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  • elmonia 3w


    You read my mind like a book, before the thoughts even reach my mind
    You see the depth of my heart and treat me kind
    You collect every little tear drop to water the beautiful lesson that I am about to learn from all the pain
    It sound so insane
    But God, the lesson will be a reminder of how you stood by me all the time and how I need you in every single thing I do
    I know the the gray sky will soon be blue
    I trust in the process, cause you got it all under control

  • elmonia 7w


    Remember the pain
    Remember how you wanted to complain
    Remember the fears
    Remember how you hide your tears
    But please don't hold on to it
    It didn't destroy your heart beat
    Please, please don't forget the lesson, not at all
    Keep on standing tall

  • elmonia 11w

    The falling

    The falling might be fast and it might not be easy to get back up, but get up... Get up slowly.. As long as you don't stay down forever..

  • elmonia 11w

    A massage from her body

    Dear girl, you better sit down while reading this letter please
    Before we begin we want to say that we tried atleast
    It's been for years now, so don't be sad
    Please don't be mad

    Well, I am brain and I am working overtime every night
    I'm getting tired of the fight
    Could you at least stop the overthinking for a while
    I'm sure lips probably forget how it feels when you smile

    Let me please take over, well you might wonder who am I
    You made me believe that my function in your body is a lie
    Cause lately you forced me on your face, just to show others you are good
    In case you wonder, I am smile and I think you should try your best to change your mood

    My turn, oh dear I am heavy
    Heavy of all the burdens that I carry
    Stop packing everything up in my space, oh gosh, tell them how you feel, to give me a bit of relief
    Trust me I am tired of working overtime, it's even hard for me to believe

    How much tears must still roll down on me
    Oh dear have mercy on me
    I wanna feel how you smile
    I'm cheaks and I deserve to celebrate for a while

    Well, the list can go on and on, but I hope you get the message loud and clear
    We don't want you to be unhappy and full of fear
    We are worried about you
    Just so you know, we still love you

    Your body

  • elmonia 11w

    Celebrate while you can

    It's okay if they don't celebrate or rejoice with you
    Remember nobody felt how you felt when you went through it
    Nobody feel the changes of your hearbeat
    Believe me or not, but it's true
    Celebrate while you can
    Things may change soon again
    Take your moment, take it my dear

  • elmonia 12w

    First things first

    First things first
    Time to tick off my list
    I survived
    Still alive
    I can breath
    I can eat
    I can walk
    And I can talk



  • elmonia 12w

    Your hardest part

    Your hardest part may be getting out of bed
    While someone else's hardest parts is struggling not to be sad

  • elmonia 12w

    Don't give up

    It is clearly that they don't understand your praise
    Doesn't mean you should take away the smile on your face
    Doesn't mean you should start to fear
    God is near
    Don't give up on the one who knows you the best
    Yes, sometimes even He put you trough a test
    He loves you okay
    And He is here to stay
    Don't give up
    Don't give up

  • elmonia 12w

    Rest in peace

    The world known him as the funny guy who made everyone smile
    But Noone walked the mile
    Noone walked the mile with him to saw how though some parts of the road really are
    Noone saw the darkness behind the star
    Noone noticed his sorrow
    Noone knew that he won't wake up Tommorrow
    He took his life, cause he couldn't take it anymore
    Too late to say we wish we could heal the parts that were sore

    Rest In Peace

  • elmonia 15w

    At the lowest point of my life

    It is at the lowest point of my life where I Cleary see God's hands and feel His grace over my life