I am all for the humor and sarcasm “...manifesting on the tip of my quill is the violence of a meandering minstrel...”

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  • elsabiosquill 7w

    I view myself
    And my existence
    As a lonesome child
    On hands and knees
    Growing through a dark tunnel
    With pieces of myself
    Scattered around
    For my seeking hands
    Some may bleed me
    Some may complete me
    But at the end of this tunnel
    I must come out if not whole
    Then a bit wiser
    But I've never heard of the dead
    Being in need of wisdom
    Except the ones to be communicated
    With one's dying breathe.

    - Blessing, Oliaku

  • elsabiosquill 7w

    She tells you she's afraid of losing you.
    So you comfort her with words
    that don't mean much to a heart
    filled with insecurity and hurt
    But the truth is, there's no losing you
    Not this time.
    You're not wandering, you're not hovering
    You're nesting and making this soul your home
    This is it. This is her. This is home.
    Until one day you wake up to a giant space
    On your bed, where she used to lie
    And in your chest, where she used to hide
    This is it. This is you. You are alone. Again.

  • elsabiosquill 11w

    And it was so, that the moment before I died was my whole life.
    But then I lived much more than most men ever do.
    For in a blink I reached forever. In a moment, I tasted the eternal.

    - Argus, The Hundred Eyed

  • elsabiosquill 22w

    What do you do
    When you want to disappear
    As much as you want to be found?

    You're hiding hoping to be seen
    You show up, yearning to be lost
    Existence is an enigma
    And you are a faulty code

    So when fear fills you with doubts
    And leaves you in the dark
    And when your branches are too afraid to sprout
    Because you are still stuck in the dark

    Here's a little trick to help
    Close your eyes and think
    of all the fantastic things you can be
    Open your eyes and heart. Become it.
    - El Sabio

  • elsabiosquill 22w


    When there is nothing else to feel
    And pain feels you
    Pain fills you
    It is like reaching
    For nothingness
    But finding bliss
    Only to discover, you can't reach in
    So you place where words would've been, silence
    And you scream nothing into the universe
    Only, you are asleep, and when you wake up,
    you are still as you are, nothing
    - El Sabio

  • elsabiosquill 24w

    Those weren't your words
    It was the sound of my heart
    Breaking to a million bits

  • elsabiosquill 27w

    We never really were lovers
    Just two broken people
    Afraid of being alone

  • elsabiosquill 27w

    How do you know it's love?
    We touched ourselves without hands...

  • elsabiosquill 27w

    Short Conversations About Nothing

    "How can you want the one thing that isn't good for you - Me. How can you want me? "

    he asked, flushed and frustrated at her stubborn affections.

    Touching his chin, she drew his face to face hers.

    "You might be poison, darling, but I'm already dead" was what she whispered.


  • elsabiosquill 27w

    My heart