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  • emeka_joel 5d

    Imagine looking up
    Into the sky on a cold
    Windy night,
    You see the shooting stars,
    Glorious this second but
    Disappearing two seconds later,
    That is life in a nutshell.
    People come and go
    And no matter how prepared
    You are for that final goodbye,
    A lot of things still go untold.

    Sometimes when I hear my friends voice
    On the voice notes,
    or view a picture from their posts,
    I wonder if that is the last piece of them I see,
    I wonder if the struggles they face will drown them,
    If I will get that call that will break me down to tears.

    So I hold enough faith in my heart for all of us,
    Cause life has too many variables for one mortal to control,
    I treat everyone with kindness,
    Cause I know what it is like walking silently in life's darkness,
    Unable to tell even a soul, with trusted friends as useless as your foes.

    I hope the day I tell you your last goodbye,
    Or you tell me mine,
    I hope we won't have regrets in our hearts,
    And our stories beautiful.

  • emeka_joel 3w

    I want to save you
    But only after I have saved myself.


  • emeka_joel 4w

    I fell for you
    and I never recovered.


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  • emeka_joel 8w

    Dear Honey,
    I do not know what
    Ingredients were used
    In making the heart,
    But whatever it was
    Mine and yours are the same,
    There was no way I won't have
    Fallen crazy in love
    With You;
    This Love
    Is Destiny.

  • emeka_joel 8w

    They say Love is blind,
    So I write to you in Braille
    My words sweet to the ears and visible to your heart
    Though your eyes are close yet you see me
    I am still here
    You are still there

    ~Emeka Joel

  • emeka_joel 10w

    One day
    We will
    Find our


  • emeka_joel 10w

    I reasoned with
    my own imagination,
    Perplexed at my
    Complex mind,
    It's Man's most important asset,
    Whose ability to solve and create,
    Is someplace between
    Divine and Amazing,
    God's Excellent handiwork.

  • emeka_joel 10w

    @dusky_dawn your latest piece inspired this

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    I saw someone
    Looking tired, exhausted but happy
    I could tell he had a lot on his mind
    So many reasons to be sad and sorry
    But hope still lived there
    A beautiful sight to behold
    I smiled and left.

    Then I saw a shadow
    It looked miserable, lacking,
    It must have lost its identity,
    And forgot who it was,
    The pressure was too much,
    And it finally gave up.
    A painful experience,
    I cried and left.

    Then I realize they were both
    Me, borne out of how I react
    When faced with pressure,
    Do I remember that I have overcome
    Worst odds before? Or do I forget
    And lose myself?
    I won't lose myself,
    I smiled, I cried, and then I move.