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  • elvyna 1w


    "From daylight to moonlight,
    I watched the sunrise and sunset,
    You told me you'd stick right from the on-set,
    But I've searched from dusk to dawn;
    No sign of you on this cool night.

    I brought out papers,
    Knowing fully well the day was a river of haters,
    I scribbled your name and pasted it on the board,
    Like the wind, everyone stood, waiting for my knight...
    ...From sunshine to star-light, they got bored.

    A letter to my knight,
    With you, my days shone like the stars, so bright;
    Without you, my days became like the stormy clouds...
    ...Filled with gloom and fear, the sun became proud...
    ...As there was no competition for it, my smile only you could bring".

    Yours gleefully,
    The sun in your nights.

  • elvyna 2w


    You could look at the stars,
    I'd look at his eyes,
    I could climb the hills to a unique Harry,
    But for Hilary, he could sweep the earth and drown all fairies.

    The day he came,
    Everything became still even football games...
    ...Because a Prince landed in the family of Okojie,
    Everyone merried, oh yeah!

    His mind as vast as the ocean,
    His blessings shall be twice as vast as Atlantic ocean,
    All would be great,
    Even his life would be perfect as the figure, 8.

    Happiest of birthdays, Prince.

  • elvyna 2w


    After three days, he woke,
    From death, He triumphed; the enemies broke,
    He rose, all celebrated; all stars shone, even the East's star,
    Empty became the tomb; Mary cried till she decided to lean...
    ...Leaned against her fear, strembled and search for Him,
    Mary Magdalene saw, the shock restricted her air flow,
    Risen Christ, wow!
    All would be amazed and bow.

    With the scars of the Cross, Thomas believed like a burst,
    A burst of certainty; from death He has triumphed,
    Three days, He won the battle of five hundred years to come,
    On the Cross He was nailed, but he nailed a surprise party,
    The miracle needed no event planner, Jesus, the master planner;
    Risen Christ, a Messiah and more,
    Ascension into Heaven, again would He come!

  • elvyna 2w


    Love like the world is coming to an end,
    Reach out to him, make him bend,
    And then, kiss like your life depends on it,
    Feel his heat and together, watch the world end!

  • elvyna 2w


    Thirty three years of age,
    Lashes on the back but calm like a sage,
    Oh! What a sweet rage...
    ...The pains showed like a sad grin...
    ...From friends and foes; he committed no sin.

    A good Friday,
    We could scream fri-yays,
    But this particular 6th day,
    We honor by sharing in His passion, oh yay!
    Thirty years of age and wise like a sage.

    He would rise,
    Higher than bitcoin and binance,
    He would ascend, oh! Mother Mary,
    After three days, all would hail him,
    A Messiah that doesn't retire.

    Died righteously with a crown of thorns on His head,
    With blemishes of mockery; died for us,
    And they rode him on the streets like a horse,
    He died but said, "...Forgive them..."; what a pure heart,
    Everyone realized but late it was, the Saviour died!

  • elvyna 3w


    The seas rejoice with you,
    Like the waves, your challenges are swallowed,
    Waters from far and near bows to your call,
    Even as your leadership knows no failure,
    The anchors of life shall prevent your doom,
    Ahoy! Presido, with a gleeful heart and might,
    We salute thee!
    Reign like raindrops, reign forever!

  • elvyna 3w


    It is a puzzle you can't handle,
    An engineer and politician, always a burning candle,
    He is a masterpiece, a master's well created piece,
    Taking the world by storm, he would despite the enemy's hiss,
    He's a puzzle you can't handle, full of ingenuity.

    As the King's masterpiece,
    You shall always checkmate in life's challenges,
    Win wars and create joy like the avengers,
    Floods of blessings from the Father drowns you in one piece,
    Finely created for a purpose; Earth welcomes you today as it celebrates your coming anniversary.

  • elvyna 3w


    A thousand and one reasons fail me,
    In describing someone phenomenal as the Queen of England,
    With a heart that shines brighter than the stars,
    And smiles that elevates sadness like a jet,
    Someone phenomenal with planets radiating in her eyes,
    If only the sun could contain her aura,
    I'd joyfully name it Deborah.

  • elvyna 3w


    Used to you, new to pain's hue,
    Cried but licked my tears, so salty,
    Seeing you care made me wish for immortality,
    I'm not sure my mortality is human enough,
    If you would let go now, you'd save yourself the pain of seeing me go.

    Reality is like an onion, karma is inconsistent;
    I could gather the winds if I had Merlin's gift,
    The pain of struggling, the tears of defeat,
    Letting go, no strings attached...
    ...It's best for us, like the birds, be free from tears.

    It's not frozen,
    Let it go, the emotions turn to fluid,
    Let it flow, flow out of your existence,
    Letting go, difficult but necessary,
    Used to you, don't know what to do without you.

  • elvyna 3w


    Always with you, sitting and smiling,
    Cracking jokes like crackers,
    Hugging and kissing, staring at your eyes, ecstasy;
    Days, weeks, months and years,
    So fond of one another, reason for existence,
    By your side, we made memories.

    The spot I occupied, the delicacies I made...
    ...Would cause pain than joy; I left for the unknown,
    My smiles, you would always see in your dreams,
    You would weep till your eyes get red...
    ...But then, my oxygen supply would be zero,
    By your side, my presence you would feel not see.

    I would appear just to steal a glimpse,
    Tears would flow and touch, denied,
    Bitter reality of being on ghost mode, my love would fade,
    The pain of not being able to wipe your tears, a thorn;
    By your side, I would watch you go through pain,
    By your side, I would stay as a ghost, wishing you could see me.