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  • byebye_bye_bye_bye_byebye 1w

    Who cares if you exist?

  • aayu11 9w

    About an year ago
    When I was shattered down critically
    Someone said to me**
    Time heals every wounds
    Mark my words,,within a year you'll become a totally different person and you'll laugh for this very time for being so silly...
    Maybe you're crying right now
    You're so depressed
    You're feeling shattered, just after few months you'll found yourself in a good position from all these wounds,you'll be relieved from all these hurts
    Things happens for a good reason
    Maybe in short run we're not able to figure out the goodness but it's so beneficial in a long period of time
    Have faith on your mahadev and let him do their doings and resultant will be the best and favourable for you....

    And even,, within a year I'm just thinking what I was and seriously how pathetic I was,,haha and even I'm laughing on me well nevermind some things meant to be a lesson....
    Never stop walking if things aren't seems you favourable in your eyes
    Maybe mahadev has a beautiful plan for you....

  • works_of_imagination 10w


    I'm a wanderer searching for true love in the throng.


  • joan53 14w

    A voice in the night
    Speaks quietly
    Ghost whisperers fight
    Swirling white mist
    Wrap around barren trees
    Hoot owl sitting on a limb
    Watching for a field mouse
    Coming from a darken house
    Jack-o-lattern glowing evil grin
    Sitting on the front porch
    A black cat arches and hisses
    At something in the dark
    Screeching is heard in the distance
    Full moon rising
    A witch flying across on her broom
    While I hide in my little room


  • aayu11 27w

    And then I came to know

    when you are being woken by the person who are so dear to you
    Is always fresh and cheerful
    Doesn't mean how late you slept and it's more about the goodness of the vibe✨

  • zohiii 31w

    give me power

    bow your head, flowers on the floor,
    the king walks the deck,
    through the wrecks;
    and the revolution rages,
    out of his purple pages,
    air in his lungs, crisscross uptight,
    lo! he stands, for another fight;

    raving, I'm not, his belly has knots,
    like cuts that clot, his purpose rots,
    thoughts more than lines and dots,
    are the flowers on the floor yet?
    there's so much left unsaid,
    but he walks the deck,
    through the wrecks,
    you ought to bow your head,
    screw up, defy, revolt or rave,
    and he's nailing you into your grave;

    the king of the court on the throne,
    surrender down to skin and bone,
    the brightest star, in the universe,
    blessed with a brain of curse,
    for you, I've written a pale verse,
    lo! as if words will ever be enough.


  • _do_lafj_ 32w

    I love Tea��
    Because It's better than He��...

    #AllaboutMe #Thinking #16

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    हाँ बिल्कुल चाय से हो तुम,
    बेवक़्त तुम्हारी तलब लगती है ।।


  • _do_lafj_ 32w


    तेरे होने से मुक़म्मल है,
    मेरे ख़यालों की दुनिया।।


  • fathima_sumaiya 38w

    Day 16

    O Allah, on this day, grant me compatibility with the good, keep me away from patching up with the evil, lead me in it, by your mercy, to the permanent abode, by your God ship, O the God of the worlds.

  • sarfira_ishqbaaz 40w

    मयखाने में बंद पडी़ शराब और कागज़ के बने हुए गुलाब का बस उतना ही काम है जितना किसीका किसी से ये कहना... कि हम मोहब्बत तो बेइंतहा करते हैं पर वैसे नहीं.... ���������� I Love you but as a friend... #friendzoned
    Jis jiska bhi kata hai kasam se wo dard waali feeling k liye ek like to banta h.... Vese mai kbhi bhi ye bolta nahi hun like or repost ya comment krne k liye par bhot time baad kuch relatable likha to ek to bnta h boss... ������
    Ummeed krta hun aap sabhi kushal mangal or swaasthya honge apne parivar or chahne walon k saath... Stay healthy at home, B safe B secure... ❤����❤

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    ~Ek Jaam Incomplete Mashooq Ke Naam~

    Hum nahi pite mgr pilate jrur h... Jaam ho dudh ka ya ho sharaab ka chhalkate jrur hn... Pine ka vese to koi shauk nahi hai... Pr gar koi haseen labon se pilade to use ajmate jrur hn...


  • king_nothing 40w

    I'm bored

    I am 100% balanced
    I like my coffee the same way i like my man...

    Regular, dark, strong and sweet, 2 pumps of cream and the ability to keep me up all night

    You get me?

  • bclark2681 45w

    *Written for my son when he turned 16 years old a couple of weeks ago. Such a celebration. Now, I feel old.
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    #16 #sixteen #son #boy #birthday

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    Sixteenth marked in black and gold
    Rising balloons, falling adolescents
    Not sweet but manliness ambitions
    Prepared, adult quickly approaches

  • vipin_vn 46w

    नम्र निवेदन है कमियां ढूंढे, और भी क्या अच्छा हो सकता था बताएं ।
    # Mirakee # Hindi Poetry #hindinama
    #hindiwriters 4th / MAR /2021#
    @chuhanraj भाई आपको समर्पित..������

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    फ़र्ज की मशरूफियत से खफा होकर ,
    युँ फिसले मोहोब्बत... तो यारों
    है खुदगर्जी उनकी? या हम हैं जिन्न ए चिराग?
    जिसका अपना कोई वजूद नहीं...
    कोई वजूद न... .

  • syeda_fazila 49w

    • “LIFE!”

    Life is a mirage

    It seems different.......
    It means different.......


  • power_0909 54w


    He said:You are sexy!
    She said:Remove the 'y',
    and let's have the rest tonight!

  • childauthor_345 56w

    The once you succeed you'll never ever look back from where and with whom you begin .


  • kellsbells616 65w

    I didn’t get the chance to know you or give you a name. I didn’t even know your sex but I loved you all the same. My choice was to keep you but my plans got changed. My power was relinquished to my parents and I had no say. I often imagine the person you would be today... **Dedicated to all the women who’s choice was taken from them... and the babies that never came**
    #poet #poetry #poem #canadianpoet #canadianpoetry #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee #16

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    A beautiful sonnet,
    Locked under key.
    A romantic soliloquy,
    No lips dared to breath.
    A perfect poem,
    No one shall read.
    The day they made me bleed.


  • mahtobpensdown 71w

    The cologne of sweat attracts doers.
    It is the strongest perfume
    for achievers
    in this world!

    #cologne #16-word-story #mirakee #writersnetwork #quotegraphy #quote #life #inspiration #thoughts #scribbler #challenge #dailychallenge #pod #repost

    Thank you so much for your time, lovely appreciation and kind repost ����♥️ Grateful ��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @quotes_queen_ @black_pearl_ @believersrejoice @work2rise @diamonds @mikeanthony @black_pearl_ @quotedme

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    The cologne of sweat attracts doers.
    It is the strongest perfume
    for achievers
    in this world!

  • altruist1 74w

    #16 aug20

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    Jhagda VS unemployment

    Naa chahte hue bhi ghr me jhgda kyu kr diya..
    Naa chahte hue bhi kyu hmesha I end up in hurting everyone.....
    Why i can't able to control my anger

    Is this because of my berozgaari

  • mridutpalgogoi 75w

    #16 august

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    Aji u asu roi !!!

    Aji asu moi roi......
    Tumar hai misikiya hahi tur babe,
    Tumar horu horu dhemali buror babe,
    Tumi j muk jukaboloi kora hai obhiman buror babe .
    Jot moi hopun dekhisilu,
    Jaak dekhi moi hokolu dukh pahoraisilu !!!

    Moi najanibo paru tumak proti pol aanor dore hohuwabole,
    Nathakibo pare hokolu tarikh mur monot,
    Kintu tumar proti tu aachoron mur monot aji u uumoli ase.
    Tumi jetiya obhiman kori mur logot kotha napatisila,
    Moi jani buji ata murkhami r dore kaam kori disilu jate tumi mur fale sua,
    Aru taake dekhi tumar mukhot ata kaasi junor dore hahi biringi porisil,
    Kintu junaak mathu mur hridoyot hoisil....
    Aru hai kaasi junti saboloi,
    Moi— Aji u asu roi.....

    Tumi mur hokolu bostu hojotone rakhisila,
    Kintu moi ! Aku a rakhibo nuwarilu, na tumar bostu bur na tumak....
    Kintu moi tumak aji u mur monot aabori rakhisu,
    Mon gole tumar logot hridoyot a ako abar g ai lou,
    Tumar dhemali bur monot pelai aji u hahi diu,
    Tumar smritit aji u thomoki rou !
    Onh tumar kisuman xidhantot aji u bea ba khong uthe.....
    Aru ketiyaba ! Tumar kulat a hui lou,
    Kijani hai solotei tuponi a ahi jai....

    Tumi hothate oha borokhun jen hoi, mur jibonoloi ahisila,
    Ajaak borokhun jot bheeji thakibor monjai,
    Ajaak smriti aru xanidhor borokhun ,
    Ajaak hepahor borokhun.....
    Kintu barikhar borokhun jene dore punor akakhor loi ubhoti jai,
    Tumi u adin gola....
    Kintu ako adin hai borokhun jaak ahibo,
    Jot moi hodai bheejim,
    Jot mur opekhiyar onto poribo,
    Aru hai borkhunor sporkhot mur puwa rongin hoi poribo !!!
    Hai yeh moi, hai akhare— Aji u asu roi !!!

    Kijani atiya bohut deri hol jodi u moi najanu,
    Hey kaasi junti, hai borokhun jaak mur bhagyot ase ne nai moi najanu...
    Tothapi u abar tumak mur bor koi hudhi sabo moi jai,
    "Ahiba ne baru tumi ako abar? "
    Moi aji u asu roi !!!!