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  • ersheeen 9w


    Hey i am a season and i want to write my autobiography. But i don't have hands so i can't hold pen. So I'm giving this responsibility to one of my fan (erie).
    Sorry i can't tell my name beacause i am writing this as whole. If you get any hint about my name you can tell it below. These days i an working on monsoon and as you know this is the most boring and tired season. I too don't like it much. But i can't do anything against it. If i will do anything i will get punishment right. This is my present situation.
    Do you know how old i am? You can't right. I am much older than your imagination even. That's why i too don't know. But have heard that i am as old as our earth.
    I am divided into 6 parts: summer, monsoon.........spring. i like summer and spring the most. My birthday is on monsoon so i don't like it even a bit. I like my birthday but not this season. I think it's too much about me so now one of my friend wants to talk to you. Guess his name.....
    "Wearing glasses i am drinking juice. You love me the most. You go to the beach. I tan your body guess who can i buddy?
    Now it's time to write an acrostic.
    I:- inking the whole universe.
    L:- letting my body to get its soul.
    O:- on the way.
    V:- very much excited.
    E:- energy in every bit.
    S:- showing the love.
    E:- extracting it whole.
    A:- a beautiful story.
    S:- spreading all over sometimes.
    O:- odd sometimes even.
    N:- nothing to worry.
    S:- species too exist.

  • ersheeen 10w

    I love you under our star's
    twilighting night.
    I love you like star's love sky.
    I love you even after not giving,
    a rose my sweety.

    I won't forget your coffee any morning,
    thats why i want to be with you whole life.
    I won't forget your lullabies on,
    the name of love poems.
    I won't forget your fragrance swinging
    on the air.

    I love you even your black circle eyes.
    I love you because of your hard working habit,
    not for your face beauty.
    I love your pink lavender painting.
    Can you teach me?
    I love your straight hairs,
    but i think waves will suit you more.
    I love your that sea shore pic.
    Can you send me once more.
    I promise i will not delete.
    I love you.....

    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #love #pod

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    I love you my pink lavender artist.

  • ersheeen 10w

    You left me like that last drop of whiskey,
    left in the bottle.
    Your dizziness made you crazy.
    You left me like that full stop who,
    stops but still have wants to express more.
    Your ego was everything for you.
    You left me like that poetry,
    which is so meaningful still unread.
    You left me like that rainbow,
    who is usually been forgeted after rain.
    Your show off made you shameless.
    You left my care, my memories, my love and all my dear sweetheart.

    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #left #pod

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    I know you loved me as whole.
    But when you left me,
    you made me super alone.
    I know your love for me was,
    the purest form of all.
    But when you left....
    You forget all.

  • ersheeen 10w

    Actually i don't know what is my favourite colour.
    Can i say that i love the colour of your blushing cheeks.
    Can i say that i love the colour of our first painting.
    Can i say it that i love the colour of our sky.

    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #color #pod

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    I wish i could paint the
    whole world with your
    favourite colour.

  • ersheeen 10w

    Tell me about yourself.
    Tell me about your success.
    Tell me about your failure.
    Tell me.......
    I promise i will not judge you.

    Tell me about your choices.
    Tell about your hates.
    I'll keep my words,
    I'll not never disrespect you.

    Tell me about your days.
    Tell me about your pains.
    I wise i could help you.

    Tell me about your dreams.
    Tell me about your love.
    I'm sure i will uplift you.

    Tell me about your sorrows.
    Tell me about your happiness.
    I'm always with you.

    Tell me about your promises.
    Tell me about your reasons.
    Tell me everything you hide.
    Believe me i will not break your trust.
    Believe me and tell me.....

    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #tell #pod

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    Tell me about yourself.

  • ersheeen 10w


    Please come if you're interested in creative field. Otherwise no need of saying hii.

  • ersheeen 10w

    I went to the azure,
    to tie my unsaid words.
    Obstacles grew like weeds in field.
    That old dish decked on wall.
    All my wrinkle knew the truth,
    of all.

    Visioned the ticking ivories.
    I took the cloud.
    Made seven seas,
    my volcano bursted.
    My lava got its orgin.


    Azure:- adventure,
    Tie:- lock,
    Unsaid words:- secrets,
    Weeds in field :- large in number,
    Dish:- a plate filled with all the tasty food dishes,
    Wrinkle:- experience,
    Tickle the invories:- playing keyboard or piano keys,
    Cloud:- blanket,
    Seven seas:- tears sea; saline water,
    Volcano:- anger; flow of emotions,
    Lava:- frustated.

    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #synecdoche #pod

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  • ersheeen 10w

    You know you're in love....
    Then why you're lying to your ownself.
    It would never bring any happiness ever.
    When you're on the dark.
    You knew it still,
    Why are u making this mistake.

    I know you would be thinking up that,
    Who am i? To say?
    I'm a good wisher of yours.
    Pretending like you don't know anything,
    Would never let you go anywhere.
    It will bring you on the same point of life,
    And torture you until you start hating your life.

    You know every page of your diary,
    Is talking about your love.
    Then why are you lying?

    @ersheeen @writersbay @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #pod #start1c

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    She knows everything still,
    She makes mistakes.
    She knew that she is hurting,
    Still she repeats her mistakes.

  • ersheeen 11w

    I felt like flying in the sky, my heart was blooming, a small arc in my face is a semi circle now. For the first time someone tagged writersnetwork in my post.

    @ersheeen @writersbay @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #bloomc #pod

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    And that comment was "Beautifully ornamented lines. Brilliant creativity and mind-blowing elements poured loved it. These lines literally took my heart.

  • ersheeen 11w

    Time is so precious right, but before few years ago i didn't knew it. I was like "chill babe i will do it latter" and now I'm really changed i feel like if I'll not do it now it'll slip over my hand. Can anyone guess how this got changed in me? So, listen. One day i was going to do my work and all of sudden i thought it can wait so I'll do it latter.
    But, however after having a heavy dinner i felt unable to do so. I went to bed and put a alarm at 5am, but as it was nobody can break my sleep. I wake up at 7am and there was no more time for me. So, i got ready to go. Then after assembly, first period started. I was so worried and my teacher came she saw me shouted a lot and slapped me. And aftee that day i never delayed in doing my work. I still remember that slap and her shouting OMG...That was a beautiful lesson in my life, i got to know about fleeting nature of time.

    @ersheeen @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #time #pod

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    You slipped over my hand, i ran behind you.