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  • exertion_love 4d

    A farmer still protesting


    Now it's enough, I've gone through a lot,
    Now kindly tell me if you need me not,
    In your hard time my grains were always with you,
    And when it's time for my rights, my protest became a riot?
    In the country where every good is sold in maximum price,
    The minimum isn't even guaranteed for my grains, now that's suffice!
    My grains made you stand just give a thought,
    And for my rights always alone I fought.
    Can your minister run the country if I took a leave?
    Am I that useless that no one is there for me at the time I grieve?
    Oh dears! if I lost today, in future you'll realise,
    The consequence of being too late to arise.
    - RS Bhangu

  • exertion_love 2w

    My wish

    Bless me with the friends who come when I call,
    The land that's fertile for my crops to grow tall,
    Reliable equipment that doesn't break down,
    Weather that's perfect sunup to sundown,
    A bountiful harvest I won't regret,
    Rights I want to protect my asset,
    For I am a farmer for that you can bet.
    - Farmer

  • exertion_love 11w

    My Heart's appeal.

    Hey flesh and blood! It's my solitary desire,
    Take care it's not a greed neither ice nor fire.

    Go mutter“Allah" at the temple full of virtue,
    And you'll be blessed focusing on the lord's power not on statue.
    You'll get a bliss take care not an empire
    It's not a greed neither ice nor fire.

    No harm to speak“Ram"at gurudwara equally pure,
    Who's “Baani" will teach you about life that I firmly assure..
    It's “saroovar" will make you valuable more than pieces of sapphire,
    Take care it's not a greed neither ice nor fire.

    Go light up candles at the masjid at a few miles,
    Where prophet's lessons will teach you to distribute smiles.
    It will kill evils inside you & positivity you'll acquire,
    Take care its not a greed neither ice nor fire...

    Hey stay away from the one at name of religion who makes one collide, (politicians)
    And learn to entertain needy ones in whom God reside..
    From all religions learn about life and learn to aspire...
    Take care it's not a greed neither ice nor fire.
    -RS Bhangu

  • exertion_love 11w

    Here are my musings as bitter as true,
    For the country you fought is affected by political flue.
    Where intoxication of greed and power set humanity on fire,
    And grief and sorrow are left as residue.
    The Democracy you framed is being eaten up by Poisnous leaders,
    Where JAWAN is called crook and on roads suffers the NATION FEEDERS.
    Where the sold media Manuplates PEOPLE'S ISSUES into RELIGIOUS DISPUTE,
    And your desirable wish “SECULARISM" Is what they POLUTE.
    The government you never wished is pushing equality & fraternity into HELL,
    Where power is resting with that minister who doesn't know how some words SPELL!!
    OH dear mates, it's the time to ARISE,
    And stand against dictatorship for sake of freedom fighter's SACRIFICE.
    At least we can pray for the one who's doing so, (farmers)
    Coz his victory will clarify the leaders that citizen rights are important than their ego.
    -RS bhangu

  • exertion_love 14w

    Question to democracy.

    To democracy framers, arises a question of spirits,
    For severe torture on people aren't there any limits??
    Where is that government FOR THE PEOPLE? Salutary acting whose leaders know,
    Who's acts clarify greed in them and selfishness overflow.
    Where is the government OF THE PEOPLE?
    Which is Keeping ego over the innocent lives,
    When it's 40th day of farmers suffering and it's egoistic bees aren't out of their hives.
    Is it the LOK SARKAR ? brutal treatment on LOK who never resist,
    And then they rise complaint that common man is turning into terrorist!
    Can't anyone ask for their rights without getting harm???
    Can't anyone's issues heard without inviting a state of alarm??
    Hey Almighty! Country's farmers are dying on roads and still there isn't any shame,
    Kindly fix out the senses of the ones who just run for their name and fame...
    -RS bhangu

  • exertion_love 14w

    There he goes, to reveal the history,
    Which enlightens the fact that he won't return
    Without victory,
    Leading the war, participation which needs,
    But he's fighting alone, a task of salutary.
    He's bearing with noor, chardikalah he defined
    He justified his rights but still hears that
    “This can be amended, that can be refined".
    Nation feeder is on roads, a matter of great shame,
    Nd still dictators are running just for their name and fame,
    Who can't even answer a question of senses,
    What good this law will do when farmers have tons of offences.
    Elderly are dying in cold, others are restless,
    But politics isn't escaped, what else is more heartless??
    Hey food consumers just give a thought,
    That he produces what you eat but
    For his right , always alone he fought.
    No need to be on roads, small prayers are suffice,
    For sake of what you eat, either wheat or rice.
    -RS bhangu

  • exertion_love 15w

    Born for land

    Hey Lord, the time displayed is really hard
    When nation's asset is displeased of centre's disregard,
    Who's suffering on roads unknown till when
    For sake of his rights which were promised to safeguard.
    He's far from his home, far from his land
    For sake of his Possesions which each of us should understand,
    He's going organised, history is being written,
    That he's ox of the field but knows more than crumbs and pieces of sand.
    His protest, a major complication for egocentric leaders
    Made the word know the spirit of nation feeders,
    Who grasped the fact that someelse has designed,
    The laws so called good, coz of which
    Responsible officials resigned.
    Wind is chilly, whether is cold but
    He's working with noor which GODI media
    Keeps untold.
    Policemen is there for langar, slums are also fed
    And he's still tagged“TERRORIST"who's found slept without bed.
    Oh immortal! still now many food consumers are quiet for reason unknown
    Which allow egoistic one's to scheme against him.
    Let's get concious and support otherwise,
    In next decade he wouldn't be the only victim.
    -RS Bhangu