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  • ericajean 3d

    Why are we melancholy?

    ~Shadows of time chase us down 6 feet under~

  • ericajean 4d

    #pastoralpoem #wod

    Just beyond my patio
    Are golden tulips
    With love bugs hanging on the edge of a leaf

    Even further are the hills
    Bible verse valleys; mountains
    Of faith and fire, but the holy
    Golden daffodils await me

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    Corners of valleys
    And depths of home

  • ericajean 1w

    #wild #wod. ��Hi everyone! My new job kicks in tomorrow, so sadly I may do more poems on the weekend, rather than week nights. I'll still read your words!

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    Behind My Eyes

    What a day it has been!
    Clouds hung like pieces of Q-tip
    Cotton against a lavender sky-
    I woke up by poking myself in the eye

    What a night!
    The tides have pulled my
    Hair up into wild snakes
    As I close my eyes
    Before orange daybreak

  • ericajean 1w

    Earth Lover

    The way you harden as stone
    Before me, then gently lick away
    The pain of yesterday as my love trickles

    You are Cupid’s arrow
    Sharp, spearheading into 
    My dark and dreary days

    You are the rain that has wet my dry grasses
    Turning them into lush, flowered
    Array of petals--earthy

    Your hands are veiny cradles
    That hold me at night,
    Keeping the past hurts away...

  • ericajean 1w

    #anaphora #wod

    Beloved, you bled for me
    Beloved, your pierced hands healed more
    Beloved, you covered my demons in pork

    Beloved, your scars are testament in red
    Beloved, your nimbus cloud obscures your flesh
    Beloved, you enter my heart afresh as daily bread

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    Heart of a Lamb


  • ericajean 2w

    #grandma #wod

    Grandma's kitchen had
    The great wooden spoon,
    A Dark brown and commanding
    Wood that hung up high
    Over the sun yellow rotary

    The wooden spoon, where
    I sat and thought up my
    Unborn cousin's name
    The same spoon I fell
    Under, vomiting globules
    Of red McDonalds nuggets &

    But the smell of grandma's
    Baked chicken, shiny green collards, and pound cake
    From scratch with the chocolate

    Serves as the best memory
    Under the long handled

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    Under the Wooden Spoon


  • ericajean 2w

    #kwansaba #wod��Super late on this one, but I had to go to sleep on time. It be really late over here lol!

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    Join in the push of pain
    Slick like rain pours down
    Her face, and the fold in
    Her womb quivers- 

    The wail of surprising air
    Swishes through new lungs
    From womb to cradle


  • ericajean 2w

    #katuata #wod

    How can a love fall
    Like groovy , juicy cherries
    As you burst through mine?

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  • ericajean 2w

    #end #wod

    Isn't it surreal
    That the first
    Time my heart ever
    Scattered to pieces,
    Ever murmured behind
    The cage, was when you
    Broke it?

    Now I must become
    Iron Man to clean
    And oxygenate my blood
    But your kisses were
    Sweet grapes
    And so cold

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    Anemic Kisses


  • ericajean 2w

    The Hellish Face

    There was a squabble in the Great Cosmos one day. The flame licked ice as asteroids splintered like a smashed click pen

    The sun was growing. Winds of hot red wings would fly around it like dragons. It swiped the star glitter down a rabbit hole. Bullied and whacked comets

    Grew hotter each day, more proud and bold because "none was greater or worthy to make it move". The moon remained a stoic fixture, not believing the sun would be the great power it thought it was. "You jest, Great Sun. You expand, but you have to make room for these other gods too."

    The sun bellowed a great laugh producing fiery rings of haughtiness that curled like
    ribbons of blood or tensed as fists. "You and what army?"the Sun breathed. 

    The sun continued to pulsate as a heart beat, growing brighter and ripping atmospheres apart with molten fangs of pride.

    But Moon had a plan. A genius plan. Moon will give the sun what it never knew it needed. Moon will humble the big gas ball. Each day Moon gathered just an inch closer to the ever growing hot sun,

    One day, with face full of craters and hidden shadows, Moon told sun: "I love you."

    Sun was moved, confused. Terrified. Suddenly Moon's Face became one of pure terror, shifted into a hellish countenance and Sun, not quite understanding trajectory, had no place to run but Westward as Moon, hidden under cloak of darkness chased Sun.

    Till this day Moon hides and chases sun downward to teach Sun a lesson.