~ So the lover must struggle for words ~

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  • emashyyy 1d

    Çok gelişigüzel

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    You know the best thing about you is that you never demand anything; your eyes are trembling star that reflects a hopeless dream that I've been day dreaming to live with you.

    I adore to just forget the truth and remember the lies of you because mine expectations were set even before we ever met today.

    I'm living an absolute infinite in this mortal flesh and each second of this moment is going to linger on this body like an antique love letter.

    (P.S. Hope, I'll catch alzheimer soon; these days I'm willing can't help thinking about you.)


  • emashyyy 1w

    Loving you is my first and last wish for my well-being but telling you is luxury in this life; I cannot afford to lose you, sorry darlin. So, let me love you from distance, forever. This girl cannot label this electrical feeling; gosh! you are so dreamy, boyyy. ♡

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    A girl with the bronze curls
    and the gentle sun tanned eyes
    that look for poetry under
    the slipping clouds
    in sunset sky, everyday.

    A girl who loved you for
    a thousand days in
    this chaotic world.
    In the era of temporary love story,
    I've been your address for
    a very long time.

    A girl who loved warmth touch of
    sunshine over her every inch of skin;
    these days bathing in
    radiant bliss of your presence
    and illuminating like
    a pale shadow of the moon.

    A girl who never asked you
    to love her back because
    her love is like a faith and
    offers her a real escape
    from scratching mayhem.

    A girl who never loved
    the concept of unrequited love and
    never thought it was special until
    she met you and
    started fading into you.


  • emashyyy 2w

    I’ll always be the one
    who will love you
    insanely and unconditionally.
    From visualizing you in my dreams
    to enduring every bit of it
    into a melodious love song that
    leave you speechless;
    in awe not from
    the wrenching pitch but
    simply for how
    adorable and graceful
    your love looks in real for me.
    I'm so sorry
    that I fall short sometimes,
    there might be moments where
    I might feel insecure
    but do know that
    I care for you much more
    than my heart wellbeing and
    your happiness soak
    my heart in a basin
    of damp love.
    Always remember,
    without you today's love
    would be the pain of


  • emashyyy 3w

    You know I am scared.
    I'm afraid that my three letters
    turned into goodbyes and
    traumatized by love because
    it reminds me of being abandoned.

    There are so
    many feelings and moments
    I will never find words for;
    perhaps some acknowledgement
    spoils half of the best things
    of the life in recluse.

    This love is quite a heroic feat;
    you are my favourite feeling and
    I love you with every single cell of
    my being and deep down to my core.

    And even if mine heart gets
    shattered into a million pieces,
    it is a privilege if it means
    to have been loved by him.

    I'm more afraid of
    a love without fear,
    a life without a dream than
    being abandoned and broken down.

    Just saying holy syllables ain't
    do justice to my love,
    So, better leaves me down
    under blue shadow of life.

    It was a blurry
    reflection of you that
    I see in every wandering
    clouds that recalling the pictures of us
    coated with fresh morning dew
    that wet my eyes.


  • emashyyy 3w

    Every time
    I pour my heart out
    to you,
    I feel such a familiarity that
    makes me forget that
    I am talking to a stranger.

    Your presence is
    an everlasting bliss that
    makes me feel
    that there's a little bit of hope
    left for tomorrow and
    courage to ricochet
    the hollow and dead previous me.

    You're beyond the
    usual understanding of
    time-space graph of universe.
    You ain't a hoax or illicit trader
    of soul but an epiphany of mine.

    A serein rain chiselled down
    from the blanket of melancholic sky;
    head bombarded with
    thoughts of you.

    After drenching years and years
    in love with you;
    moments have become
    nothing more than
    a fading memory.

    Thank you for replacing
    scars of me with atoms of star
    and angst with peace and love
    but I'm distant and cold;
    a failed star.

    I belong to the same
    frame of sky, as you can see
    I'm able to rest in peace
    among the beauty of night
    in a clear and starry night sky
    like the Jupiter.


  • emashyyy 5w

    Aye, thank you so much @writersnetwork ��
    My first repost from you :")❤

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    I fell in love with you when
    I was seriously looking for peace.
    You were the man face turned down
    to the vintage leaf tracing
    ideal love story in
    Austen's and Bronte's novels;
    and misfire to see
    the perfect one in front of you.

    You help me to remain same
    to myself as I was with you; as lover.
    My precious one, your presence is
    a magic that glow up to the dawn.
    I still watch your life in pictures.
    Then why ghost of you lay down
    next to me on bed, every night.

    I fancy reassurance;
    remember once you said that
    you live for love, but
    you never really tried.
    Random things you did actually
    made me believe that
    you are mine and cause me
    fall for you a thousand times.

    If not you then nobody's going
    to touch and feel the parts
    of my heart that you held
    onto so many times before.

    I am an old soul with
    a young heart,
    live a wild life.
    You were the most beautiful
    creature with heart of heaven
    but you don't belong to
    the era of people who wore
    their heart on their sleeves;
    and I could live a thousand lives,
    just to be with you in that
    era of engraving love.
    And guide each other back like
    a pole star only seen by us.

    I'm somewhere between
    my blues and bloom;
    you're still my one and only
    safe thought in this chaotic head
    from past three years and
    my love for you still alive and sheer.

    You still gives me dream
    to live rather than
    adverse hope.


  • emashyyy 6w


    For you! ❤ @maiatamarain and @anirockz7 Because you people keep pushing me to try and give my best. ��

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    Your smile is a lie like a dreamscape you ponders. But beneath your plastic smile there's another person I haven't seen before.

    Are you still same person who can understand me even if words seem to abandon my parched lips. An old confession turned into clarity.

    And I see countless clouds passing by, casting forlorn shadows under your eyes and the stars and diamonds are falling from your face shimmer and gleam with imperfection like a ideal human being; staining your rosy cheeks.

    I was perished into your bronze eyes, painted with sorrow and chaos; it was cold and empty but enough to penetrate my soul. Your replica of smile isn't enough to scroll up the fact that your eyes carries your heart and makes me see things that you cannot communicate.

    They says that faces are the essence of the soul and don't be a incurable victim of time. Let your fleeting smile become a beautiful symbolic representation of divine and it gradually brings back the solitude.

    My love, this moment will evaporate like mist and this life suddenly cracked into reveries.


  • emashyyy 6w

    I really missed everyone and everything about this platform. You all are so special to me. ❤

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    You're my most bewitching brilliant star
    in the constellation of cassiopeia;
    blessing to my eyes and
    I loved to stare at you,

    There's nothing like
    a colorful happy world of people
    who enjoy freely a vast horizon of love but
    far from noisy and disturbing crowd,
    here's a requited eye contact
    followed by a tender little smile of us.

    And darling, you are the only
    a real thing in this dreadful portrayal of
    perfect illusion of the world to become
    an artist's muse in to take any form to
    drive me crazy in lazy sunday afternoon.

    I was a silent tears of a drab body in
    the constant quench for the essence of life;
    soft enough to touch but fierce to pierce
    through the skin and picture me in
    a different color.
    And now I only exist to end in
    a memorable moment with you,
    for eternity.

    You are the moonlight
    that falls on my skin and
    makes me fall for you;
    a thousand times more.

    I'm an old school kind of soul
    whose three words have meaning.
    I wants to stay in love with you
    in the summer and the winter of my entire life.

    I do really want my soul to be soaked in
    a forever kind of love.


  • emashyyy 8w

    #kwansaba Perhaps!

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    I'm naturally acquired to love him and
    this gives me pleasure and soothing sensation
    when I know no harm would happen
    leastways. A little girl loves her beloved
    because it lives and feels so graceful.
    Giving and receiving happiness seem almost made
    me feel and impart a thousand times.


  • emashyyy 8w

    Happy Sunday ❤

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    The intellectual acknowledgement
    has spoiled half of the life of
    the most dolmen of universe
    by determining order of rank how deeply and beautifully women can suffer
    the chilling certainty with which
    she is thoroughly imbibe and colored that
    by virtue of her suffering to know that she
    have to shred the body to attain
    the ideal measure and official filter
    of this dreadful world which know nothing
    except the pride and
    elite of golden basked body
    hued in the colour of antique jewelry
    instead of knowledge.

    I hate the colour of human skin.
    They differs in every entity and this leads
    to bring out the regretfulness.
    And force you to live in between
    delusion and reality
    But sometimes you've to prefer
    this lethal man made fantasy.

    I ask each and everyone from
    the trees in storm to funeral pyre of young girl
    who cried over being marginalized
    and categories as sombre shadow.
    Her skin tight jewelry and dripping
    straps are numb, nothing more alive
    than the skin's lazy hungers conspire
    the tranquil tragedy for her.

    When coiled stomach flaunt at twelve
    in midnight and you sip only water to
    intent on survival but self-betrayal crumble and dance without rest and makes
    you thieving for cuticle of hands to eat.

    Probably there's no answer or
    else the answer must emerge from within.
    Even, I'm most content, drowning myself
    in the arms of that social norm of well-being.
    I died young in mayhem
    before the expiration date and
    this never ending catacombs of my conscious laceration left for me to fund myself again
    when I try to succumb to sleep
    without worrying about
    my skin and dusky texture.

    I'm a starving soul wrapped in
    hairless skin knowing that
    all skeletons are alike
    but only the breathing soul vary
    that hide somewhere between
    flesh and foundation creme.

    I keep lighted lantern on
    the window-sill and unveil layered countenance without feeling ashamed.
    I know that confessing
    by peeling off my layers
    I'll surely reach closer to God's
    lovely creation marked with scars and
    tainted up with mole of constellations.

    The only truth I always withhold is
    my skin is as old as Christ.
    The signatured autobiography of holy rays.

    This is the ordinary events of
    an ordinary soul who is not going
    to obey crazy commands of sinister.
    In this wretched existence not
    a day has passed I don't dream of
    getting perfect but I'll laugh and let the sun
    touch me and makes my dusky asian
    texture shine as sheer gold.