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  • em_bis_me 7w

    Sometimes its easier to advise other than to even define oneself. Its just a complex mess of patterns and dots. Joining the dots backward is definitely easy but have you started looking for the reason that defines you?


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    What Defines Me...

    It has been a delayed fantasy, a wanting dream
    within a myriad of sleepless nights,
    A nonchalant mind galloping lies
    where everyone thrives upon mendacity,

    An aberrent greed, a whimsical cry,
    dictates my emotions and my life,
    Its the cadence of my heartbeats or its cathersis,
    I hardly know what has me defined...


  • em_bis_me 8w

    Isn't it hard to make choices?

    Despite how confident we stand with our decision, does another one lure us with a smug on its face - "What if you had choosen me!?" But in that moment of ambivalence, are we making justification to our decision? Are we being loyal?

    Choices, though seem uncunningly democratic, lead us pondering about our fate - the fate which we have determined to be inexorable. But how can the decision we make be tied to the fate fabricated for us? Or did our brain just prevaricated fate to mollify our heart?

    And here I thought, brain and heart do not want the same thing ever.



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  • em_bis_me 8w

    Abhi Abhi Toh...

    Abhi abhi toh chalna hi seekhe the...
    Tum daudne ki gunjaish kar rhe ho
    Abhi abhi toh jeena chalu kiye the...
    Tum farz nibhane ki baat kar rhe ho ...

    Abhi toh aasman chhuna hain...
    us chand ko v zameen pe lana hain...
    Jaise dekhe the unn raton ko khwaabon mein...
    un sitaron ko v toh waise sazaane hain...

    Abhi abhi toh mohabbat huyi thi...
    Tum puri daastan ki rutwa maang rhe ho
    Abhi abhi toh zindagi suru huyi thi...
    Tum qayamat ki aagam puchh rhe ho...


  • em_bis_me 124w

    Under the silver linings of the moon,
    The cosy place within my arms,
    Far from home, a home for you,
    For long night talks and morning sun shines.

    The cravings of the 2am hearts,
    And the bliss of holding you in my arms,
    I miss your breaths, I miss your smiles,
    And those countless kisses and warm hugs,
    I miss them all, I miss you baby,
    I love you to infinity from hundreds of miles.


  • em_bis_me 129w

    Is it easy to go away?
    When you have put everything on line,
    Is it easy to stay forever?
    When you are being pushed,
    Is it easy to fall?
    When all you want is fly in the colourful sky,
    Is it easy to drown?
    When you have swam an ocean!
    Is it easy not to cry?
    When all u feel is pain and fear,
    Is it easy to cry?
    When tears dont come out anymore,

    Is it easy to accept?
    When you fear the change,
    Or Is it easy to reject?
    When you are the change!

    Is it easy to ask?
    "Is it easy?"


  • em_bis_me 141w

    Dedicate this to someone you wish to be your valentine, this valentine! ��


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    Be My Valentine!

    Be the colors to my palette,
    The stars to my sky,
    The drops of the rain in which I love to fly!

    The tunes to my song,
    The fragnance that I breathe,
    And the beats of the music to which I love to sway!

    You are my saviour,
    the queen of my dreams,
    The petals of the flower,
    I wanna keep with me.
    The glee of the moon,
    and the buzz of the night,
    You are the droplets on the rose,
    I wanna keep with me.

    You're the reason, 'am happy,
    and I can't see you cry, Oh m'lady...
    Now I feel, it's not just some affinity,
    Oh ho! Will you be my valentine!
    Oh ho! Will you come to me tonight!
    Oh... ho... Oh m'lady...
    Be my valentine!


  • em_bis_me 156w

    Long loud laughs or shallow silent shy,
    Sweet simple smiles or cursed chaotic cries,
    Flawed facade face or Early earnest eyes.

    You bear them all,
    You saw them all and yet
    You clenched them all and
    You shattered them all.

    Were those
    Prolonged probated promises or those Lousy literal lies! for the
    Trusted timeless time or those Mourning mediocre minds!


  • em_bis_me 157w

    Black n White

    Colors are perception,
    A reminiscence of the not so gray world,
    The liquor to our eyes and
    The carcasses to the dreams shredded ever,
    But stand there smiling the two,
    When all have them forgotten,
    Pictures painted by them when speaks thousands words,
    When all colors even never spoke one!


  • em_bis_me 173w

    You are...

    The dream that you dream,
    The blood that you bleed,
    The rhyms of your lines
    And the virtue of your deeds.


  • em_bis_me 174w

    You might be a writer if this line has a tone perfect to it though you know 'tone' must come after 'perfect' gramatically!