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    the last time they have asked for my name
    was to write it over my grave
    to left it between the tulips and peony
    hoping my death to heal
    making me wait for the arrival of dandelions forever

    when life turned it's last page
    and I looked back
    to all the pages that I have left blank
    I found nothing
    but your absence written all over it
    (your arrival is still a mirage)

    now that
    I'm under the grave
    counting the times
    I have died over your absence
    this death seems nothing
    but an end to all my deaths
    for this grave feels more home
    than the thorns of your memories

    I have told them
    to write your name
    over the epitaph of my grave
    for I'm nothing
    but the last evidence
    of your presence and absence

    they say
    ‘time and tide wait for no man'
    yet tide returns back everything
    devastated, half but there
    but time
    washes it all away
    not returning back a single glance
    I wish my death to be time
    or time to be my death
    not returning back in any way

    i remember your way to home
    straight from this graveyard
    little right from half kilometre away
    and I'm waiting for your arrival
    Like autumn waits for jasmines

    my throat carries the sins of long lost love
    I arrant your name more often
    gulping down the fears of loving you
    and loosing you at the same time

    six feet below the ground
    When I search for your fragrance
    to hold me in it's warm embrace
    death gifts me a death
    and life holds my little finger
    with a silk thread
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    so it was a summer morning
    when I woke up to the
    brightest sun in my eyes
    and that dying star of the previous night
    in my heart
    and for the first time
    I felt something
    underneath my chest
    (probably that dying star taking it's last breath)

    when I tried to open up
    how it feels to Carry a dying star
    of last night
    inside your heart/soul
    waking up to the brightest rays
    and trying to soak in the brightness
    even though your heart is filled with
    the hues of the dying stars
    I felt the lack of words
    even now
    when I'm writing
    somewhere the words are getting stuck
    and I can barely explain this

    depression! a word I hear quite often
    some seek therapists
    others just choose to be poets
    but trust me!!
    I have never wished to be a poet
    I have never wished to hide my poetries
    underneath my tongue, scars, notebooks, pillows or what not!
    you can take a tour
    and find poetries tucked inside every corner of me.

    so daddy!
    when I didn't want to be a poet anymore
    I chose to come to you
    and explained what I feel
    and how therapies can help
    you put your spects down
    kept the book aside
    looked at me
    and asked me
    if anything was wrong
    or I'm over thinking
    and told me that
    everything will get better
    (you never mentioned therapists
    you never considered my depression)

    dear R!
    I came to you then
    told you how I can't sleep anymore
    and how anxiety never lets me in
    you told me
    how my depression affects you too!
    I thought you would help me
    but you told me that
    you,being away from my life can make me get better with this
    so I lied to you

    A poet never dies
    a natural death
    somehow an unfinished poem
    gets stuck in his throat
    and somewhere between trying to write a poem
    and letting it all out
    he dies

    so this is the last Time
    I tried to write my suicide letter
    hoping to succeed
    I know it won't reach you
    but someday may be
    when you'll decide to take a tour
    know that
    Somewhere a poetry got stuck and
    I couldn't breathe anymore
    May be this is how
    I was meant to quit
    May be this is how
    You're destined to read me

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    your name on my skin
    smells like flesh and marijuana
    tastes like
    leftover hopes and a spoonful of hatred
    death feels like nerves
    scattered everywhere
    continuously caressed by salt water and love
    peeling off all it layers
    one by one

    intoxication of memories
    inhalation of miseries
    your name on my lips
    like counting rosary beads
    yet not enough of you
    and I let it infuse
    love lying on the floor,
    choking itself to death
    and your smile sparkling in my eyes
    (that constant distraction)

    this suffering serves four
    and I'm the only one here
    on the voracity of it
    love feels like
    a half sung prayer
    before funeral
    the prayer that reaches everywhere
    except the one place
    that it meant to reach

    -the space between us-
    the miles that I never counted
    the seas I have never crossed
    of all that I cared was
    the breaths that we never shared
    and the moments that were
    left alone to die

    past carries
    the memoirs of my survival
    and I here
    dying over the paradox
    of gunshots and paper cuts

    they see
    reflection of melancholy in my metaphors
    and my moribund verses
    detoriating slowly

    and I see
    a falling star
    smiling at me
    happy about it's last burning


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    intoxication of memories
    inhalation of miseries
    your name on my lips
    like counting rosary beads

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    perhaps the smiles you sent
    have forgotten their way to home
    the tears now
    scroll down to my cheeks
    and search for your name on my lips

    your name tastes
    something like
    war draped in silk
    and each time
    I take your name
    love stays just
    a gunshot away

    you said
    my heart was too heavy
    to carry around everywhere you go
    so you left it
    in the middle of the road
    & let it walk alone

    for so long I used to
    consider it home
    the 6 feet deep grave
    you buried me inside

    I wonder
    how many bodies
    have shared my soul &
    how many times
    they have fallen for you !! .
    it's scary
    how your touch
    is craved by my soul
    it's like
    something on fire
    needs soothing

    my poetries
    never ask for your presence
    they never ask for your arrival
    your absence has made them barren

    it's strange
    how time has lost it's parts
    tracing your memories
    and how I see them as whole
    even if I'm scattered

    your love
    is like a tsunami tide
    it came once in a while
    and left everything devastated

    how can I let them out??
    the pain that stings every second
    the memories that keep me away from being yours
    me living on the false promises you made
    the labyrinth of your love
    and you !! .
    my funeral will have your name
    in the air
    smelling like tulips
    & caramelised love
    overcoming the rotten smell of my death
    decaying with time

    there is love
    hardly known by some
    she may be old
    living over the flowers and the thorns
    longing for someone to hold her
    gentle but not hard
    she looks at you
    and smiles
    . -Elly

    #writersnetwork #pod #postoftheday #mirakee #writeups @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @iammusaafiir @galaxymilky @asmakhan @geraldine_mary @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    your heart has half submerged itself
    long before you have even realised
    (the reason why you are a poet)

    you see him
    in every passerby
    you see him
    in your own shadow
    but have you ever seen him
    lying right next to you
    demanding you to feel his presence??

    the thing
    you call love
    and demand
    it lying right under your ribcage
    is a landmine
    and your heartbeats
    are the steps
    (if you know what I mean)

    you can't see him in pain
    you have named yourself after pain
    how you and him
    are meant to be together!

    your body is your yard
    you either grow flowers
    or pluck them out

    they hate you
    you hate yourself
    you want to drown
    pain isn't enough
    half of your heart
    will always float

    your mouth is a graveyard
    to the promises he has buried inside
    to the excuses
    you have made not to forget him

    you haven't met sleep
    long after he has gone
    his absence still walk
    in the blank aisle of your mind
    you wish you were able to sleep!

    your love is a curse
    his love is panacea
    where are you heading to??
    depression is eating you ??
    or you are having depression in dinner?
    both will end you anyway

    you are a poet
    your pain is poetry
    you are a poet
    your drowning is poetry .

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