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  • shyaryaa 13w

    सौ किस्से ; सारे तुम्हारे नाम के । ❤
    Posting the 100th penned!

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters

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    सौ किस्से ।

    आओ बैठो ,
    क्या हैं कूसूर तुम्हारा, तुम्हे बताएगे।
    बिते रात के आसूँ और उनके किस्से तुम्हे सूनाएगे ।


  • pandichitra_r 15w

    Day 12: Push yourself to do best!

    Most of our days are spent in thinking ,
    " Will I achieve it?",��
    "How hard will it be?",��
    "How long will it take?",��
    "What if no one supports me?",��
    "What if I loose in my choice of decisions?",��
    Yes this is quite normal �� in the initial days, bcoz such thoughts will really help you to understand what you want,how u divide and conquer your time to get on to your works.,etc
    But if these thoughts are clinging or adhering closely with your brain often,then it will demotivate you����.
    Fact is that:
    This world is full of opportunities,may u owe it with your time, energy and skills. Invoke all your latent talents, you will never feel low.

    1)Observe things
    2)Take time to analyse.
    This will call forth all your energies to thrust your best even at the worst��������
    Let's get the best of ourselves��

    To be continued in further posts..,
    Happy days ahead!✨����

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    #writing community #inspiration #wordsandquotes#hope #world #inspiration #writersaroundtheworld #motivation@mirakee@enderb47@poetrycity

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    Push yourself to do best

    Cultivate to greet the worst,it fortify to give your best

  • ansh_ita 20w


    Blends emotions to my heart.
    Appends rhythm to my art.
    Seems metaphor to my soul.
    Yes, she is poetry as a whole.

    With alliteration of love and care.
    With syllables of dusky glare.
    Holds emotions so raw and pure.
    Yes, she is a poetry for sure.

    Seems words with deep meanings.
    Seeks allusion for my feelings.
    Can be the anaphora of pure essence.
    Yes, she is a poetry in my sense.

    Usual hyperbole I can see whereby.
    Benevolent idioms came across with sigh.
    Imagery of her words makes me alive.
    Yes, she is a poetry to my life.



    // May 31, 2021//
    For her❤️

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  • mrstoryteller 35w

    100th post

    Ohh, Wow!!
    It didn't seem to me;
    That I will come this far.

    Started writing,
    Just for the sake of;
    Bringing more clarity in my thoughts.
    To what I want to be;
    To what I will be.

    The journey embarked,
    With uncertainty;
    But now I feel something;
    That this journey has somewhat,
    Instilled in me;
    What I was looking for.
    A purpose, a direction;
    Not to regret the past decisions,
    But to make the future;
    Considering present as a 'gift'.

    When I look back;
    To my old posts,
    I feel a sense of bliss;
    To what I have left myself,
    Like a snake;
    Shedding off its older, worn out skin.


  • rakshuk 36w

    If love has a synonym
    I would tell your name.


  • mishkaa 38w

    Kabhi meine kisi ko azmaaya hi nahi
    jitna pyaar diya utna pyaar kabhi
    Paya hi nahi,
    Kisi ko meri bhi kami mehsoos ho shayad
    khuda ne mujhe aisa banaya hi nahi..

  • scribbler_bijal 40w

    Life Lessons #47

    What does the word Proverb mean ..??
    Verb is an action what we do in life. Pro means supporting. Your actions must always reflect the goodness and virtues not only for you but also for others..!!!

  • ak_2021 41w

    What's the best thing about New Year?

    For me it's leaving all the tensions and struggles of last year behind.

  • bhaskar_vashishth 41w


    हम भी उड़ गए होते गर जो पर होते
    घर से ना निकलते तो आज घर होते

    ज़िंदा है तो बंजर है ये सारी ज़िन्दगी
    मर गए होते तो आज शजर होते

    वो तो दरवाज़ा खोल दिया तुमने
    वरना आज तलक दरबदर होते

    ये तो खुदा की बंदिशें हैं हम पे
    हम जो काफिर होते तो कहर होते

    तुमको देखा जो होता खुदा ने अगर
    वो भी ज़मीन पे रहते बशर होते

    खामखा ज़मीन पर बैठा है भास्कर
    आसमां में होते तो हम हर पहर होते


  • _kiran_ 43w

    what feels home to me❤️

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #100thpost

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    it's said that home isn't really a place...
    it's rather a person or a feeling,

    and that's how you and your love felt to me
    ...like a home


  • language_of_thee_soul 43w

    Thank you so much for the support you've given me!!
    Keep supporting ������

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  • nandhinis 44w

    The reason behind my smile is YOU

  • ersheeen 45w

    Introduction : In this world man cannot live without doing a profession. He must have to do some sort of profession to maintain his livelihood. But which profession should he follow? There are many professions in the world such as the professions of doctor, engineer, professor, officer, teacher, solider, clerk, peon, driver, conductor, jailor, collector, artist, publisher, welder, moulder, draftsman, machineman, policeman, trader, shop-keeper and so on. It is very difficult for a person to choose the right profession for himself/herself.

    Start : Being ingenious is a gift from Almighty that not everyone has nor understands. Creative people have a deep passion for making beautiful things. They see the world in a different way. However, this gift doesn't come easily a lot of hard work is required. Having a continuous run of ideas is considerable but what if they keep you up all the night? What will you do if they instantaneously finish and make you wholly forfeited? The feeling of not being good enough can split at one side. Not being considered professional can make you second guess of your profession choice. There are some struggles that artists face. And now here are a few others that, as an artist, can relate to.

    1) Begrudging another artist's skill :-
    No matter how astonishing of an artist you are, you'll always find someone one step ahead than you. It is irritating considering the effort you put in. Remember that there are always new techniques to learn which will always help you to grow as an artist. Turn your begrudge around and become motivate by those arists.

    2) The " can you draw me" question :-
    When people find you are an artist they will instantly ask you " can you draw me !"
    It sounds funny? First of all there are many types of artist. There are painters, photographers, sculptors, calligraphers, illustrators, printmaker, and graphic designers etc. Even if sketch is your hobby or focus, who says you want to release all you're going to sketch a picture of a stranger for free?

    3) Graphite on the side of your hand :-
    If the only litter you fret about is graphite on the side of your hand, we'd say you're in pretty good figure! Art supplies alway tend to be litter and once you get in the area, the paint ( and whatever else you are using seems to be flying everywhere ). You will get it all over your face, clothes, floor and everywhere. And on thus you also tend to be judged by your deficiency of organization. Ingenious minds are scarily neat, correct?

    4) The starving artist legend :-
    Why do everything presume that just because you're an artist you're not making any money? Do they actually think you're unsuccessfull just because you're an artist? The " starving artist " is clearly just a fake story ad there are many artists making enormous profit.

    5) Sleep is hinder by ideas :-
    What will you do? If inventiveness bang in the most awkward times. Now it is almost unfeasible to stop thinking about that idea.
    Or what will you do? If you have the complete opposite where you can't come up with a ingenious ideas in which your life reckon on it. This is where you feel completely lost. But belive on youself don't give up! You'll find a method to get those ingenious juices once again.

    6) Almost everyone never takes you seriously :-
    Ever come over someone that nearly laughs at your face when you tell them you're an professional artist? They almost make your career a joke and they always think art looks good as a hobby rather than a profession.

    7) They'll never understand your struggle :-
    Every non-artists will never understand your struggle that goes through an professional artist. It's not a joke . It's not how you see it. You always thought that our life is so easy just because we have to sit at a place and draw smiley faces. Ok, if this is so easy to do then do. We know you can't do it just because it is not a easy task to do it requires a lot of practices.So think before what you are speaking.

    So these are the struggles you'll definitely face if you're an artist. The point I'm trying to make here us that nevertheless ehat people think about you. Its a bumpy ways but if you follow it through the regards are extremely impressive. Don't let those little things to become your obstacle. And make the " starving artist " frankly only a fake story. Demonstrate them incorrect. Just believe in youself you can do every impossible thing possible.


    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee #artist #struggle #100thpost #pod

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    Struggles of being an artist


  • sonakshi_ 45w

    100th Post

    Jinse hjaaron baatain kia karte the
    Aaj vahi baatain suna rahe hain !!


  • unmet_souls 46w


    Universe always has a plan. & that plan is always in motion.
    Whole of this thing is like a big machine, working constantly & ensures that we end up at the perfect place.
    So better we stop worrying about destiny & concentrate on the journey...


  • k_unwinds 46w

    The Wolf moon calls ,
    Wild long and mournful
    Far away, above the moraine
    His vigilant eyes upon her
    Longing for her love

    And here I am,
    Hankering for you
    We knew our love was ample to glide us through!

  • fervent_writing 46w

    The most pleasing sound I have ever felt��
    I love you mom❤️You mean the world to me��


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    Mom's lullaby soothes the soul and heals everything!!

    -Ramsiya L

  • fleeing_fossil 49w

    #hearthc @writersbay #haikuc #100thpost #pod @writersnetwork thanks so much for the 3rd repost

    Here, each stanza is a haiku

    P.s. : It's six-month-old and very close to my heart.

    Thank you so much @mirakee it's surreal to reach my very first pod and thanks to everyone over here. Stay safe.��
    @jerry_21 I miss you.❤

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    A Sunflower under the Sunlight

    A sunflower, rubbing
    her eyes, peeped up at eastern
    sky, saw a huge man

    A man who's filling
    the whole realm, with light; whose first
    rays touched her softly

    Touched her snug petals
    to wake her folded self up from
    the night's deep slumber.

    He poured radiance
    And strength as much as he'd with
    a contented smile

    Wild zephyrs blew, bloom
    became vagrant and Sun
    went red with fury

    He didn't fancy bad
    company for her since he
    hopes to protect her

    Protect her under
    His hearth of apricity
    Until she thrives

    Thrives into sanguine
    and self-efficient flower
    One, he'd be proud of.

    Cried in hiraeth
    for Sun's glimpse; she dozed off
    in Moon's satin lap.

    She woke up to warm
    kisses on her fresh forehead:
    of pure clemency.

    She swirled east and west,
    thought what to call his largesse
    and bounced brightly

    Bounced brightly as that
    word filled her with euphoria;
    She whispered "Father!"


  • antheia_ 55w

    #ffossil #100thpost #laurelc #galaxies #zephyr

    I ended up using all the three beautimous prompts:
    *Zephyr & moppet
    *Mizzle & melody
    *Orchards & smiles.

    Just loved taking part in this astounding challenge hosted by a sweet lil sista of mine �� @fleeing_fossil

    The majestic golden orb peeked from behind the snow capped mountains. It slowly started ascending making those icy cliffs adorn the alpenglow. Splashing the tincture of blushed orange with a dash of pale pink across the prussian sky..

    The reposing earth woke up from her slumber midst the cheery tweets of the passerines breathing in the crisp pirr. The teeny nimble squirrels made way out of their dreys adroitly munching on the twigs & seeds. The golden shivelight glided above the canopy of the colossal firs & oaks.
    A sweet lil moppet lived in with her grandparents in the quaint white cottage whose baulsters were wreathed with laurel & magnolia and with a sprawling apple orchard at the sundown boulevard..a furlong from the mountains.

    Everday the endearing child with a bright smile, gleaming eyes & blonde hairs hopped & lolled on the grass chatting with the birds, running after the nimious yellow butterflies, plucking the crimson cidery apples & filling up her wicker basket whilst the gentle zephyr caressed her flowing golden locks.

    She used to have the time of her life with her grandparents during those two months long vacation away from the strict edicts of the boarding school. Having lost her parents at a very tender age she was growing up neath the tutelage of her loving grandparents.

    When sometimes it mizzled during the evenings and the turf reverberated with the dulcet melody of the cascading drops while the sky wore a somber look her grandmother would very oft prepare candied apple slices with a steaming mug of hot chocolate to cheer her up..for in her gleaming eyes they saw a million glistening galaxies of lucent dreams woven with a silken gossamer of lambent hopes while an entire universe lay enwreathed in her tiny heart.



    **Inspired from a short story of Ruskin Bond titled 'My father's trees in Dehra'.

    ***Laurel here refers to an aromatic evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves.

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  • farzana_bilal 56w

    It's alright, to stop for a few seconds,
    To give yourself some time
    To forget about all those problems
    And for a while relax your mind

    It's Ok to laugh for once
    Ignoring the mess in your life
    To not hear all those words
    Which stab you like a knife

    It's fine to not think about others
    And do what you really want
    To put your earphones rudely on
    And not become the victim of taunts