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  • englishenthusiast 137w

    Life is filled with ups and downs
    We all know
    Sometimes there's a bright sun
    And sometimes there's snow
    Change is the only constant
    It's how well you live and
    Not how much you can withstand.
    So, don't hesitate to ask for a helping hand!


    Don't try to just bear everything you go through... Sometimes tolerance isn't the answer!

  • englishenthusiast 207w


    Life is what we decide it to be...
    A bed of roses or thorns
    A beautiful fountain or a big rocky mountain
    Life is just how we see it!

    If you think of it as a journey
    Then don't forget those things you need to keep
    When you travel
    Things without which you can never track your way
    Things without which you cannot survive
    Things without which you cannot thrive
    Your self respect, courage and some smiles
    Can help you in your journey of miles

  • englishenthusiast 208w

    If watching movies, serials and Korean dramas fetched money I would probably be a billionaire by now

  • englishenthusiast 208w

    All the times
    When she has stumbled
    All the moments where she has thought of giving up
    If there was one thought that saves her each time
    Fills her with hope, strength and zeal
    It's it is that HOW BAD DOES SHE WANT IT!

  • englishenthusiast 209w

    I have to keep going
    Until all the things
    Fall back to their place
    Until each problem that I face
    Gets off my way
    Until all my responsibilities and burdens
    All my duties and hurdles
    Have been passed onto some one else
    Until I face another day
    Filled with grief or excitement
    According to my say
    Until I get to know the unknowing
    I have to keep going!

  • englishenthusiast 210w

    Not everything can be said!
    Some are to be felt.

  • englishenthusiast 210w

    Feed your passion and not your anger

  • englishenthusiast 210w

    Life is filled
    With twists and turns
    There are times it gives us aids
    Times when we get burns
    Yet, only he becomes
    The Warrior
    Who always smiles, keeping all
    Turbulence of his life ulterior.

    Have a heroic day!!!

  • englishenthusiast 210w


    Anything in excess only causes pain!