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    So, many things first time happened with us related to many things, but here are some few of those first times, actually when something happens for one time it's called first time but what when all these lovely things happens with us not just once, when that first time but when these things happen always with us from the first day of our love till today and everyday and still going on, then it's known as every-time.

    Everytime I see you, talk to you I fell continuously for you❤��

    As our love is different, unique and not like today's people, so those things which happen for first time with others, those things happen with both of us everytime, I mean our love is still as before which it was on the first day, nothing changed between us,be it talking for hours,be it never fighting and having arguments,be it never hiding each other from known ones, be it anything,the things which happened in the beginning still happenes with us, 4 years and going on, it's as same as before, we aren't like others whose love changes with time, our love is mature enough to fight all challenges of today's time, our love isn't kiddish like today's people who fight everytime, block un block each other's,deactivate their ids to show their moods, post sad stuffs for each other, share their relationship secrets with others, remove dp last seen to show anger, show sadness through statuses and never show happiness, leave talking for days and involving themselves with others, we have nothing like this kiddish stuff, we never fought, we never showed sadness through posts or social media even if we are in anger we keep it private between each other we never had this block un block stuff, we never posted sad or removed dp and all,our respect and shyness in front of each other is still present in our love as before,Be it sadness or happiness we always keep it between each other and let our haters assume����

    My love for you is so pure that I keep all my things for you, especially my face and beauty and soul, which is only yours ,and only you are applicable to see and I never keep that available for others to see and on a show on social media or in real like few people❤��

    #pod #wod #firsttime @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    All our first times❤

    The day when me met for the first time
    We fell in love with each at first sight which felt like a sweet crime

    When first time you offered those love roses when you sat on your knees
    There I understood that you will be my angle and guardian with your love keys

    When first time you proposed me by saying I love you and will you marry me
    I got that you offered something permanent and not that temporary relationship thing to me

    When first time you held my hands in your hands
    Rapidly gave a rush to my blood in veins and other glands

    When first time we went on that long drive
    Discussed every chapter of each other and felt like alive

    When first time you bought me those gifts which I refused to take
    I was shy to take but you felt bad and those tears you fake

    When first time you were staring like insane
    And all I doing was to look away and that giving thay shy smile again and again

    When first time we went on that long walk in those summer days
    Were our footsteps were matching with each other's while looking at each other's face

    When first time we went to my favorite restaurant and both had food stuff in a single plate and after 4 years this habit remains the same
    As we know love like ours isn't easy and not like other's a timepass game

    When first time we had an argument where I was wrong and you Were perfectly fine
    Made me fell for you again when you said sorry a hundred times when mistake was all mine

    When first time you touched my soul with your eyes and never with your hands
    Made me believe your love is so pure, true and full of scents

    When first time you called my name in your deep voice
    My breathe paused and the blood in my veins freezed by choice

    When first time we got lost in each other's eyes and got mad in it
    Such a beautiful moment it was when my sea met your eye's ocean with such a fit

    When first time we started talked for hours
    Be it love talks, sharing sorrows or some talks humors

    When first time you shared all your dark sides and secrets with so much honesty
    I told you all your things are mine amd will protect your secrets like a partner full of modesty

    When first time you introduced me to your family and friends as your would be wife
    Again made me fell for you and you became my life


  • tusharkumar 36m


    #Life #love #❤️��

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    कभी धूप तो कभी छांव सी
    यह ज़िन्दगी है किसी गाँव सी
    चलती रहती है स्थिर जल में
    एक हिचकौले खाती नाव सी।

    आते है पथिक कई.. बीच मंझधार में
    किनारे तक नही आती नाव उनके प्यार में
    छूट जाता है जब साथ उनका तब लगता है
    मिलना बिछड़ना लगा ही रहता है संसार मे।

    गाँव की ज़िंदगी भी शहर को भागती है
    जहाँ हमसे पहले जरूरतें जागती है
    सब कुछ तो नही मिलता भागदौड़ से पर
    कभी-कभी यह बलिदान बढ़ा मांगती है।

    मरहम नही मिलता कभी किसी घाव का
    किनारा भी नही आता है कभी नाव का।
    फिर भी चलती रहती है ज़िन्दगी इसी उम्मीद पर
    कि कभी तो कुछ अच्छा होगा इस गांव का।
    ©तुषार कुमार

  • thigambarishini 2h

    The one that got my heart ❤️��

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    To the soul that healed my wounds,
    Balm my bruise and shift my frowns!
    Had me hostage to love me and my wars while making love staying indoors!
    Let the world despise our love and lust, for their minds only pilled up with dust.
    Here now I adore you with all my heart, where you reside, never to be apart!

  • telepathy123 2h


    @miraquill @writersnetwork @2chinmayee @pink_berry

    @rish_jee my fav poet bahaha ������
    Dedicated to u tbvh ❤❤❤

    Anyway guys
    I just wrote a seven stanza poem
    But uk
    The pc went off
    So i wrote a new one again
    Will post that after we get electricity
    Cause power has gone off
    In Sri lanka ��������

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    First time
    The falling for a poet
    Engulfed me
    In heartwarming lullabies
    Is it a poetic crush?

    I was a drunken soul
    Hidden in the darkness of melancholy
    Which the wooden doors never opened
    As the cobalt pebbles were my only light within the darkness I was dissolved in
    I saw my parchment papers
    Which flew and turned to the gushing wind
    Inking my destiny
    Which was pitched in high melodies
    Of suffering

    Your inkings
    For the very first time
    Took me towards a light
    Which I never expected
    Falling in love with all your poetic pieces
    Was indeed written in my destiny
    As I loved each and everyone of them
    Whole heartedly

    Bit by bit
    As I started to refer your magical inkings
    Of poetic lullabies
    The wooden doors
    Did open with an azure sparkle of a gushing wind
    Which called me outside
    Hypnotizing with the love of your inkings
    As I fled down the stairways
    And reached the basements
    Of your poetic touch

    A book
    Was opened on a mahogany carved table
    As inked fontings were carved on it saying
    My poetic crush of his poetries
    Was a mystery afterall
    Cause his inkings were far more delighted
    With no crush backs
    As it was like
    A meteor falling over the shining nights of mysteries
    Just endlessly

    The doors
    Flickered out
    And the skies carried me out
    To your chambers of inkings
    Which my desires
    Were always upon

    //For the very first time
    I met the poetic crush of my life
    Which sunk me deep
    Into the woods of inkings//

  • divyanshi28_03 4h

    Every child learns to write with "once upon a time a humble Pencil".A child begins his journey of expressing on paper with his humble Pencil.A Pencil can be erased with eraser and mistakes corrected easily so is with our childhood,no matter how many mistakes you made,they can be corrected if used Pencil.But as you grow up,we use harsh blunt pointed Pen.Though erasers are available to erase pens too but sometimes the paper is torn apart or may be the mark left behind ,so is with our teenage to adulthood.
    I still prefer using pencil over pen.
    I learnt to write with my humble pencil.
    Everyone once had a humble pencil but very few use them until today ❤️
    #first #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    My First time with humble Pencil

    All my fingers came together to hold it closely,
    My thumb bent slightly, stood liitle apart,
    I tried to take it to the margin,
    Oh it slipped,it went out of my hand.

    Tried for the second time more constructively,
    Picked it up,my fingers are where they are suppose to be,
    Held the grip even more tightly,
    The last two fingers once missed out,
    are now tucked in for a ride.
    Oh it worked,I learnt how to write.
    Look at me,I held my pencil and I learnt how to write.

  • aimansheikh 4h

    For all the first times in our lives you've made sure it will be the first and best thing ever.
    And here we are still growing after all these years and making new first times.

    Thankyou for never letting me down ever, thankyou for always making me feel safe with you, thankyou for bringing so much of happiness even if your life was so much in chaos sometimes. Thankyou for being my therapist all the time, thankyou for being a perfect Man. ❤️
    Ik, you'll see this so yes it's for you sunshine. <3

    Ik, it's not that good but I just wanted to share, so I did.:)
    Thanks WN<3
    #first #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    F I R S T

    The first time when I saw you as my lover,
    when you were on your knees and asking me if you can take me along.

    The first time when I said yes to the first "I love you",
    that you whispered to my ears, and is still there.

    The first time when we walked together towards a happy place and you started keeping me from the safer side.

    The first time when you took me on a Scooty ride,
    and made sure every other second if I was fine.

    The first time when you said this love is not going to be temporary, we are going to make it work forever.

    The first time when you said marry me and be mine,
    for the rest of this life and hereafter.

    The first time when you said if it's not you it's no one else,
    I am not going to love like this mad ever.

    The first time you said, I will be there no matter how far the situations take us.

    Every first times of ours made me fall for you for the first time all again.


  • ranigarain 7h

    ভালোবাসা ❤️��

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    ভালোবাসি তোমায়,
    কিন্তু, আছে শুধু তোমায় না ছোঁয়ার অনুভূতি...
    চেয়ে দেখি শুধু তোমায়,
    কিন্তু, সেই দেখা শুধু তোমার সেই পুরোনো স্মৃতি...


  • munnazahjavaid 7h

    First Time

    The first time I fell in love
    Is the time when i felt loved enough

    It was a different kind of love from all the kinds
    This love was like a fall with happiness
    This love was like the first smile of a child
    This love was like almost loosing someone very dear but ending up getting them back

    This love was awakening for me
    This love made me realize that I too deserve Love

    And that's how I fell in love with me.❤

  • biha_soundarya 7h

    Like a newborn that started crying?
    The moment the child learn to breathe?
    The moment that oxygen enters?
    And it became extremely exhilarating?
    That's when the child knew that breathing is a must,
    Oxygen is a must.
    That's when the child 's first cry to the world happen,
    That tap tap tap on the child's bottom?
    The moment the WORLD welcomes the child?
    THAT cry of joy.
    And that is how you are to me my love.
    My first cry of joy
    And that you will also be my last

    Heart : I cant imagine how I could ever breathe
    without Oxygen
    Conscience : You can't, unless you're plug to a machine

    Heart : And that's how you will always be for me
    Conscience : ❤️

    **Her first Joy, that's the only thing that has ever lasted for her**

    #first #love #pod #tod_wt #writersbay @miraquill #miraquill @mirakeeworldwidewriter @mirakeeworld  @writersnetwork   #wod #mirakee @writersbay #writersbay

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    THAT cry of joy.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 8h

    #first #1310

    Tysm WN.❤️��

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    Shallow hearts and hollow souls.
    I'm still holding on.

    The first time I noticed the mistakes I was covered in,
    I started living the bruises that made me colder.

    Winds flowed and coldness sweeped
    But still I kept my head high from going under.

    Following the waves of time,
    I made pacts of mine.
    There must have been something in my heart,
    It has been cold since then.

    Walking through the narrow path,
    and big trees so many stories passed,
    so many hearts shined,
    so many smiles faded, like
    an empty city and a faded dream.

    I've been holding on,
    since first time I acknowledged my faults.
    I was watching,
    It was not a waste of time.

    I was watching.
    Since the first time.

    I'm now getting used to the scars
    They are kinda my twinkling stars.


  • shadesofblue_ 9h

    Okay, so this was written when I left home for the first time and was feeling homesick badly..this is the exact version (didn't filter this).
    Please give your precious feedback, would really like to know how this kid was years ago:). Ahh I got nostalgic��

    Also, was going on a break but saw this prompt and participated. Would be inactive for few days. Take care lovelies❤️

    #first @writersnetwork
    Didn't expect at all, I'm overwhelmed. EC(2) @miraquill Thank you ��

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    Time flies..and when I sit
    Trying to know life's rich tapestry
    I realise that it's a great mystery
    That grabs you in a furious fit

    The streets of Kashi resemble
    The jovial heart that trembles
    When it finds itself trapped in an unseen cage
    Where happiness seems to be a mirage
    The irony is that in this cage, having
    Plenty of smiling faces
    I still find myself lonely, craving
    To see the known homely faces

    I see the clock and sigh
    What a slut is the time
    Once I spent it chatting, playing and so on
    But now it revolves around electron and proton

    Sometimes I recall the dramatic changes
    Sitting beside the holy Ganges
    Then I feel the separation isn't only by space
    But also by the time, changing its pace
    Away from dear ones, lonely in an unknown place
    Learning to be a part of the rat race.

    The words of my mother keep echoing
    Whatever be the situation, just keep going
    And Karma would serve,
    With whatever you deserve
    This reminds me of my responsibility
    And urges me to work upto infinity.

  • minutiae_in_metanoia 9h


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    Crows fly in storms,
    wings folded behind, feathers worn.
    The name of destiny is to
    Never stop,
    gather your grit, eyes torn,
    tears from battle, well worn.
    A ballad of bravery in the streets of vulgarity.

  • gunjit_jain 10h

    All the best 12th walo��❤️��

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    फ़क़त दहलीज़ पे दिल की, फ़िज़ाओं की ज़रूरत है,
    ज़मीं के चंद हिस्सों में, हवाओं की ज़रूरत है,
    यहाँ मेरी परीक्षा का सुनो यह दौर जो आया,
    मुझे अब आपकी थोड़ी, दुआओं की ज़रूरत है।

  • elatedsoul512 12h


    It becomes so stressful to make people understand that whats going on in my mind.. When I don't even understand by myself!! Ugh literally that feel!!!
    Yea I belong to that category..
    Where I find difficult adjusting in the outside world alone..!!
    Ghar me I m sher..
    And as soon as I move outside my comfort zone..
    I become complete shant!!
    Dare sehme!!
    I'm a final year medical student..
    Still I get all emotional..
    Senti ho jate..
    Jb baat ghar se kahin aur jane ki hoti!!
    I start feeling uneasy..
    Mom ka tension..
    Papa ka soch lete..
    How they gonna manage alone..
    Ghar me koi zaroorat hue unko..
    Aise utpatang khyl aate..
    Ki bs.. Samjh ni aata what next step should I take!!
    Ye tarfa ye sb hota..
    Dusra ye dar laga rhta..
    Bahar kaise log milnge..
    What if koi hmko hurt krde..
    Ya ullu bana de..
    Lapet le hmko apni baaton me..
    How m gonna adjust alone with new people outside..
    Akele mess jana...
    Shopping ko jana..
    Road cross krna...
    Travel krna..
    Ye sb soch..
    Ekdm dar se jate..
    N ghabra ke tbyt aj bhi kharb kr lete!!

    N aisa har bar hi hota..
    It's not like that..
    Ki hm manage kr ni pate outside..
    I always do that successfully..
    Last 5years se krte aare..

    These are just the feelings I'm telling which I always face.. Jab jana hota..
    Ek panic attack sa hota..
    And I lack the ability to shut the emotions down sometimes.. Finding it hard to manage..!!

    & Love...
    At this phase I miss you the most..
    I miss your presence badly..!!
    Ghar ke bahar when I step out..
    Everything around me changes..
    Even my name too..
    Ghar me I m ***goli
    Bahar aakr hi I become Tanu..

    Your lil girl still fears the outside world..
    Afraid of people outside..
    It's yours responsibility dear..
    To comfort her..
    Make her realise she gonna rock at everysteps that she take!!
    Love this is the particular phase...
    Jahn we always look for our loved ones..
    Jahn we gather all our strength from them...
    & vo hmko Hmara Confidence boost up kare!!

    Love hmko isi type ka caring life partner chahiye..
    Jo bs mre sath rahe..
    Sath de.. Hmsha!!

    I know I'm a kind of girl.. Jo apne partner ke liye sb kuch kr skti.. Can sacrifice my all..bs usko kbi pareshan ni dekh skte..!! �� hm soch ke bhi dar jate ki the person with whom I m involved.. Vo kahi life me disturb ho.. Ya pareshan!!

    Tmko pata h..
    Hm tmko tmhre ek single text se hi sb pata kr lete the about your mood.. Tmhra din kaisa gya...
    Bht si baatien aise thi..
    Jo hm soch rakhe the ki milne pe tmko bolnge..
    Tmko bataynge.. Puchnge.
    Coz hmko lagta tha ki texting pe baatien misunderstand ho jati..
    N hmko juthi ka koi conflict bina mtlb ka ni krna tha btwn us..
    Islye kai dafa toh hm bs ye sochte the..

    Milnge jb tb sb sort out ho jayega..
    I always believed ki hmlog jb milnge..
    Hmre beech sb bht easily khatm ho jayega fight N all..
    Hmko itna bharosa tha khud pe & apne pyar pe..

    But see..
    Shyd our destiny never wanted this..
    Vo hm log ko *milne wala phase* kbi aya hi ni.. .

    2 saal se we are at same place.. But kbi none of us asked each other.. Agar chahte then hmlog ka relationship bht cute turn le liya hota.. But it's like..
    Pass aakr hmlog aur dur chale gye..

    Abhi dekhna ye h.. Ki why m I always stuck here..
    Why is it you always..
    God hmlog ka exam kb tk lega..
    Agar ni rakhna sath dono ko..
    Dn hmko dur kyn ni kr dete tmse..
    N agar rakhna h sath dn milwa kyn ni dete..

    Love why m I always stuck btwn all these..!!
    Time ni milta abhi kuch jyda sochne samajhne ka related to this topic..
    Chalne dete h..
    Jaisa chal ra..
    But lemme mark it very clear to you..
    I can't see you in pain ever..
    N agar if I ever happen to see that..
    I swear..
    M gonna kill that person causing it..
    Jiski hm itni care kre.. Sambhl ke rakhe.. I won't ever let that person suffer ever..

    Mere hath me kuch ni h filhal toh..
    Wish if I could just tell you..
    How much special you are to me..!!
    I daily search for your imaging wali id..
    But kbi milti ni..
    Shyd tm life me bht ache se move on kr chuke ho...
    Koi ni..!!
    M always happy in all your happiness love!!

    I try my best not to think about you.. But aisa ho skta hai??
    First thought morning ke tm rhte
    N last bhi..

    Love my very small request.. Bs isko fullfil krna... Please..
    Don't get marry before me!!
    Coz if you do so..
    Hm bht jyda disturb ho jaynge..
    N fir hmko years lag jaynge us phase se niklne me..
    N mre puri life disturb ho jayegi..
    I fear this a lot!!

    See aise2 utpatang thoughts aate rhte ��
    But this is truly my biggest fear these days..
    Ye Wedding ke is wave me kahin tmhre pic na dikh jaye ��
    Bs isi dar se I have left all social media..
    N ab kbi ni aynge life long..
    Coz I don't want to share any common platform..

    You are not on Twitter so I use Twitter.
    You are on FB insta.. So I don't use all these now..
    You use Yourquote.. So I joined mirakee..
    You use Instagram..
    So For Timepass I watch videos on Snapchat..
    I thought to use quora..
    But saw you there with iteeeeeee Sare reach.. So I deleted my account.. & started using Curofy..
    You don't use Pinterest..
    But you know it well it's my ❤
    WhatsApp pe I have your number.. But you don't have mine �� so all sorted there also ��
    N tele pe kam online dikha kro zara.. ��
    You don't need that app.. It's for we students..
    I run away from everywhere jahn tm dikhte ��
    Idk.. See itna pyar krte aur itna jyda darte.. ��

    Tm bht buddhu ho..
    You should just come N hug me by yourself..
    Tmhre liye ye crazypan dekh khud ko hmse pyar ho jata..
    lol m so innocent ��

    Subject tm ni the ajke mre is post ke ��
    See pura flow bigar gya mre post ka ��

    Well I was talking about my insecurities..
    My anxiety..
    My lil fear..
    Etc etc..

    Insb ka bs ek hi solution hai..
    Prayer is the only link between our panic attack & mental peace..
    God ke pass bht power h..
    He can mend anything..

    ( sorry cant concentrate likhna kya chah re �� coz mind dusre direction me chala gya h.. M excited to write a new post.. Regarding my Dream date �� I have very well planned everything.. I will post that next.. Abhi person decide ni hua h.. I actually have MCQs �� n m finding it hard solving �� lol)

    Ok lemme put an end to this incomplete post of mine..

    Incomplete hua : COZ OF YOU ��
    Hm itne ache flow me ja re the..
    Achnk tm aagye mind me.

    Anyways love you a lot pagla ❤��
    N winter h bach ke rhna.
    No road trips!!
    Take care of yours..
    N family ❤

    Good morning ��

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    Every single morning I love being yours


  • nirvanabharga0 17h

    O dear Universe!

    Lend my fidgety eyes some darkness,
    they need quiet slumber to psych self up
    for tomorrow's savoir-faire.


  • iampranav1496 19h

    I can silence everyone
    to hear you.


  • nirvanabharga0 19h

    Happy reading❤

    // Dopey dong

    We need an art
    to perceive life in our sense
    beyond senses.

    We need a dark heart
    to portray the art of our life
    beyond buoyant permanence.


    #wod #pod #breathless_mind @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #mirakee #life #nirvanabharga0 #dear_universe #shewrites #truth #poetry

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  • muskaanbhatt_ 21h

    Simple one❤��
    2 second thoughts
    Posting after 9 days���� i thought I will be blocked for 14 days(2weeks)
    But just 9 days����

    My truth speaking posts really burnt a lot of people that's why jese sachwadi ko band kia jata hai wese hi sach bolne wale ko ban krte hai, who cares��

    #pod #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Chahu itna ki chahat bhi gabra jaye
    Pyaar itna ki dushman toh kya apne bhi jal jaye


  • the_adrenaline_beach 20h


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    If only the past, I've let go...
    I see you...
    Your feelings, will they not know?,
    What the heart holds...

  • anuradhasharma 39w

    Give ears to your dear and near ones ❤️❤️❤️ #writing #2liners #yqshayri #yqquotes #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqthoughts #तन्हाई

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    गर तूने सूने होते मेरे लफ्ज़ ,
    तो इन कागज़ो के कान नहीं तलाशने होते ।