A trash that he used to love

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  • emmagrace01 1d



    Much painful,


    The pain itself...


  • emmagrace01 1d

    I was sitting in the church,
    All poised and composed,

    As I realized that I had been zoned out,
    The divine service has already ended,

    Guilt grasped my heart,
    I walked out of the church with slightly slumped shoulders,

    I don't even know what I was thinking the entire time,
    But I felt extremely weak and tired,
    All I wanted to do was to curl up myself at a corner in my room and sleep,

    Then I slept.


  • emmagrace01 2d

    Standing in front of the large mirror,
    I was combing my half Rapunzel hair,

    I didn't realise that he was watching me,
    Then he turned on his playlist,
    It was the song with its lyrics that meant for me,
    It was the song he dedicated for me with so much of love,
    It was the song that never get me jaded though I listen to it every day,
    It was the song of My love,

    I shifted my gaze to the other end of the mirror,
    It reflected his beautiful eyes and his enchanting smile,

    I fall for him all over again...


  • emmagrace01 3d

    This morning,
    I raised my head slightly to feel the sunshine,

    As usual,
    His face occupied my thoughts,

    Longing welled up in my heart...


  • emmagrace01 4d

    It's so hurtful,
    To see myself being killed in several ways,
    In my imagination,

    The worst part is,
    It just makes an effortless voyage in my mind,
    As I'm not even intentionally imagining this,

    It leaves me distressed by end of the day,
    To realise that I've been addicted to suicidal thoughts,

    It hurts so much to realise that no one could ever hurt me like I hurt myself...



  • emmagrace01 5d


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    Last forever

  • emmagrace01 1w

    Why would someone that love you so much make you cry?

    Why they didn't stop you crying when they could have?



  • emmagrace01 1w

    Like a secret admirer,
    I check his pictures everyday,

    I admire,
    His light smile,
    His tilted head,
    His raised chin,
    His beautiful eyes,
    His trimmed beard,
    His neatly combed hair,

    He is enchanting in every way,
    Like he always does...


  • emmagrace01 1w

    From day one,
    I wasn't even an option,

    At the thought of this,
    My heart feels numb,
    Saturated with pain.


  • emmagrace01 1w

    They'll make you fall for them,
    They'll treat you like an option,
    They'll despise you for knowing their lies,
    They'll make you watch the love they pour on the other one,

    They'll tell you that they love you,
    They'll tell you that they didn't use you,

    They'll tell you that they wish to split themselves into two parts,

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    Who wants your half part?
    Who wants to share you?
    Did I love you to share you?
    Didn't I fall in love with you entirely?
    Is this even love?