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  • enlighted_minds 88w

    Kya sapno me uski udaan thi?

    Kya uske sapno me woh baat thi?
    Kya sapno me uske udaan thi?
    Aankho me apne woh
    Baithi thi hazaro sitare woh
    Raah use kuch mile nhii
    Soche kidhar ka le raasta woh
    Saawalo ki aandhi toofan chale
    Zehen me uske jawab na koi
    Bss yehi soche woh
    Kya sapno me uski udaan hai woh?...

  • enlighted_minds 166w

    Second Meeting

    The nervous heart and thinking mind
    On the road we're on ride
    The mild breeze moving aside
    The cozy place
    Chosen for sight
    Held the head high
    Met the eyes
    Secrets shared and shared the smile
    It was how the memories filled
    Its about the second meeting....

  • enlighted_minds 168w

    Then and now the for love never changes for the person with whom you stay so much, with whom you are near, in the heart where they rely. The love never changes....

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    From the peak of mountains till inside the ocean, her love for him is that highest to the deepest...

  • enlighted_minds 181w

    The moments that spent by us together,
    Now became a memory
    That is replayed by my mind everyday...

  • enlighted_minds 185w

    The battle between the heart and mind is tough.
    Holding on and Moving on is difficult.
    But the self respect that the image earns,
    To save that is important..

  • enlighted_minds 189w

    And the day came

    And the day came when i ended everything.
    And the day came when i took stand for myself.
    And the day came when i was sad from outside, but was happy inside.
    And the day came when everybody was against me, but my keen soul and guts was with me,
    Holding me from inside and making me strong...

  • enlighted_minds 189w

    In this new year her resolution was that she will never miss him nor think about him,
    Because the pain he gave her was more than her scars....

  • enlighted_minds 189w

    Everyone comes in your life for a reason.
    Everyone teaches you something and goes out
    Love is just a playgame he taught me
    And i was just a part, i realized it....

  • enlighted_minds 191w

    Date: Dec 18, 2018

    Sawal dimag puchta hai aur jawab dil apne andaz me deta hai. Kitna ajeeb rishta hai dil aur dimag ka sawal pyaar ka krta hai aur dil jawab me naam tumahara leta hai....❤


  • enlighted_minds 191w

    ......And i miss you everytime and everyday.
    The tears falls down from the eyes, and the pen writes your name on my heart itself....