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  • esperrto 5w

    Any and Every Thing


    If, I ever told you, you don't need to tell me nothing.

    Still doesn't mean, you can't tell me anything.

  • esperrto 7w

    Spring's Song


    Frozen lands begin to thaw
    Cascades of water to draw

    Green sprouts follow the Sun
    Hints of harvest time be won

    Birds match the new coming life
    Singing as songs a warbler fife

    All thoughts of life gone wrong
    Fade with warmth of the year's
    Spring's Song

  • esperrto 9w

    Flip Flop


    Nations are designated...1st, 2nd and third world. For the rule to be honest, 3rd world countries should be designated 1st world, and 1st world countries should be designated 3rd world.

  • esperrto 9w

    Still the Same


    I felt like a fool
    So, I applied myself
    I still felt like a fool

  • esperrto 11w



    Storytelling is an ancient form of communication, that existed before the written word.

    Yet still, I've always wondered why so many animals are hit by cars. I thought, maybe its the signs humans put up along the roads. All the deer gather in the road to look at a picture of themselves.

    I would imagine if, they put a sign there of a man working on a computer, one wouldn't find a deer within twenty miles.

    So now, we've saved all the deer without really knowing the definition of the word 'story'. I wonder if this writing follows close the dictionary definition of 'storytelling'.

  • esperrto 14w



    Why does it seem like ten percent of the people are responsible for ninety percent of the corruption?

  • esperrto 14w

    At the Top

    Sailors ride the crests of waves
    That is an ocean
    At the top of a fluid churning place
    Heaven on Earth

  • esperrto 14w



    Self remorse is good, yet remorse for the victims is devine.

  • esperrto 15w

    Do You...


    Don't blame your victims for your crime

  • esperrto 16w



    She walks the halls at night
    No cause alarm or fright
    Draped in pots and pans trite
    In the shadows dimest light

    Like aromor from the gun
    Another day is won
    Metal shroud feels a ton
    Protection from the son

    What is her purpose then
    Poor saint of the brown wren
    To live and let live, when
    Mesh forever to blend