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  • veloc1ty_ 135w

    I came across this challenge today called #10thingsimgoodat and i was gonna make a post on it but this dude @immune already did it for me.so im just gonna share it shamelessly :D

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  • infectiouswordspoetry 156w

    10 Things I'm good at.

    1. Catching memories of irresistible beauty
    2. Evaporating unimportant matters, from my freckle mindset.
    3. Expertising myself in 'sarcasm with a smile 'technique.
    4. Rolling the bed with wakeful eyes.
    5. Writing sweet messages to Aunties.
    6. Condensing my angry head, with breaks of my jazz moves.
    7. Forget my responsibilities of household stuffs.
    8. Subliming an advise from mother.
    9. Painting pointless fictional sketches on cellphone memo.
    10. Googling a perfect caption for my Instagram posts.

    #10thingsimgoodat #irresistible #ceesreposts #ni8ngle #laughing_soul #passionbookworm#writerstolli #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

    @ni89gale @my_cup_of_poetry A read, my precious ones ❤

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  • nocturnal_enigma 165w

    #10ThingsImGoodAt , an #idea by @fireblast_

    *Not a #challenge, I think, it's just for #fun ��

    10 Things I'm Good At ~ (Part 1-Summary & description) *see part 2 below part 1 for a short-piece of 2-lines poem)

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    1. Writing. ✍ (I like to write & want to be a successful writer, one day. InsyaAllah/if God wills it~

    2. Day-dreaming �� (I'm a dreamy person But, I also have real dreams a.k.a goals that I want to make it becomes true!)

    3. Surf the internet �� (3 of my favourite websites to browse; Brightside.me, Power of Positivity, Thought Catalogue)

    4. Play games �� (games currently play: Temple Run, Pocket Tower, Sims Freeplay, Dream Piano & few games at Plato app like Zombie, Ocho, Bankroll, Dominoes, Literati etc)

    5 Petting & play with my cats, Ateh, Aneng & Achik ������ # NuEmCats

    6. Feel ❤ things deeply & rely on my intuition��

    7. Deep-Thinking, �� (but can be over-thinking ��)

    8. Talking �� & keep quiet ��

    9. Humming tunes.�� (I made-up few songs) # NuEmSongs

    10. Doodle. ✏ (Such as of my #crush ��)


    10 Things I'm Good At ~ (Part 2- Short-piece; 2-lines poem) ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    On a paper; the colour's white
    I took a pencil or pen; I write! ✍

    My days are filled with day-dreaming ��
    I made-up songs �� ; I like humming ��

    Using search engine, I surf the internet ��
    World-wide-web attract us like a magnet!

    Yes, I like to play certain type of games; ��
    But, I don't like to be played like games!

    I like petting and play with my cats; ������
    They're so adorable; I love ❤ my cats! ������

    Heart ❤ feelings matters; I just like to feel
    I rely on intuition; �� to sort things; for real

    At times, I will ponder; deep-thinking, ��
    Somehow, it made me over-thinking

    I can be quite talkative; I like talking! ��
    But, when I'm quiet; I slowly walking.��

    I don't know how to draw; I just doodle; ✏
    Such as of my crush; �� with eraser, I fiddle!


    *Fiddle: touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way.


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    10 Things I'm Good At ~

    (A Summary. Read Caption For Full Post)

    1. Writing. ✍
    2. Day-dreaming
    3. Surf the internet
    4. Play games
    5 Petting & play with my cats
    6. Feel ❤ things deeply & rely on my intuition
    7. Deep-Thinking but can be over-thinking
    8. Talking & keep quiet
    9. Humming tunes.(I made-up few songs)
    10. Doodle. ✏ (Such as of my crush)

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

  • hasnath_mubeena 165w

    10 things I'm good at:

    1. I'm really crazy about watching cartoons, cricket, sports even after all crossing my teenage. When it comes to watching cricket matches with me, even the world-class commentators' commentary finds no voice, because cricket terms and rules have a special folder in my head.

    2. Professional procrastinator, I regret it later but never care how to rectify it.

    3. Understanding and reading people as I read books. Some people are like mystery and some are as transparent as water.

    4. I'd rather prefer motivational speeches than listening to music and books than movies.

    5. I know that I'm ugly enough that I should be hibernating, but I never let anyone realize my ugliness. I stay away from the crowd and pretend that I'm busy 24x7(Actually I easily get addicted to people like the taste of poetry has intoxicated my soul, when I feel they're close to me. Because It'll be really tough to detach from them afterward)

    6. I never lie to my parents. If I try at least once, it'll look like a gardener trying to place a red rose sapling amid the all-white rose in the garden and pretend it is a white one.

    7. Yeah, of course! I over imagine impossible things, I always believe in hypothetical reality. Half of the day and whole of the night I live in a fantasy world. Because reality sucks.

    8. Someday I feel highly enthusiastic that my sunshine lights up the other's world. At the same time, my emptiness never pitches the pit or lets any reason to be happy.

    9. I don't care what people think about me, I never prioritize their opinions. I ignore third-party cookies as a default. I won't be rude with them, I'm kind enough to be stupid in front of them. I never boast anyway.

    10. However, I feel low or less motivated and worthless to the core, I 'er let go of the chance to motivate my people when they're feeling low. I don't know how they feel refreshed after that. I actually bring out the good in them.
    -Hasnath Mubeena

    P.s: I know I'm a bit complicated as my heart is literally stuffed with a bizarre stream of consciousness.

    #10thingsimgoodat #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    10 things I'm good at



    I'm a notebook filled with "Maybes, Ifs, Nots, Question tags, and typos scribbled everywhere"

  • deeplyintensified 168w

    @fireblast_ #10thingsimgoodat !!

    Prior to this, thankyou so so so much, it's 1.2k I highly appreciate each one to make it hundred, then thousand and beyond��

    10 things I am good at!!

    1) staying up late, waking up late, and then sleeping the whole day with guilt of sleeping *too much*.

    2) writing nothing on days, and then writing *too much* in a day!

    3) Pretending mood swings even after my periods!

    4) thinking what to do, and then thinking what not to do, messing it all up, then ending with doing nothing, it feels like a life.

    5) I am so good at pulling myself back from de-motivation and negativity. (almost all the time)

    6) dancing all around all day, singing like a sick nightingale, and giving no damn to things.

    7) procrastinating! I am punctual only when things interest me really.

    8)always in my soliloquy, that I never get bored.

    9)crushing on people and touchwood law of attraction works for me.

    10) laughing out so loud on lame jokes, that I struggle to breath when the joke is good.

    So, these were very random things, and I wanted to do this badly, bc why not!!!��

    #pod#mirakeeworld#s_rooh #pari_s #passionbookworm #mirakee
    #writersnetwork#lovenotes_from_carolyn#aryan22#jazmin#wow#mr10#r89#teamyus#anshuman_tripathi#vtt#thesoulgazer#phal_candy#bluepup#osr#ceesreposts#lyrical_thoughts#minu1812#amberglow @mirakee @theuglyink @iammusaafiir @fen_dukes_ @writersnetwork

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  • fen_dukes_ 169w

    Thank you @fireblast_ for this wonderful challenge.❤ #10thingsimgoodat

    Perfect way to know more about our mirakeean friends.

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    10 Things i am good at.

    1)Before i wasn't but now i am a good secret keeper.

    2) I am a good listener and i imagine the things i hear just to feel that moment.

    3) My few friends thinks that i am good at creating music playlist.

    4) I am good at waiting while chatting but never i said to anyone that i don't like to wait.

    5) I am really good at hiding my feelings... only my poem knows about it.

    6) I am pretty good player in Need for speed.

    7) Sometimes i get too much indulged in solving others problem that many a times my problems remains as it is.

    8)I easily get jealous of others...bcz of it i have started writing poems.

    9) I get demotivated easily whenever i spend hell lot of time on writing something and end up without posting...at that time i open mirakee and read some of my own favourite old post which actually motivates me to write again.

    10) Slowly i have learnt to remove all my anger and pain on the words...cuz they are the only one who are there to hear you.

  • alfia_writes 169w

    So here are the 10 things I'm good at.

    I know I'm little late to write this challenge. Actually I was not about to write it but @_tanvi_ asked me to try it once.... And actually her "10 things I'm good at" post inspired me a lot for this ❤️ so, thank you Tanvi��❤️ love ya sweetie #soulsis❤️

    1. Play music on high volume and sing along with the songs (especially my playlist which is full of English songs��) actually I like hindi songs too but sometimes some songs spoil my mood so that's why mostly I prefer English songs and also these songs motivates and inspires me a lot.❤️�� So, Yess I'm really good at listening songs.�� I know it maybe lame for you guys but it does really matter for me.��

    2. Do you have any secret you wanna tell someone.You can tell me if you have. I'm a good secret keeper.�� I promise I won't tell anyone and I won't judge you for that.��

    3. I always irritate my sisters by using point no. 1�� and by always ordering them like do this or do that for me, by cracking bad jokes and laughing hard on that even nobody laughs except me, by constantly texting and calling them when they are so busy in chattings with their friends.�� But heyy!! Don't think I'm a bad sister. I love them most in this world.okay!!❤️

    4. I always cry while watching movies and TV shows. I cried hard in every seasons finale episode of the vampire diaries. I cried while watching Chinese dramas named Boss and me, love o2o and I cried badly in movie Dear Zindagi.❤️ I hope I'm not boring you by telling these stupidities. ��

    5. I always overthink, I know it's not good and I'm trying my best to control this thing.��

    6. I love to use emojis while chatting.�� I always use lots of emojis. Even sometimes me and my cousin brother we talk only through emojis. I know it's weird but trust me we always do this crazy thing !!��

    7. Okay so now the serious thing I'm actually good at is dancing. For me there are two ways through which I love to express myself is dancing and writting. And yaa... Also so many people tell me that I'm very good at making different facial expressions.��❤️

    8. I love to read and write Urdu poetries. I like to use Urdu words while talking. It's like, for me there is something's more than graceful in pronounciation of Urdu words.♥️

    9. I always try to observe stories, experiences, situations, mistakes, nature, people, creativity and life closely. Because according to me in this world everything teaches you something. So there are so many things to learn and learning is another name or a best way to grow yourself.✨

    10.You know I always try to write something just in 2 or 3 lines but it is really hard for me to complete them in 2 or 3 lines.I always write things in more descriptive manner. So that people can understand easily what I'm trying to convey��. Best example is the post you are reading now.��


    I hope I didn't bore you guys because I know some of the above points are lame .����

    Extremely sorry for the length of the post.��❤️ And thanks a lot for reading this!! ��❤️

    Thank you so much for the interesting prompt.❤️ @fireblast_

    #10thingsimgoodat ❤️

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  • phoenixoracle 169w

    10 things I'm good at

    I will be brief and try to go straight to the point. Fasten your seat belt though...

    1) Cooking, I am a foodie so I love experimenting with different recipes. The downfall is no matter how much I eat I don't get fat... It hurts.

    2) Day dreaming, I am gonna run mad if my imagination is taken away from me. I have so many castles, private jets and lots of cash saved up there.

    3) Playing with kids, I don't have a kid of mine though, but I see them as some cute creature who come to make the world alright.

    4) Being Rebellious, I am naturally a rule breaker, some call me weirdo. I hate when people are oppressed because they are weak. I hate the systematic rules, I hate being what society wants me to be.

    5) Reading, I read alot, just place me in a library full of books on paranormal, thriller, astrology, history, Parapsychology, mysticism etc and am good. Don't forget to add food.

    6) I Love being Me... Yes I love being myself, I know my life is complex with its ups and downs. But there is this risk and fun of being me. Try being me, you'll love it

    7) Making others happy... I just can't stand it when people are sad. Life is too short, people are already passing through shit. Why add to their problems? Make them happy already.

    8) Walking with Nature... I love the night, sun light, the garden, the ocean, the rocks etc. I love such serenity ‍♂️

    9) Talking to my mum and sister... How can I forget them. They are my compass, they direct my life.

    10) Love and Intimacy... Sometimes I love relationships. Don't wanna say much about this. I just want you to know that am good with love and intimacy

    Now these are the 10 things I am good at. Which of them resonates with you?

    ©phoenixoracle 04/2019

  • thenicestbitch 169w

    1) I am really very good at being not good at anything! I am really very awful at almost everything.

    2) Watching F. R. I. E. N. D. S. like Nth time and eating Pizza? Well, count me in!

    3) Imagining the cup of coffee will walk to me and all my pics will automatically turn into black ink I drank and didn't burped about it! //laughs//

    4) Carrying journal and book, knowing I won't be reading or writing! But their presence makes me happy!!!!
    //like..... Taqila.. That make's me happy LOL//

    5) Showing off my worst handwriting so.. People won't Ask me to write something on their book like not even notes.

    6) Staring at cellphone, checking letterbox, sending long mails to myself well.. Yeah that's my thing!!

    7) Death, the most peaceful thing!!! Defining it each time, when someone asking about how's-life!

    8) Expecting a lot, like A LOT but not pretending and let people walk away if they can't stay!

    9) Fumbling on each syllable yet penning down is like breathing! I have to keep doing it! Otherwise what will I left for my ashes if not words!!

    10) Missing being missed "


    @ni89gale You! My constant! �� I am super late and I'm really sorry for that!!!

    @fireblast_ Thank you for this topic love!! ��


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    10 things I am good at


  • __soultalk__ 169w

    10 things I'm good at

    @fireblast_ this was an amazing promt ��

    1. Planning things. I literally plan the things from stage 1 and always create a backup plan even for the tiniest error.
    Applying steps of management in real life;) ( commerce stuff)

    2. Taking note of every possible detail about a person or a thing.
    For ex- i can literally tell you by reading a text message that in what mood the person is.

    3. Imagining scenarios about every Unrelatable stuff. But i tend to bring myself back in the reality.

    4. Encouraging, motivating, healing, complimenting a person. I know these tiny things can make a huge difference in people's lives.

    5. Talking to myself about every possible circumstances prevailing in the future.

    6. Hiding my true emotions, thoughts. Imagine my mom got to know only a week ago that I don't like a particular dish. She said i didnt knew it because you never complained or stopped eating it. See I'm pretty good at this ��

    7. Being punctual. I don't know if this counts as an OCD or not. But I have a thing of reaching a place 15-5 minutes earlier than the actual time.

    8. Reading literature, novels, books, poems. Being in contact of art makes me satisfied and happy.

    9. Taking myself into an emotional roller coaster ride. Mood swings. Although I'm trying to use them productively in my poems or by simply motivating myself.

    10. Finding a different persona of myself when in contact with nature or babies.

    I loved writing this post. #10thingsimgoodat

    @writersnetwork @ni89gale @zenith_ @saishankar @fen_dukes_ @nostalgic_silence @girl_in_white @tomorrow_is_amazing @xenoria

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  • masquerade8172711 169w

    10 things I'm good at

    1. Crying my eyes out.

    2. Making my heart bleed.

    3. Wailing for no reason.

    4. Disheartening myself.

    5. Losing hope and kissing despair.

    6. Drowning into depression.

    7. Upsetting myself.

    8. Dampening my spirits.

    9. Weighing down.

    10. Staying gloomy throughout the day.

  • bitterxsweet 169w

    1. Permanently in avoidance mode
    as a professional procrastinator

    2. Expert at driving and pushing people away. Relishing my solitude living the hermit life

    3. Being my best enemy and my worst friend

    4. Lifting others up, but never myself

    5. Falling for the wrong love
    and breaking my own heart

    6. Remaining soft and compassionate
    in a cruel world

    7. Keeping it real and brutally honest,
    masked by sarcasm

    8. Conveying my thoughts into words,
    yet never speech

    9. Drinking coffee after 1pm,
    thus fueling my insomnia

    10. Finding joy in the most simplest of pleasures

    #10thingsimgoodat Found this challenge cute, but challenging nonetheless ~ Great prompt @fireblast_

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    10 things I'm good at


  • ruhi_yk 169w

    1. Crying ...sometimes for silly things ( Ya believe me I think I've a tap fitted in my eyes) ��
    2. Hiding my emotions & overthinking ��
    3. Talking to myself for hours especially at nights ...(Yeah!!! I do talk to myself caise sometimes I need expert's advice)��
    4. Smiling with tears in my eyes��
    5. Being a silly lil schoolgirl and being extremely naive ��
    6. Dreaming ( I'm a kind of daydreamer who has a bag full of lil dreams )��
    7. Debating on any topic of my interest ��
    8. Forgetting things I did or said just a minute ago ��
    9. Confusing people (sometimes even my teachers)��
    10 .Doing every possible attempt to see just one smile on the face of those I love ��
    PS:(Am I successful in bringing a smile on your faces cause I love you mirakee and mirakeans)��

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    10 Things I'm good at


  • my_cup_of_poetry 169w


    1. Baking a delicious world of my own without a pinch of reality.

    2. Deep frying a realisation everyday that I don't belong to this world.

    3. Shallow frying the plans and time table I make to follow everyday.

    4. Roasting some adorable heads with my poor sense of humour.

    5. Steaming the back side of my notebooks with caricatures poorer than the ones nursery kids make.

    6. Grilling my wounds to make sure they keep hurting.

    7. Burning an advise my mum has been giving me since ages - to play and talk more.

    8. Greedily feeding on lone walks , Paulo Coelho's books, Classic novels , colours , murder mysteries and Indian politics. XD

    9. Serving pretentious smiles, patient ears and silent treatment.

    10. Cooking, on pages. Perhaps!


    @fireblast_ Thanks for this amazing prompt. It made me write even during exams ❤
    @ni89gale You are love. Thanks for the tag ❤


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    10 things I am good at

  • rashmika 169w


    1.Can dance like an insane monkey ��..don't laugh huh ��

    2.act like a dumb girl during the class✌️��

    3.collecting stationary ����

    4.geeting scolded from mum ..for not leaving phone ��

    5.insulting my best friend ��

    6.can make others laugh by doing silly things ����m very good at this ..

    7.In remembering birth dates of even my friends uncle ��bit wierd it is ��

    8.listening music all day long and not doing anything..m lazy too��

    9. In Mimecing my class teacher ��don't dare to tell it to him. ��

    10.In cleaning ..it's boring ..but m very good in this����

    @fireblast_ amazing prompt fire ����

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    10 things I'm good at


  • pocketsmile 169w

    @fireblast_ thank you for this amazing prompt❤❤❤ This is so interesting ����

    10 things I'm good at:

    It's very difficult to write 10 things I'm good at, rather it would be easier to write 10 things I'm bad at����

    1. I love to read novels, short stories and love to buy good books to decorate my shelf with flamboyant colours of their covers ❤

    2. Everyday I cook something for my family, I'm a good cook, but ofcourse non-veg especially fish cause I'm Bong. Cooking is like stress buster for me.

    3. Everyday I practice my dance form for sometime. I'm a katthak dancer and later I shift to party songs & bhojpuri numbers like "Teri aakhya ka ye kajal" and
    Dance like crazy ����

    4. I'm too lazy, like you can't imagine how much, I'm very good on giving orders to people like "keep that water bottle there please ", "give me the TV remote please " etc etc ����

    5. I feel very much comfortable with kids and they also love me so much. I play badminton with them when I get time. I can easily connect myself with them. ❤❤

    6. I'm too good in forgetting things like birthdays, last date of the submission of my assignments ��... I wish people after 2,3 days of their birthdays. My friends, cousins now don't care about this������

    7. I'm too good in laughing hard. Sometimes that poor joke thinks that what so funny here to laugh from half an hour on the same joke where everyone got bored of it ��������

    8. I'm an animal lover... I love to spend my time with them.. I have cat & doggy & everyday I play with them, even I recite my poems in front them & they innocently look at me as if they've understood everything.... ����

    9. I'll get Oscar in crying... Sometimes after watching the lame emotional scene of a film, I cry like hell and everyone looks at me in cinema hall like "Really? Is she crying? " �� so embarrassing ������

    10. Very much concerned about my family.. I always try to make them happy at any cost.. My friends, relatives, my neighbours all of them love me so much cause I always try to erase their problems by doing some nautankis and try to put smile on their face ����❤

    That's me, crazy weird mess����


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  • therightkindofmisfit 169w

    Challenge by @fireblast_

    1) taking my meds on time. 2 poetry pills in a day. Sometimes overdosing.

    2) feeling sad for people who eat alone and offering them company.

    3) talking to the dogs till the time they don’t look into my eyes.

    4) remixing Prateek Kuhad and Cigarettes after sex in one song.

    5) saying words that hurt, then writing words that heal.

    6) procrastinating, of course

    7) surviving every day, when not necessarily wanting to.

    8) greeting everybody with a smile and being mocked at, sometimes.

    9) comparing and getting sad.

    10) living/existing/breathing.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @fireblast_ #10thingsimgoodat

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    10 things I am good at


  • hamallaxmi 169w


    #10thingsimgoodat by @fireblast_

    1.Helping and guiding others.
    2.Radio on world off.(escaping the reality)
    3.Dreaming and imagining all the time.
    4.not meeting with the people close to me for ages even after wanting it.
    5.I'm good at crying in the dark.
    6.I can forgive,can't forget and can't even avenge what they did to me.
    7.I way care too much and fear losing them
    8.writing hand written letters to the people I love.
    9.clicking pictures of anything and everything in and around me.
    10.slapping my brother when he is asleep and kissing him later.

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    10 things I'm good at!


  • miss_rose_gold 169w

    10 things i am good at

    1) Always wake up early,even on weekend.

    2) Working hard(fast,on time,and so on)

    3) Controlling my anger and ego

    4) Always be patient

    5)  Take care of my family.

    6) I can easy get idea to write,when have something situation happened around me or other.

    7) I am good at exercise

    8) Keeping a secret and privacy people around me.

    9) Spying (in a good thing) (even i'm not a spy)

    10) Giving Advice and giving opinion.(even sometimes,I don't have a experience in something or else.But to me, we can use a logic for giving opinion and advice)



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    10 things Im good at

    Read the caption.

  • crazzypen 169w

    @fireblast_ #10thingsimgoodat
    Tnx for this lovely challenge dear��

    1. Fight with my brother and never says "Sorry" as he has to come and made me smile

    2. Narrating story with pakka expressions

    3. Creating myself

    4. keeping my things safely for many years

    5. Mingling with ppls

    6. Penning verses for my future "him" and imagine like how he'll react to this.......

    7.pretends to be patience

    8. Adoring myself than anyone in this world

    9. A girl of her own thoughts and ways

    10. Making others happy by motivating their super talents and make myself happy by seeing their happy feeling.


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