just me reaching out to 'you'

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  • emanyu 5w


    When my presence fails to provide that warm reassuring embrace you deserve;

    There and then will my empty, yet recharged words enliven your heart.

    They be the love and flowers never received.
    The lullabies to lull you soft a'leep.
    And lyrics to still your wondering mind.

  • emanyu 21w

    Deception, a villain gallant of Realty's checks

  • emanyu 21w

    Incredible is the power of a resolute mind.

  • emanyu 21w


    If books were a drug,
    Then an addict I am.

  • emanyu 26w

    When life's haul hurts, just take a halt; it spares you the hurlyburlies within.

  • emanyu 26w

    Amidst the distance
    Stood resistance to
    Sustain the romance.

    He seemed resolute
    And she resilient.

    But at every instance,
    The evidence
    Was hesitance.

  • emanyu 38w

    If humanity were to re-write history, I'll recount Your Story mama.

  • emanyu 39w


    Hearing when Nothing's Being Said
    Understanding when it Seems Senseless
    And Holdingon when it's Not Worth it.

  • emanyu 81w

    Someone, pls tag it as it speaks to you!

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    Many a time, some already done acts prove not worth the stress
    Cos the price paid is huge, crushing, depressing and disillusioning.

  • emanyu 82w

    The Fort 2

    After all's said and done
    And you've got no where
    Else to run to.
    The fort's just ideal

    A cave for solitude
    A shell of fortitude
    An apparent limbo
    Yet the milky way
    To creamy days