I kept wondering who were you,
    & why you're abandoned from my memories?
    Even if I ran into the first snow every year,
    Still, there were no answers to my miseries.
    I achieved my dreams, I grabbed my goal
    I drank and then wept
    I drifted away from my soul.
    Every time I watched my handwriting
    And the name I wrote to remember
    It was still translucent in part of my mind
    To find your presence which was gone forever.
    I didn't realized how that desperately blown candle that day,
    Brought you back into my life
    The very moment you took me into your arms
    It was like a blue moon in a while!
    Your life was immortal,
    I was the one who was destined to die,
    Still, I chose to fall back into your arms
    Stay dedicated and all I did was only try.
    But, still my memories were not back,
    Love bloomed just a bit late
    Every life I promised, to come back to you
    That was a goblin's bride's fate.

  • poonam_jeenagal 144w


    Kyo aise anjane mod zindagi me aate h,
    Jo anjani si raho me mud jate h
    Kuch khamosh hote h, kuch bhut kuch keh jate h..
    Jinsey nhi koi rishta, vo man se jud jate h
    Kitne bhi jatan se paalo, kehte h panchi udd hi jate h...

  • the_curiouswriter 161w

    Hot and sweet relationship#1stpoem

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    The hot and sweet relationship

    I was like milk,luke warm
    Bt she was like chocolate syrup, sweetest of her kind
    She was all over me
    I was all over her,
    We looked so delicious together
    With each sip we spilled love
    our existence was short- lived,bt our taste remained even after the last drop

  • its_me_kd 165w


    I am just an embryo
    Lying in the cradle of poetry,
    Yes i am an amateur
    But not dream of success
    A poet, thats what I want to be.

  • frozen_spacetime 171w

    Happened Once upon a time.

    I dreamed a happy day
    And cried
    Because it happened once upon a time
    And never again.
    Then smiled
    Because all happy things
    Happened once upon a time
    In every disney story.


  • uddi_k_obscurus 171w

    What's The Matter?

    What's the matter,
    Why don't you reply?
    What's the matter,
    Why for you I cry?
    Seeing you in pain,
    My eyes rain.
    Seeing you bliss,
    My wound heals.
    Like a nightingale,
    Your voice relieves my stress.
    Like some elixir,
    You give a whole new chance in this phase.
    Your eyes are like the moon in the night sky.
    Your hands are like petals among the spikes.
    I always think, you are what
    Are you a never ending mirage in the desert
    Or the princess beauty of Cennet.
    It's you with whom I can spend my lifetime.
    It's you who makes me rime.
    No matter what it is,
    Stay with me please.
    No matter what it is,
    It's your heart that makes me rest in peace.

  • jracabal 174w


    Infinity is a word,
    Word thats meaningful and
    Hard to understand
    And its has lovable meaning
    And heartful taker

  • blankbluepage 190w


    I am but one soul.
    Not lost and not found
    But simply a living soul.
    A soul in shades of purple, orange, and blue
    Like the sky between morning and evening dew
    A soul not astray, a solitary soul
    A soul that is fearless and a soul that is fierce
    A soul that can burn, a soul that can blind
    I am that one soul nobody can find.


  • shweta_n 194w

    I am missing you

    I am missing you...
    Everytime I think about you...
    I am missing you...
    Every night I dream about you...
    I am missing you....
    These Lonely days..
    These sleepless nights..
    These sad moments...
    This chaotic mind...
    Are missing you....
    Everyday I wait for you...
    I am missing you...
    Every morning I pray for you...
    I am missing you...
    I just want to say you that,
    I am missing you...


  • perspectives 198w

    I Love

    I love in secret as I do in public,
    I love in the light as I love in dark,
    I just hope you will love the same,
    one day.