A tiny tot with not so tiny dreams

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  • eva_17 25w


    And in the end
    The mountain kisses the sky
    And the sea meets the shore....

    But as always,
    The sea secretly wished
    The sky to be the shore
    And the horizon of love
    To be Real

  • eva_17 32w

    You sometimes cannot control the tears
    They just roll automatically
    #sad #mirakee

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    Everyone thought she was happy
    But her pillows only knew
    The number of pearls it received
    Every single night

  • eva_17 37w

    Over the years I have learnt that

    'The less, the better'



  • eva_17 38w

    You looked into my eyes
    And my world dropped down dead
    I fell head over heels
    For those rich oceans of your eyes
    To escape from your casted spell
    I closed my eyes
    And the curtains of passion fell
    Vieiling me in your affection

  • eva_17 46w

    She was so done with everything she was going through. She looked fine but there was a chaos raging inside her. #tired#rage#fear#anxiety#mirakee

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    Every night she ends up being tired....
    Fighting with her own self
    Fighting with her own emotions
    She wants liberty
    A bird of golden cage,
    Wants to be a free spirit

  • eva_17 47w

    When the oblivion is calling out your name embrace it.....#oblivion#void#life#mirakee#mirakeeworld

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    All that she had done passed away in vain
    She was shouting out in the void.
    No one to listen to
    Her cries, her agony,
    The fury of this hellish land
    The cosmos was calling her out
    She crossed the oblivion and
    The curtains of life fell...

  • eva_17 50w

    We are near yet miles apart
    #u#i#us #love

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    Isn't it ironic that while writing this I see
    U and I together in my keyboard;
    Yet when I look up towards you,
    I can see an uncrossable river that has been
    Dug with our indifferent hearts for each other;
    Yet when I look up towards you,
    I find a distance longer than life and death

  • eva_17 51w

    Honestly feels so weird

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    Weird little feeling

    I wanna laugh, I even wanna cry,
    I am a total chaos,
    Without any strain of joy.

    It feels blue all day,
    Dry,barren,dull and all other shades of
    The colours blue and grey
    That fill my little life
    Making it a bit more tedious all day.

    I don't wanna meet some people
    But I long to see them
    Just that fussy little feeling
    Hovering around me all day
    Something's gonna happen
    Someone's gonna come
    A weird little thought that
    Yes yes only you and I can understand

  • eva_17 52w

    Life is short and transient ... Try livin' it to the fullest... #life #short #losingsomeone#mirakee

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    We are the creatures of this transient world
    Now we live the next moment we may not
    Feelings are just mere visitors
    Let them come and pass by
    Let's not think of our lives,
    Rather Glance at our souls
    From the caged transient mortal
    Let's become
    A Free eternal spirit

  • eva_17 53w

    Drained of all Emotions
    She wanted to cry but she couldn't
    She wanted to sleep till eternity
    She didn't want to wake up
    Until the chaos was over
    Until she was older
    Until she was wiser