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  • eunoia_nous 53w


    Jika Hati sudah berkehendak
    Tiada daya manusia menolak

    Jika Allah sudah berkehendak
    Tiada hal yang mustahil

    Jika Takdir sudah tersirat
    Kupinang kamu dengan Basmalah

  • eunoia_nous 54w


    i was so naive and hoped for a miracle
    that someday somehow eventually
    we are meant for each other

    but every time i see you,
    i die a little more
    'coz i know and felt
    I meant nothing to You

  • eunoia_nous 55w


    Try to sleep,,
    think 'bout You
    Your name whispereds

    Fall asleep
    dreams 'bout You
    all night long

    Wake up,,
    first thing is remembering you
    Can't wait to see You