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  • empress_hinata 4w


    Life is full of surprises
    It leads one to the journey of the unknown
    Where expectation is measured low, sometimes
    To survive
    I have led through a life of peace and secure.
    As much as I love adventures, I take things that is safe.
    4 November 2021
    3:51am Thursday

  • empress_hinata 5w

    Sometimes a peaceful person is looked down at but they are the best.

    30 October 2021
    12:43am Saturday

  • empress_hinata 6w

    Kiraz Mevsimi, Kalp Atici, Inadina Ask, Kazara Ask, Sen Anlat Karadeniz, Ask yenidin and others��

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    My Guy (Ayaz)

    He is Kind, loving, nice, sweet
    He doesn't just follow me but makes me feel that I am the one that he loves always.
    He doesn't assume and doesn't make me feel that everything about me is wrong.
    He speaks to me with different topics knowing that I don't need to be silent always
    He doesn't wait for everything from me, he does things to make me feel happy.
    He is not perfect but his habits and kindness melts me.
    He is soft spoken and dislikes to shout or make little things seem big.
    19 October 2021
    7:01pm Tuesday

  • empress_hinata 9w

    I see you

    The one in the shell
    The one with a smile
    The one with a frown
    The one who is sad
    26 September 2021
    12:46am Saturday

  • empress_hinata 10w


    The wings you cant see or touch
    Everyone has one
    Small, medium or big
    To which they imagine
    They would fly higher
    But then the feet keeps them on the ground
    So scared to take the leap or risk
    I wish and pray that our wings fly higher than we imagine and grow strong to keep us steady when we are about to stumble.
    Just believe like birds we would fly in time.
    24September 2021
    Friday 10:00am

  • empress_hinata 15w


    I have longed for so many things in life
    Especially Direction
    As we grow older the more we realize what we want in our future
    For some of us we are late bloomers, still searching to become stable and make something out for our self.
    But yet, it feels long like we are wasting time to move forward.
    To the ones going through the same things; we need to remember life is a process
    So hang in there
    19 August 2021
    7:51 PM

  • empress_hinata 15w

    May you be happy even when you are alone

    Love can break you
    Love can make you
    Love can teach you
    Just like a coin with two sides
    Surely, love has one
    11:44pm, Sunday

  • empress_hinata 15w

    Keep moving forward.
    Life doesn't wait.
    Listening to love songs keeps my day alive.
    Living in romance keeps my heart feel alive
    So glad I feel this feeling
    7:27pm, Saturday

  • empress_hinata 18w

    A secret whisper from me to myself. Enjoying wedding love songs.

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    I am loved and so grateful got the little things I have in my live ..
    I love you, you are strong and keep moving forward.
    Cuz darling you are all that you got!!!
    9:03pm Wednesday

  • empress_hinata 18w


    Saturday was an amazing day because I saw how the cloud was moving faster than I normally saw.