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  • eniim_allo 1w

    Come Winter.....

    Come home O! Winter...
    You are yearned for in many ways,
    The dew drops over nights and days,
    Pinches to me that you are awesome
    and cheerful.
    Winter dew drops are drops
    like no other around,
    For you come not only you
    But a suitcase full of warm dresses
    along with...
    O! Winter; your vibes fill
    the surrounding peaceful!
    You revive everyone; feels pure!
    You give birth to a perishable life
    And, in you all find cool and cozy
    You are a season of blessing.
    A stunning winter!

  • eniim_allo 1w


    Poetry has a stream of melodies.
    It reaches to a place where;
    our tiny ears can't reach.
    It fills the valleys and mountains of thoughts
    Draws everyone attention to the core.

    When a poetry sings;
    there is always a feeling of awe.
    It carries a language of love and emotions.
    One can tastes the sweetness
    of poetry from anywhere.

  • eniim_allo 1w


    Maturity means how loving you deal
    with people in your daily being and living.
    It doesn't matter what degrees you hold;
    what kind of profession you do.
    All are secondary.
    The first and foremost is your
    attitude means a lot.

  • eniim_allo 7w


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    Hold On

    1. _
    Hold on to all that you dream
    Never ever give up easily.
    You may struggle in the beginning
    But journey is not the same.
    Today's struggle will be tomorrow's victory.
    Dream is bigger and higher than struggles.

    2. _
    Challenges will make you strong someday
    They are not permanent.
    Accept them as passers by.
    They come on your way to test
    how much you're rooted in your will power.
    They are part of your breath.
    The more challenges you face;
    the better you understand
    the strength within you.

    3. _
    Past memories have greater effect
    to live in the present.
    Whether it's a good or not
    so good experience.
    Yet you grow and draw from that same
    source in one way or the other.
    They are the pillars to stand alone.
    If it is painful memory, then you might crush at times but will not perish.
    Because you have fought against
    the weakest moment.

    4. .
    Read many times, they will inspire you.
    Mostly books are written
    with lots of life experiences.
    There will be living lines
    which will touch your heart.
    Love them and put them into practice.
    Every book bears a torch to lead you
    in the amazing world of reality
    and imagination.
    So spend time with your favourite books.

  • eniim_allo 7w


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    I flew to embrace the Rainbow
    but the sky was filled with rain.
    No matter how heavy it would be.
    I will drowned into the ocean of it's hues.

  • eniim_allo 14w


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    If you are abled to feel someone's pain,
    Then your heart will move with Compassion.

  • eniim_allo 17w

    Never cling
    to past;
    it only makes your

    journey delay.
    Rather look
    ahead with courage and walk.

  • eniim_allo 17w

    A handful of blue sky

    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from
    my last lover and today we are united completely. Blue sky is planted in our garden of acceptance and love. Forgiveness in us blooms like roses among the thorns.
    Understanding refreshes our life
    every new day. Joy and laughter fills our home with sweet fragrance. Loving passionately each other hides our scars of the past. Our fidelity vibrates positive energy to one another. Trust rejuvenates to live happily under the same sky. Honesty makes our pilgrim smoothly and meaningfully.
    *Ultimately our commitment helps both of us to inhale the same breath and live together forever. ❣❣❣

  • eniim_allo 17w


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    Allow your mind to guide by the true spirit.

  • eniim_allo 18w


    "Jamie you know, people leave but places don't.
    They exist holding back all the memories, fragrance, life and death.
    Some offers successes and others failures.

    All convey a book of unforgettable journey.
    They live for thousands generations to remember and cherish.
    Countryside sang rejoicing when you were born.
    They shed tears when you were in sorrow.

    They never leave you how far you go away.
    Make a path before you take a step
    The Sun and the Moon smiled at you in the cradle.
    The Stars lighted up your heart as usual you were at their sight.

    Fireflies brighten the rooms through the tiny cracks.
    The Orchids in the garden bowed till the toes.
    The Coo-coo sang a melodious song of verses and metaphors.
    The morning dew veiled all the leaves blade

    You know Jamie, people leave but places intact in our mind and souls forever.