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  • mazingmee 1w

    More than just true,
    Yes,I do love you..

  • aayu11 2w

    About an year ago
    When I was shattered down critically
    Someone said to me**
    Time heals every wounds
    Mark my words,,within a year you'll become a totally different person and you'll laugh for this very time for being so silly...
    Maybe you're crying right now
    You're so depressed
    You're feeling shattered, just after few months you'll found yourself in a good position from all these wounds,you'll be relieved from all these hurts
    Things happens for a good reason
    Maybe in short run we're not able to figure out the goodness but it's so beneficial in a long period of time
    Have faith on your mahadev and let him do their doings and resultant will be the best and favourable for you....

    And even,, within a year I'm just thinking what I was and seriously how pathetic I was,,haha and even I'm laughing on me well nevermind some things meant to be a lesson....
    Never stop walking if things aren't seems you favourable in your eyes
    Maybe mahadev has a beautiful plan for you....

  • aayu11 3w

    And sometimes there is a numbness, you experience.
    No sadness,no bad vibes nothing,,,just a numbness coming from heart and making the environment so colourless..
    Making you restless even without a known reason..
    And then
    This moon and these starts being so soothing to you
    They're the only who become so nice to you...
    And by giving their calmness and taking away all the negativity one possess and makes one calm and soothing..and that's how sometimes nature heals you

  • meerab 4w


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    Only those who care about you can hear you when you are quiet

  • works_of_imagination 6w

    What's Yellow?

    The colour of hope, optimism, friendship and it's like a ray of light in the darkness.


  • joan53 7w

    Halloween Invitations

    Ghouls live at 38 Boo Lane👻
    Witches at 47 Cauldron Drive🧙‍♀️
    Werewolf at 12 IBite Byway
    Demons at 10 Hell Top road👿
    Party at All-Hallows cemetery 🪦
    Starring Dracula’s All Biting band⚰️
    Not responsible for tricks 🕷
    All treats will be eaten
    Tricker Treaters welcome🎃

    RSVP Mrs. Frankenstein


  • privisha 7w

    #bujju�� #11/10/2021

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    சில சமயம் நம்மை நாமே வெறுத்து விடுகிறோம், மனதுக்கு பிடித்தவர்களை காயப்படுத்தி...


  • aayu11 7w

    So for a long period of time
    I used to think that,, it's your vibe,,I felt,, love is in the Air,I see so much positivity inside me and in this world just because of you....
    But after a long era I came to know that no!!!! It wasn't you,,,not at all...It was all me!!! Like it's my thing to sounds chirping when I'm in my comfort zone!!! When I feels like home!!I'm the one who makes the environment positive,,to throw the fragrance of love in the air,,,I'm the one who bright the whole sky with my sunshine..
    No it's not in envious that you're not with me and that's why I'm saying this!!no!!
    It's because I still feels the freshness of my soul!!!
    And I'm sharing my vibe with my likewise person!!!❤️

  • vipin_vn 11w

    #miraquill #hindi poetry #writers network
    #hindi panktiyan #11/sep/2021

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    कई हुनर सिख..उन में
    अगर माहिर भी हो
    सोच का कीड़ा तय करे
    आईना दिखाए क्या हो

    लक्ष्य की ओर बढ़े या
    मुझ सा ना कोई ये अहं हो

    अमल की मर्यादा से
    ठहरे वहीं ख़ुशी से हो

    जंजाल है सारा भाई
    इस में मत फसियो

    एक वक्त अमल एक हुनर
    एक लक्ष्य एक तरक्की हो
    रफ़्तार काबू में.. रहें सरल,
    राह भले कठिन क्यूँ ना हो..

  • harshalii 22w

    - that hope feeling
    I get when I know something that I am manifesting won't happen but I still keep manifesting about it because it makes me believe in something when nobody believes in my thoughts. 11:11 a vibrational reminder that past , present and future are all simultaneously interwoven now. 11:11 comes twice a day and it has been year's I don't miss my 11:11 [ .... because I ask universe for us] This angelic number holds such a power that everytime I feel like giving up it reminds me to trust the process and believe good things will happen.
    You are still my 11:11 wish
    And I hope you're well I hope you're happy really happy and I hope that one day ,you find yourself thinking about us in the same way you use too.
    I hope we find each other again and I hope we're laughing , sharing memories about that one time we almost made it but ended up breaking each other's heart.
    Sometimes I wish things would have turned out differently ..

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    #writersnetwork #pod #11:11 #mirakee

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    11:11- number sign that angelic beings are close by.

    - reminder everything will happen for you all of sudden and you 'll be thankful you didn't giveup.
    Blessings are coming your way.

  • candicehasley96 23w


    When the clock hits 11:11
    I know I'll get a little piece of heaven

  • januchandrababu 24w


    You will always be my 11:11 wish that I wish for, Even if I know that you are not MINE and we are not meant to be together!!


  • aayu11 24w

    अच्छा वो तुम्हारा सोते वक्त जब कभी अचानक चमक जाना
    और मेरा और कस कर तुम्हे अपनी बाहों के आगोश में समा लेना

    ऐसा तो नहीं चाहता होगा ना तुम्हे अब कोई

  • iloveher 24w

    Today is our special day.
    I love you.

    I will always fall for you,
    Just like the moon and star.
    I will always cry for you,
    Just like the baby and mum.
    I will always hold you,
    Just like the rain and sand.
    I will always rush to you,
    Just like the wind and run.
    I will always love you,
    Just like the shore and ocean.

    #11 #love #forever #you #mine #feeling #pure #sweet

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  • bukojoyce 25w


    I will wake up in the morning
    Sip on my coffee while smiling
    Because after years of dreaming
    I'm now living "the life" and shining

  • _do_lafj_ 26w


    ����Wish you a very Happy birthday Shukla Ji��..

    ��You always make me feel very special thankyou for always with me and support me����������

    ��Jyada tareef nhi karugi������
    Mere ladaku vimaan����������

    ��Hmesa aise happy raho����
    ��Bs mujhe paresaan mt karo��


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  • zohiii 27w

    monologue of unrest

    "was I alive, did I die,
    methinks, the cut was deep,
    where am I, where am I,
    is this my eternal sleep?"

    "you come from the battlefield,
    you were slain by your own sword,
    I honour the wars you didn't yield,
    your eternal sleep, your prayer heard!"

    "are you the one, the booker of sins,
    with mercy and with benevolence,
    are you the one, the hearer of whims,
    are you the giver of silence?"

    "I'm easy, yet difficult to comprehend,
    from birth to death, I've seen you,
    known you like the back of my hand,
    awaits you now, but a life anew!"

    "did I live, if I lived, a good life?
    I was cynical in the core of my heart,
    was it wrong to plunge the knife,
    why did everything fall apart?"

    "what did you seek for,
    what were your fears,
    did you have love galore,
    were you someone's tears?"

    "to drink and dance with ordinary men,
    to feel happy with fleeting pleasures,
    to chase for the love of women,
    my fear, my fear, to feel these clutches,

    I shunned and loathed the normalcy,
    I feared and feared being ordinary,
    I sought for something of my fancy,
    but in the end, I was sad and lonely,

    I trusted no living being, none at all,
    and perhaps, 'twas the cause of my fall,"

    "all you sought was extraordinary glory,
    but was it ever worth the climb,
    did your hollow purpose bring agony,
    did you never commit a love-ly crime?"

    "I tried and failed, I pulled my hair,
    I repelled and repelled warmth and love,
    I thought I was playing square and fair,
    but I was always a crashing bird.

    I pushed away my beloved friend,
    because friendship was ephemeral,
    I feared all that was bound to end,
    but existence alone was eternal.

    I mourn, I mourn,
    I never risked it all, I never risked it all,
    I lived so cautiously that I didn't live at all.

    I mourn, I mourn,
    I never lost anything, I never lost anything,
    because I never had anything to lose.

    I wasted my life for the extraordinary,
    but I was plainly envious of the ordinary,
    the plain men, with simple desires,
    inside loving homes, with warm fires.

    if I were honest, and true,
    even if a tad bit reckless,
    I'd have my heart broken into a mess,
    for times atleast one thousand and two;
    if I'd the courage to be so docile,
    cry my eyes, with trust, tear my chest,
    this was my retribution, my exile,
    this was my life; a monologue of unrest."

    "you'll be reborn,
    as an innocent, guileless, infant,
    a fresh seed into the earth be sown,
    will ye live a fruitful life or one of fault?"

    "to throw myself into the unknown,
    and let happiness and sorrow fill me,
    to laugh without a care, and to mourn.

    to live and feel alive, to fail nevertheless,
    to love with everything, even if it hurts;
    where I walk the right way, and digress,
    where I could live by my words.

    when I wake up,
    from this eternal sleep,
    lovely, dark and deep,
    I wish to live."


  • bclark2681 27w


    Wish to grow older so as to
    Witness the graduation of my
    Son and the aging of his face,
    To smother my wife with end-
    Less love until my mind forgets
    And my rocking chair suspends,
    To behold and encounter all
    This beautiful life has to offer
    My minds eye as it's presented

  • kapuradha 29w

    Itni berukhi bhi acchi nhi,
    ke jaise gunahgar bhi hum hi the...
    Uljhati bhaho ke samndar mei,
    Mana ki shamil tere pyaar mei hum bhi the...
    Tere hotho ki nami yaad aati hai bhot,
    Lipat jane ko tujh sang tadap jati hai yat...
    Maafi bhi de denge tujhe,
    tu ek baar bahein tham to le meri,
    Mana har baar aanso rok lete the mere ,
    Pr is baar bss ek nigah bhar dekhne ko betaab hai...
    Wada rha nhi jatayenge pyaar ko apne tum pe,
    Maan bhi jao ab,wrna intzaar nibhate reh jayenge yun hi...


  • fathima_sumaiya 31w

    Day 11

    O Allah, on this day,
    make me love goodness,
    and dislike corruption
    and disobedience, bar me
    from anger and the fire
    [of Hell], by your help,
    O the helper of those
    who seek help.