// Morsels of our love keeps me alive..♡

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  • eternals 15w

    You have been holding my breath in your palms
    While comfort my fucked up soul within your prism of care with every ounce of love being dripped, poured right through me and cared me away and made me the protagonist which I never was actually.

    I hope you know and I know that you know but I don't know if you know that what I know
    That I irretrievably love you my lil one and I am going to till my last breath.

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    Your presence gives value to mine..

  • eternals 15w

    Feeling draped with relics
    Of our kinds which keep
    Us tucked and in place
    While our sanity remains in calm.

    Can't live without it
    And can't live without you because
    You are the reason and
    You are the will that keeps me on going.

    How come have you lifted me up
    Cradled in love
    In your love i dipped and just got lost in it.

    At every stage of my life
    I would get lost in you
    As it doesn't need any destiny
    But my soul does know
    With whom to be with until death doesn't knock
    On my door
    And maybe even after if we make a deal with the devil.

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    You gazed and that's when you took my heart

  • eternals 16w

    The idea of death doesn't hurt much at times and well not for but for some it's not the death which is the culprit,
    It's the fear of approaching near it and not able to do anything to stop it but slowly let it take you..
    The process can be painful, hurtful, or whatever metaphors you know or some big ass words because I don't know shit and again I don't care...

    This post doesn't make any sense
    But so does this place..
    And some lives..

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  • eternals 16w

    With every breath I take
    Your name always gets whispered within it's tale..
    I wrote your name on a piece of confetti
    And kept it with me..
    It's safe, it's sound and it's there with me..

    I prefer to dwell in your hues
    At every single instance of my life..

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    Wrap me in your metaphors
    While we submerge into it's meanings.
    We got our whole lives
    Didn't we..

  • eternals 17w

    Fly me to the moon
    Take me to the stars
    Just take me away
    But only with you...

    You know you can do that
    Because you have since the start
    And already swept me away into your realm
    Of fascinating relics, heart touching yet eyes watering
    Shadow of depth where at different places
    At different times we bloomed our love
    With utmost care, sharply inhale of vine
    Being sipped down by us while we love
    And live in our world, which is just made for us..

    Fight, fight, fight
    Ahh this unusual monologue
    Idk how it hits us and creates a rift
    But I know you ain't fond of it
    And well nor am I.
    It takes me far away from you
    While already rips holes in my heart and that stinks, kills
    Every ounce of living count that is within me..

    Just take my hand
    And follow my lead
    As I have been lost without you..
    I'm tired of losing my home which keeps me sane,
    Keeps me alive, keeps me as a person
    Otherwise it's nothing
    But a dead mugshot carved with bullet strains
    Right through his body and tainted deep within his soul..

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    Cradles in your touch
    I feel alive..

  • eternals 18w

    The thought of not being you
    Already digs a hole within my heart
    So deep that graves living within my
    Sinned soul gash with cries.

    Calling myself an sane person would
    Be a mistake because of my actions
    That caused rifts between us at times
    Due to my habits which never got the best of me
    But only degraded me into a person
    Whom neither you approved nor did I wanted.

    The candle is burning with time
    Its wax shreds me into pieces
    It's not the pain which is my concern
    It's the pain which I cause you at times
    Kills me from within while leaving
    A bloody trail of my useless unnecessary fights.

    It's not the death which scares me
    It's not being with you while hurting you at times
    Annihilates me.
    Otherwise you know this confetti
    That I am already dead if every ounce of you isn't
    Vowed within me..

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    Just stay in my arms
    As they keep me alive..


  • eternals 19w

    Feeling the comfort within your breath
    As I soothe my sinned soul underneath its care
    Salvages my dead soul and gives a new meaning to it.
    That meaning is you.

    Reason to breathe yet live in every essence of life
    Turned away within its freckled points
    Camouflages the thought of not being near you
    Cripples the soul to its core.

    But then when you are around
    With the shine in your eyes
    Grace in your smile
    Care within your presence
    And love in your touch
    It rewrites the ashes of my carcass into something alive
    Which I never felt in all these years.

    If life has any sense
    It's with you, my world..
    Otherwise it's just nothing
    But a mere time ticking clock which never stops
    And when it does, we won't be here by then..

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    Tucked you in
    And just got lost into you.


  • eternals 19w

    Far away you might be there my love
    But the distance is just a mere trail
    Of accumulated twists and turns
    Which would lead me to you...

    It won't affect much because every single
    Second of my breath synchronizes within yours
    As we dive deep into the realm of our own
    Little world which is the best and better than this mere reality....
    I can dwell all day long into your little
    Tiny madness of pure alluring bliss
    And would chose to stay there
    Rather than this mere world of nothingness..

    Your touch is my blessing
    Your gaze is my bliss
    Your smile is my sapphire
    While your existence is my reason to live
    Otherwise my love, this world has nothing to offer much
    Nor to bargain anything..

    You already live within me
    As our stars collide,
    Our souls intertwined
    Our mind palace being carried away
    To our own little worlds..

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    It's you
    It's me
    It's US..


  • eternals 19w

    Feels like a jist of knowingness making it's way felt
    Right underneath our skin
    As we hold onto each other..
    Going circles as we head
    Towards unknown destinations
    Being packed with each other comfort
    Shimmers with elegance
    You take the lead with holding my hand
    Keeping my tucked into your breath
    As I whisper your name
    Breathe wholeheartedly within your touch
    Keep you wrapped into my prayers
    While just gaze and fell in your alluring smile.

    Take me away and I know you want that too.
    Let's fade away within centuries of time to pass by
    With you as my grace, my saviour, my lifeline
    My everything...

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    Your gaze tucked me in
    As I submerged within your bliss..