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  • emysan 3d

    Break up

    I want to disintegrate every whole of me,
    Into discrete particles just for you,
    To see this complex me in a simple way,
    I want a break up.

    This break up is needful,
    Alure of darkness created,
    The beams of light coming,
    Enlightening every part of us.

    If an atom as defined by science can live,
    So will I if I break up,
    If it can maintain its integrate properties,
    I will maintain my love for you in infinite ways,
    Only if I break up.

  • emysan 5d


    My root ran down the earth,
    Stretched her wings under the depth,
    Only to find minerals of life,
    That made me a dead wood.

    I obeyed the laws of life,
    To find freshness in earth's waters,
    To spread my branches to the Sun,
    At the end, to flow with milk and honey.

    Why must life turn out this way?
    Why has she done this to me?
    These and many more are sentences,
    Deep down with a Question mark.

  • emysan 1w


    'Life goes by quick,
    In one minute, gone in a blink,'
    All of these, go down the sink,
    Eyes open to realize we have lived our week.

    Could it be we were all sick?
    A thorn in the flesh, so thick,
    We still played hide and seek,
    In the dark under the moon, with our stick.

    Hiding behind prison bricks,
    Hoping to find the sun, drink a cup of milk,
    Goodbye to twilight, with new ink,
    smiling with a tap on Dawn's cheek.

  • emysan 1w


    I forgot to tell the world,
    That I did took a bullet for a friend,
    She bled water in the blood,
    I kept bleeding blood and water.

    I was driven by E-motion,
    All she had was love,
    In all of her efficiency,
    I chose to give Love, All of my sufficiency.

    Did you call it a testament?
    I only washed away the rudiments,
    So the both of us can live,
    A second Adam and a new Eve.

  • emysan 1w

    The beauty of success is seen in a furnished labour room.

  • emysan 3w


    You should have told me it's summer,
    When I was happily dressed in wool,
    Sitting around the fireplace like old times,
    Waiting for you to come closer, it's chilling.

    You should have told me I was a fool,
    When I did a heart transplant, just so you live,
    You never talked about the green snake,
    When you said it's evergreen.

    You should have told me I was a fool,
    When I pledged loyalty to you,
    I died by my fellow man's bullet,
    Like a citizen's heart tied to her country's flag,

    If all we had was love!
    If I never followed the hands of my emotions,
    What if I wasn't a fool?
    You should have told me.

  • emysan 3w

    If the mind could call it infinity,
    The man can mine it infinitely

  • emysan 3w

    After Death

    I just want to walk 40 days again,
    Beginning from a Sunday morning,
    In resurrection power,
    That will help me find the Mount,
    For my ascension to heaven,
    In Jesus name, Amen. ✨✨


  • emysan 4w


    I do write to you my Peace,
    To tell you that,
    You have put every fragment of me into a perfect piece,
    All of my atomic particles want to experience your peace,
    In the midst of storms, so calm like the ocean floor,
    Sounds of melody, I call you my heartbeat,
    For you, my heart beats 72 times,
    It's perfect, that shows we are even,
    Making me feel like I am in heaven,
    For you my Peace,
    The lines will keep coming, with lovely rhymes,
    Knitting us together forever, you are mine,
    What a privilege to have known you,
    You made yourself so much available,
    For me like oxygen, that,
    I call you my inspiration,
    Whenever I breathe in,
    Call you my expiration, when I breathe out,
    As the life in my CO2; Yes, in nature's air
    Needful for my world and I,
    To be in a state of respiratory equilibrium.

  • emysan 5w


    I came as a seed in the womb,
    Clothed with beauty and ascent like a man on suit,
    I rejoiced, knowing I do breed more fruits,
    Enter earth's tomb, buried under soot.

    Could death be the path to life?
    Is it so true one must marry to make a wife?
    Buried in gravity, to see the light, strife,
    To fulfill purpose, live above the nightlife.

    Fighting against the bricks,
    I am a flower with a root,
    Find deep waters, stand with my boot,
    To survive this nightmare, I deviced self tricks.

    A trick to be me, no matter what,
    To shine and blossom with eternal fumes,
    Of love and life, not to assume,
    That I am the unwanted, without self worth.

    I am Earth's flower, a divine seed,
    I will sing louder, not a weed,
    If living will require death, with speed,
    I choose to act, as it was written of me, so I speak.