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  • aayu11 10w

    And sometimes there is a numbness, you experience.
    No sadness,no bad vibes nothing,,,just a numbness coming from heart and making the environment so colourless..
    Making you restless even without a known reason..
    And then
    This moon and these starts being so soothing to you
    They're the only who become so nice to you...
    And by giving their calmness and taking away all the negativity one possess and makes one calm and soothing..and that's how sometimes nature heals you

  • aayu11 16w

    When you are in love naa
    You always suffer,no matter how good a person can be....

    Sometimes you're down for your own expectations and sometimes the circumstances made it so...

  • aayu11 16w

    My Way of love

    Don't hesitate to love someone in present.if,the way of loving is damn Identical than the way you loved someone at some point of time in your life(in the past)...it's you!!!your love
    Loving your present person in the same way you used to love you ex doesn't make you comparing from past to present not at alll!!!
    It's you,,it's the way you love someone
    People maybe come and go but the love,you show them doesn't change your way of loving..
    If his shoulder gives you hommie vibe then you always found a place of comfortable even with your present one..
    So don't let thought of comparing ruining you
    Just love the way you can love ❤️

  • aayu11 17w

    We're not afraid of loving someone again.
    We get afraid from doing the things that's makes you remember all those past stuff,
    That fear to get broken again
    Or broke someone's heart
    Coz you don't want anyone to suffer the way you suffered and that's somehow makes you feel anxious,
    Sometimes emotionally weak..
    It's happening because after all those traumas you chose to grow up,,
    It wasn't happened at a very first stage coz you wasn't known about the level of people's downgrade
    You was so pure,you think all are like you so pure,so genuine..so there is no point of doubting but as we started moving ahead we met peoples who taught us we're so wrong,,
    But it's totally fine to get over all those stuff that so rigid with you and torturing you
    And as I know myself I've so much love to give someone like one don't even think about it
    So keep moving
    Keep loving
    And don't let jerks ruin your faith from love

  • aayu11 19w

    बारिश आई
    और आकर चले भी गई
    पर इस बारिश तुम याद नहीं आए
    और तुम्हारे याद ना आने की वजह से मैंने तुम्हे याद कर लिया

  • aayu11 19w

    Sometimes it's okay to feel weird
    Rather than feeling broken

  • aayu11 20w

    वो भी एक ज़माना था जब तुम्हारे अलावा कुछ अच्छा नही लगता था
    ये भी एक दौर है जब सब अच्छा लगता है सिवाय तेरे

  • aayu11 23w

    And by seeing niggas out there
    I came to know that cheating is so much easy like almost everyone can do this

    But being loyal requires so much of efforts and that only come from pure heartened not everyone get this,,
    It's damn easy to manipulate one,to betray one untill you came to know what actually a trust takes to built..
    Being loyal itself is an achievement
    Don't let fake peeps take this gem of yours.
    Though they don't even give a fuck bout it rn but trust me eventually they gonna craves for you badly for this and then, they can't even make it...

  • aayu11 27w

    So because I love Hard
    And after you,,I was always afraid to love anyone and which is anonymously making me stuck at the same past regrets
    But from this very time I chose to break all the barriers
    Which restraining me.
    And I choose to follow my heart, making me move ahead and give my pure love to the who actually deserves ofcourse with all my heart❤️
    You know after you I met bundle of peeps but I don't want to play a victim card just to have a shoulder of them,,
    Instead I chose to heal myself in my own way by having "me" time....
    So because I love so hard
    I'm gonna loving someone

  • aayu11 32w

    A boy can be a man!!!
    but be the reason for someone believes in gentleman

  • nivirraman 60w

    Just in between

    Being frank is diplomatic....let it be! Forced things doesn't last longer. Its better to leave things on its own. What is meant to be will be...
    Like? Stay. Dislike? Free to walkout. In between? Just be cool and silently watch the show.... ;)


  • stupid_shayar 75w

    She tagged me in a pictures of her wedding on
    Facebook and Instagram. She captioned it :
    "You're a good photographer"

  • _samihanpargal09 78w


    The chirping of birds,
    The layers of rising sun,
    Engender me into deep fun

    The waving of plants towards me,
    Compel me to forget all my gloomy

    The conversation between me and myself,
    Urge me to get rid of my bed

    The imagination of mine,
    Goes to a place without fine

    This is what I called the Morning Time,
    Without the disturbance of any kind...


  • ethernity 79w


    From decisions that I'm mistaken,
    Turned out that you're not the chosen.
    Promised me that we'll never be broken,
    That you'll make my world enlighten,
    By making my mood to be brighten,
    But you left me all of a sudden,
    And confess to another women.
    Now I believe that promises are really meant to be broken.


  • malay_28 81w



    अबोध अशक्त अन्जान
    वो दुनियाँ में आता है
    कहाँ है क्या है किसका है
    वो ख़ुद जान नहीं पाता है

    कुछ कुछ बोलता है
    खड़ा होकर डोलता है
    कभी मुस्कुरा देता है
    कभी रो लेता है

    घुटनों पर भागता है
    पीछे मुड़कर देखता है
    किलकारियों से घर गूँजता है
    सृजन मुस्काता है

    आनाकानी करता स्कूल जाने में
    खेलता कूदता शरारत करता है
    मैया की डांट खाकर रो लेने में
    मज़ा आता फ़िर उछलता है

    आवाज़ बदलने लगती है
    भावनाएँ पनपने लगती है
    एकांत चाहने लगा है अब
    चुप चुप रहने लगा है अब

    कॉलेज की मस्ती है छाई
    किससे नज़र कब मिलाई
    दोस्तों में अब खोने लगा है
    स्वभाव उग्र होने लगता है

    एक आशियाना बनता है
    घर परिवार सब हँसता है
    पैसों को बचा बचा रखता है
    भविष्य की सोचते रहता है

    बालों में चांदी नज़र आती है
    चाँद भी नज़र आने लगता है
    सेवा निवृत्त हो थक सा जाता है
    उम्र का असर दिखने लगता है

    कम दिखाई देता है
    भूलने अब वो लगता है
    बिना दांत के हँसता हुआ लगता है
    कम ही चल फिर पाता है

    बिल्कुल बच्चों सा हो जाता है
    कुछ याद नहीं रहता है
    अब ख़ुद से ही बड़बड़ाता रहता है
    ज़िन्दगी से जैसे कुछ बतियाता है

    सब घेर के बैठे हैं
    वो किसी को नहीं पहचानता है
    साँसें अब बगावत करने लगती है
    और....दम निकल जाता है

    जीवन एक अंतहीन सफ़र है
    मुसाफ़िर आता जाता रहता है
    सुख दुख के किनारों से मलय
    भला कौन यहाँ बच पाता है.


  • goldenwrites_jakir 81w

    जीवन जी कर मरने की एक पहेली है
    क्या लाए थे साथ --- क्या लेजाना जरुरी है ..

    #abhivyakti #abhivyakti#09 @soonam @bal_ram_pandey @prashantgazal @malay_28 @jiya_khan

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    जीवन .....

    जीवन माँ की कोख से सुरु होकर - अग्नि की लपटों में खो जाता है ...
    जीवन रंगों की तरह बदलता एक आसमां है ,
    जिसमे जीने की उड़ान से लेकर टूटते तारे बदलते मौशम
    चाँद का छुपना फिर रोशन होना --- जलता हुआ सूरज शाम की लाली में सुकूं के लम्हों में बदल जाना जीवन का एक खूबसूरत एहसास है ...
    ज़ब अपने अनजाने और अनजाने ज़ब अपने बनते है उन लम्हों में जीना जीवन की एक पहेली है ..
    जीवन जितना खूबसूरत होता है उस्से कही ज्यादा भयानक महसूस भी होता है ,,,,
    जीवन में हर लम्हा एक आरजू एक ख्वाव बनकर परिंदो की तरह उड़ने लगती है ,,,,
    जीवन बहती धारा की तरह चंचल है --- अँधेरी रात में जुगनू बनकर रोशन जिंदगी में होता रहता है ,,
    महसूस करो गर जीवन इसमें हजार उम्मीदों के चिराग चलते हुए नजर आते है ----
    कहीं मोहब्बत कही छूना आसमां तो कही खुदको जीत ना जिंदगी है ....
    जीवन कोरे कागज़ की तरह -- एक अधूरा अफसाना है
    जहां खुशियाँ ही खुशियाँ हो -- वो चमन फूलों का ये ख्वाव कही अधूरा कही पूरा है जीवन एक रंग मंच की तरह है एक कहानी बनकर ज़िंदगियों से बाबस्ता होता एक हवा का झोका है कब कहा करबट ले ले जिंदगी जीवन वो एक अनमोल तोहफा है .... ।।


  • stupid_shayar 87w

    One liner special #09


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    तुमसे भी खूबसूरत है कोई, जा के आईना देखो


  • aayu11 106w

    Gaalo pe hath rakhe
    Meri baaton ko sunna

    Teri hairaan ankho par aana mujheko pyaaarrrrrrr

  • whisk_thoughts 110w

    Love hurts

    Thought we had found each other again
    but turns out we're drifting away
    Thought we will always be there for each other
    But just a simple hindrance will lead us to anger

    Is your Love fading?
    Is your Love falling out?
    Is your Love giving up?
    You said maybe we are not really for each other
    Thoughts running round back and forth
    Unfathomable until it hurts

  • aayu11 119w

    Tu tha.

    सिर्फ तेरा इक नाम देख कर
    जिन्हे पढ़ने लगते थे हम

    आज वही नाम देख कर
    सारी किताबें ही अनदेखी करने लगे है