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  • emeritus 2w

    It Starts With A Question.

    William Harvey said that blood flowed in our veins,
    Everywhere we punctured was a measure of blood poured out.
    I believed this till the day I stepped into the surgery room,
    Needles inserted with facial rigidity,
    Light convergence with medical dexterity
    And in the mid of such complexity was a purulent fluid, greyish white in the tube from the back of a man in his youth.

    Wait a minute,
    This is not red,
    This is not blood,
    What's going on here?
    Was I lied to or was Harvey a scam?
    Pyogenic meningitis wasn't in my Cunningham.

    Milky fluids in needles,
    Blind eyes could see that too,
    What I had believed then was now of no use,
    Or so I thought.

    Did the presence of milky fluids disband the presence of blood?
    So what was the issue?
    The idea of comparison led us to forget the concept of complements and knowledge addition.
    This manifested in the power of a question.
    Two contradictory statements didn't necessarily mean one was a lie but that they required clarification on their relationship and complement to each other.

    Questions are the keys to the doors of answers,
    Assumption could be more dangerous than ignorance.
    Keep calm,
    Look cool,
    Brace yourself for bullets,
    Call your consultant.


  • emeritus 3w


    Detrimental demons at my doorstep,
    A tool bound by a bad bond,
    I'm misused; Infected by some bad blood.

    A lover like no other I wonder,
    Ridiculously unrestrained at the slight puff of anger,
    Bad blows and light glows,
    Edematous faces in physical portfolios.

    The closer he got, the more she died
    And they were not even married yet!
    Fear of leaving or pleasure from beatings?

    Be not deceived,
    Evil relationships corrupt good futures.
    A bond broken is no sign of weakness,
    Pull out from lactic-acid filled ships with no value.

    Destroy not your future for the sake of sustained friendships
    Cuz when you're done for, they'll just walk unto another ship harbor
    For after all,
    You were just another used donor.


  • emeritus 3w

    Pneuma's Desire

    Go into the world and preach the gospel to all nations wasn't a departmental truth,
    It was a general one.
    People come and people go,
    Reach out to all they say take things slow.

    What is the will of the Father?
    To see men wallow in anger?
    Lies, deception, false truths as substitutes
    Every generation needs a generation as Bonke said,
    Regeneration and new births of men; better days ahead.
    People all calm listening to words with no fire,
    No fire for the lost and when someone exclaims they bring out their mental classifications.

    Preach the gospel!!
    Preach to your friends!!
    We have been influenced by the Word.
    What manner of friend are you that you hinder the good news to them?
    Expansion of the kingdom affirms what we believe in but the question is,
    Do we believe it?

    I'm not the evangelism type; Toxic stuff from the pit of hell,
    Obedience to the word didn't come in factions, fractions and fragmentary actions,
    Take heed to yourself.
    You make mistakes and people call you fake but break no hate for this is the new age.

    Live your life in service to God.
    So be it.


  • emeritus 3w


    Friends, friends and close friends,
    Stock, bonds and dividends,
    Thine heart in me and I in thee,
    Friendships that'll never end.

    Na so dem shatter baba heart
    Batter am like gun spray wey dem scatter
    Wahala be like bone straight
    Na so baba turn motivational speaker

    How did we become friends?
    On what basis was the love that we shared expressed in its simplicity?
    Do we make friends out of proximity?
    Such complexity is sickening as I have no idea how some people in my life came to be.

    What is a neighbour? What is a friend?
    Being from Agbor doesn't tie up the end.

    A righteous man chooses his friends carefully,
    For the companions of the wicked will lead him astray,
    In dark nights, good friends run cheerfully,
    Their love will stay till the morrow's end play.


  • emeritus 4w


    Thought mistakes from previously failed experiments were templates for our wisdom in its equivalent?
    We learn and we unlearn,
    Why do we make mistakes?
    We try and we try,
    We do our best to limit ourselves but as books to a shelf, our nature bends on itself.
    Oh God!

    What do we do when we make mistakes?
    They happen, they've happened.
    To cry?
    Yeah, prob'ly therapeutic,
    To whine?
    Nah I'm no melancholy.
    Like a board congress, I hold an executive confluence with myself,
    I as the chief speaker speaking to an army of me.
    What's the way out?
    What's the compensatory step?

    Wall's down but my Nehemiah's coming,
    No crowd cuz my cave's calling,
    We can only move.
    The pain's still there but nonetheless we walk as the pain wears off by the flow of our movements.
    We take up our bed,
    Face our consequences,
    Cry once more,
    We Move.


  • emeritus 13w


    Take a hold of me,
    Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth
    For his love is better than wine,
    His touch is as calm light
    And his love as the bubbling sea.

    Let your breasts satisfy me,
    That I may look not upon another,
    Your body is as pillars of smoke,
    Perfumed with fragrance and frankincense of old,
    Ointment upon a thousand candles
    Can't kindle the flames that your body handles.

    Burn me...
    I sleep but my heart is awake for thee,
    Ravish me...
    The bottom of thy bosom has become my abode.


  • emeritus 14w

    The Reawakened King

    The depression it hurts,
    The oppression it comes,
    It's heavy on me,
    I'm confused,

    Hey baby,
    A question I ask you,
    How do you think the greats started?
    Caved through life's troubles, hurdles and deep jungles?
    You think their struggles weren't real?

    This is not the time to get distracted,
    This is not the time to go off-course,
    This is not the time to lose your focus,
    Get off that depression bus!

    A covenant of death have I disannulled,
    An agreement with hell will I destroy and more,
    In the history pages, the last chapter's not done,
    You've got more pages to write what you still want.

    Have you forgotten who you are?
    Have you forgotten from whence you came?
    Have you forgotten whose your are?
    Get up king,
    You've got a nation to address.

    ''Let's write some tales again!''


  • emeritus 15w


    Beauty of the savanna,
    Oasis in the sahara,
    Look upon me my love,
    Thy back is as a curious light.

    The simplicity of thy womanhood,
    The fabric of thy culture etched on your skin.
    Who is this beauty?
    Who is this graceful doe...


  • emeritus 16w

    Immorality-The Watershed.

    God said,
    I delight in righteousness,
    And the perverse lips put far from thee.
    It's all a spectrum,
    From perverse lips to perverse acts,
    Challenge this, challenge that,
    Later we come to church, lift up hands; How great thou art.

    Scriptures didn't lie,
    Immorality was a lack of understanding.
    Because of thy deed,
    Thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme,
    Be not deceived,
    Having fun never meant sinning.

    My Child...
    Forget not my law,
    When thou goest, it shall lead thee
    When thou sleepest, it shall keep thee
    When thou awakest, it shall speak with thee
    That they may keep thee from them which are strange and immoral,
    And from them which flattereth with their words.

    Be wise...


  • emeritus 16w

    Professor Sir.

    The professor landed,
    Made our class chaos reprimanded,
    You could lose accreditation, no lose guard,
    Omo textbooks everywhere, everyone looking sad.

    Sadly it was my fault,
    Na me go dull stand up give mental assault,
    Permit me to challenge your mentality I said,
    Now brutality to us with utmost acuity in the end.

    No pain, no gain
    Love his shirt no fake,
    I gats pass hm exam,
    Else I fit become scape goat example for next set.

    Now the projector's not working,
    Things are getting worse,
    The man don dey hiss,
    Be like say wetin happen for Bowen we go miss.