Life is All About Him and His Love of my life for this Life

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  • everything_uh 2w

    Mystery of Life

    Smiling in the adversity, going through pain and hatredness for reason that is unknown for time and again.
    He says Just hang in there and everything will be alright, it's a matter of time.
    I really wonder sometimes, love is a matter of time or for a Lifetime.
    I'm a true believer in my love ❤️and faith which keeps smiling back at me, mystic

  • everything_uh 3w

    Between you and I

    Its our love which speaks more than words
    Exploring life through different bodies
    Is your all time adventure
    Enjoy is what I tell him, as he is the my only option
    Come home when you are done lying enough
    As keeps are always kept out of our family temple
    They are easily and always available for whoever shells enough

  • everything_uh 3w

    #it'susforthislife #it'smyhope #lovefornotjusthanginthere

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    Words are all I have

    Words and only words are all I have for this life for mine and only mine
    "HOPE, FAITH, PRAYERS", for Love of my life

  • everything_uh 4w

    Invisible strings

    Once I was dead, he holded me tightly with one hand
    And brought me to life...
    Now I want to live in that tight hold of one hand
    But, ready to take my life.... Strange

  • everything_uh 4w


    With a tired soul, broken heart, i packed the reins of my life in a bottle of glass and set on a journey of life. As i walked past the desert I looked up the bright sky and whispered to sun ‘Spare me’! Lord heard my prayer! At the far reach of my eyes was a lush green garden inviting me to enjoy the serenity in the middle of the desert. As I slowly walked towards the garden I was greeted by the humming birds singing to tunes of love, breeze carrying the scents of flowers and welcoming me to a heaven on desert. As I set my foot in the garden I murmured this is heaven. Nature showed its best artistic skills and painted my life with the colours of rainbow in a desert. I made this garden my home, a home I always dreamt of and painted its walls with blooming flowers. A thank you prayer to the almighty for bringing me to this heaven was my

  • everything_uh 4w

    Love is silent

    He said I'm yours and always will be, "Forever'" but, love is silent..

    They say communication is the only key in any relationship but, love is silent and it's the gesture which understands the love of togetherness.

    Holding one hand by saying,"I do" means a lot for me and I found my world in him when he also said, "I do" as love is silent and it's in a way of just being with eachother and forever.

  • everything_uh 4w

    Commitment for this life

    Man of his so called word, makes you feel beautiful each day for almost 7 long yrs until one day you come to know that it was not love but something with an agenda and I really think now was it a Love at all along or it was plan just for the lust of life.

    A womanizer, I know he already in search of new flesh and urges for an open relationship, what a shame. But, I had choosen him so no complaints. I just pray that no women should fall to become his prey, god help her.