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  • emortal 19w

    PC-Jeroen Bosch

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    मकड़ी को जाले के बीचोबीच से
    अपनी ओर घूरता महसूस करता हूं
    कभी कभी...
    अपने बुने जालों से
    मुक्त रहने का हुनर मुझे नही आया
    उसके जैसा ...

  • emortal 26w

    You and me
    Opposite sides of a square,
    (Or a rhombus may be,
    for squares are perfect, no?)
    Stuck with our adjacent sides,
    the only reason
    for us to be in the rhombus
    and our separation too.
    We are afraid of becoming a triangle
    and couldn't be circles,

  • emortal 27w

    The Finish Line

    4.The finish line
    Sitting on the last stair of the terraced Ganga Ghat

    dipping my legs into cold waters,

    I drag last few puffs of cigarette inching towards end

    (As promised on the packet)

    I crush the burning butt onto the ground

    Oh no…

    An ant met its end under a suppressed spark

    Without enjoying even a single puff,

    but because of it nonetheless

    Looking at the setting sun, I ask myself once again

    The counts I had,

    Thrown deep down the memory well,

    Where is the finish line

    Of this blind race of life I have been hurled into

    Does it even exist?

    If it does,

    Was it under some burning butt,

    Like one for that ant?

    And how everyone agreed to halt for few months,

    Just so to resume it once again?

    I look at the ripples formed on the surface,

    moving away in unison

    Evanescing time and again.

    I take out another cigarette and light it

    Caressing my sense of owning it and belonging here

    Though something engraved on my DNA tells me

    That both these are unreal

    As much as my existence..

    And I drag one long puff

    to fill my lungs with the acrid smoke

    Which will remain behind me for a few countable moments,

    When I exit.

  • emortal 27w

    Let's choose "Us"
    between our rights and wrong,
    Leaving behind sharp words
    Let's hum a sweet song

  • emortal 31w

    Desolations of our own hearts
    Might have begotten
    the chasm between us..

  • emortal 34w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Silently

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    Silently you mum all my chaos.

  • emortal 41w


    Rarely do my pains are works of
    Picasso, Gogh or Monet
    Or being braid into symphonies of
    Bach or Beethoven
    I have never been with Frost,
    Into the woods.
    Nor did I cry in the rain hiding my tears.
    Even a glimpse of my pain
    couldn't be seen in any of the art forms,
    That you speak of so overwhelmingly
    Only a kinship,
    one feels with the falling one,
    that too instinctively

    Cinderella, Alice, Hermione
    I feel intimacy and alienation with them,
    at the same moment

    May, some day I find my pain
    In the whistles from the woods
    or in the Rangoli
    drawn by a heart broken teenager
    or in the eyes of a little girl
    From "Village Rockstars"

    Till then I will treasure
    them deep inside me
    under a pall of my smile
    Which they say,
    is the most beautiful gift of

  • emortal 43w

    I am small, but I am not less....
    .. Grace

  • emortal 45w

    Pic Credit- Siora Photography

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    यूं निकल गई वो जिंदगी से एक दिन ऐसे
    बे आवाज सा जैसे कोई निकल गया दिसंबर
    कदमपोश थी ज़हन में नये साल की बधाइयां अभी
    पैग़ाम ए रुखसत फ़िर ले आया दिसंबर
    चंद लम्हों में हाल और साल कैसे बदलते है
    ये सालाना सबक फिर दे गया दिसंबर
    उम्मीदों से लबरेज़ तू जनवरी किसी की
    मायूस और तनहा सा मैं तेरा दिसंबर।

  • emortal 48w

    Poetry is a bridge,
    between the universes
    One within me and one around.....