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  • encee86 2w

    The Iron Heart

    Hearts made of gold or some other metal,

    Forged and shaped in the raging furnace of thoughts

    Twisting and turning , till the glow comes from inside

    Stronger the fire, harder is the heart set

    From a malleable metal to a stone breaking hammer

    When the life throws lumps of coal.

    Everything melts and the cast iron heart is all that’s left behind

  • encee86 16w

    The perfect setting

    It was the perfect synchronisation, curled up in a rocking chair near in the balcony. The petrichor from the first rains to hit the soil, wafted in. Sunil called out to his wife such a great weather , can you make some great bhajiya ( fritters) and a good cup of masala tea. Something tells me today's going to be a good day

  • encee86 17w

    #बारिश #rains #love #waiting

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    न जी भर के देखा न कुछ बात की

    बड़ी आरज़ू थी मुलाक़ात की

    उजालों की परियाँ नहाने लगीं

    नदी गुनगुनाई ख़यालात की

    मैं चुप था तो चलती हवा रुक गई

    ज़बाँ सब समझते हैं जज़्बात की

    मुक़द्दर मिरी चश्म-ए-पुर-आब का

    बरसती हुई रात बरसात की

    कई साल से कुछ ख़बर ही नहीं

    कहाँ दिन गुज़ारा कहाँ रात की

    - बशीर बद्र

  • encee86 17w

    When love is ..

    Love is when you hear your heartbeat in her voice
    Love is when you can hear your breath in her voice... It stops every time she smiles
    Love is when you can see your fears on her face
    Love is when every song make sense but there isn't any in your actions
    Love is when you wish every sadness of hers can be locked away beyond The seven seas
    When every cut on her skin bleeds your heart
    Love is when you choose the right thing over what is right for you every time