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  • eunoia__ 17h

    And yess that's not a shit :)

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    Cry loudly

    With a silence

    In a lonely room

    When I got myself

    As a


    The crowd of my


  • eunoia__ 21h

    Skip , this is for my randomness whatever (^^)

    Something last >.<

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    Glimpse of hate
    Was like the crescent moon with twinkling stars
    Lavender smell
    Listening a beautiful love song
    Wine taste
    Zephyr touch

    ~five senses of love when they were together


  • eunoia__ 1w

    She wanted to be loved
    She wanted to live the life

    A fear, the line between these two

    She was breathing there


  • eunoia__ 3w

    Kuch bhi ��

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    He is an introvert, she sighed

    Listen him, he talks too much through us
    His poems replied


  • eunoia__ 3w

    Crap ��

    Today I was sitting
    Under a banyan
    In my garden
    And making a garland
    Of flowers
    I saw that
    Soft green leaves
    Are starting to
    Come on the vines
    Pink,white flowers
    Have started blooming
    Then a gust of wind came
    I saw some leaves
    And flowers
    Broke down
    And lying on the grass
    Just like us

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    We were like seasons
    Our story started like spring
    And ended like autumn


  • eunoia__ 3w

    Seriously ♡ idk what's this

    @aarti_singh you ❤️ pending from a long period... Thank you for everything ❤️

    Love reflects beauty
    Love sees itself in another

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    A star met another

    While running away from his own galaxy

    To reach a new galaxy

    To find his chorus

    Strangers became friends

    Fell for each other

    In a garden

    Bloom together

    Scent spreads all around

    The wind carries the fragrance

    Into the sea

    Into the sky

    Now one is the sky

    Other is the sea

    The sky sees its beauty in the sea

    The sea sees the sky in itself


  • eunoia__ 4w

    What's this ��

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    Pain touches my heart
    in the same way
    as water in the rain
    touches your feet

    the cracks
    of your shoes


  • eunoia__ 5w

    Senseless ��

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    When the gust of wind touched me
    I realized that I'm not the only one
    who is dying from the inside


  • eunoia__ 6w

    Happiest b'day Janhavi ❤️ @_still_in_mess
    Lots of love and blessings ❤️

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    If darkness
    grips you
    blossom like


  • eunoia__ 6w

    • The cloud is a poet
    And rain is his poetry •

    Idk what's this ��

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    After heartbreak
    White cotton balls
    Black and grey
    And when they
    Shed their
    in tears
    We call it 'RAIN'