A soul who is trying to come out of comfort zone......

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  • ethereal_soul 10w

    New flowers
    attract new
    with melody


  • ethereal_soul 11w

    Night colours

    I am painting my nights with the happy lies,
    Oh is it something to hide?
    See all the stars are hidden
    And a moon of myth.
    Mendacity lingers like mist,
    dreams fallen down wane and twist.
    Many thoughts strike my mind,
    But that one was one of a kind.
    It says to stay back till the end,
    and let the night colours blend.

  • ethereal_soul 13w


    Negative days , Negative nights
    Something just don't feel right
    See the pieces of adobe,
    How atrabilious dawn will be more?

    The impuissant mind of mine,
    don't wanna do anything fine.
    Just wanna repine,
    from the star crossed life.

    Just run away to isle,
    where the mist covers day,
    and the night sky comes
    where the stars don't coruscate.

    Every night flies ,
    days end with gloomy sighs,
    Then eld comes and
    people bid farewell.

  • ethereal_soul 16w


    Many days have gone,
    I don't know when the sun will rise.
    The particularity in me,
    Will it ever shine?
    I don't even know it exist,
    My mind is vague all the time.

    When will I find what I like?
    When everyone is on another sky,
    How am I supposed to shine?
    It doesn't seems things will improve,
    Surely not in upcoming time.

    Thousands of advices I received
    But seems I am deceived;
    By my mind,
    Which is holding me back.

    In the world of my imaginatiton,
    my heart will only survive.
    The ladder which I want,
    will it come to me for a while?
    Seems like nothing is gonna change,
    I will always remain the same.

  • ethereal_soul 16w

    Let's find the happiness together,
    By making the best out of you.

  • ethereal_soul 18w

    Decaying memories

    All things will decay, some in decades and some in seconds.The things which will left are moments in traces of memory.

  • ethereal_soul 22w

    Our place

    Let's go and catch a cloud,
    Catch a cloud with a can,
    Let's leave the crown of glam,
    Let's go to a place,
    A place with no storm to withstand.

    A place where I can be me,
    And me comes after us ,
    Somewhere in the sky,
    A cloud of different shades,
    Let's pick the colour you want,
    and make it our place.

    Will you come with me,
    To a place which is lost,
    That place will be ours ,
    We will be the rulers,
    And beggers will be us,
    The love which have,
    Will make it paradise.

  • ethereal_soul 23w

    Vivid petals

    I borrowed a handful of sky from my last lover and some vivid petals,
    All those flew away with ebullient rivers,
    Standing on the foreshore with some entangled thoughts,
    I wondered where they must be now,
    Somewhere in my memories, they must be alive,
    Somewhere in my brain they must be lingering,
    With a thought of rejuvination and peace.

  • ethereal_soul 23w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Breathe

    Read More

    Difficult problem can be solved by long breathes.

  • ethereal_soul 26w

    Mirror giving smiles!

    I saw her smiling through the mirror,
    the smile with the shine of sun,
    adorned with elegance of moon,
    many things were going in her head,
    the glittering eyes were saying that all.

    I saw her smiling through mirrors,
    Mirror was shining like crystal,
    Covered in white silk,
    Her hair were gauzy,yet have the glow,
    as if something arrived from mirrors,
    and one day it will go.