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  • elisebeth 38w

    Night fall

    Her worries slipped off her shoulders the moment she entered the door
    The day was long
    And she needed something familiar

    It didnt take long for her eyes to meet his gaze
    He knew her body well
    Her body language told him everything her lips failed to confess
    "Your bath is ready and when you're done come let me love you" he said
    Impressed with his calm but commanding demeanor
    Her lips curled into a smile

    The bath was warm
    And having the elements of the day washed away brought her some relief
    But nothing was more satisfying than crawling into his bed
    She lived for night falls like this
    Where the only things to entangle her are his arms and his sheets

    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 39w

    Silent Goodbyes

    I use to think that every unsettling thought needed to be said
    And that it was always better to mend things that appeared broken

    I soon learned that there is a paper thin line
    Between compromising for love and compromising self love

    That it is not okay to keep sweeping things under the rug
    For the fear of losing someone

    I've grown to understand that choosing me doesn't mean I'm the bad guy
    And one of the highest forms of self love
    Is not waiting around for my feelings to be validated
    But silently saying goodbye to the things that no longer serves me

  • elisebeth 41w

    Dear Soulmate

    Allow me the opportunity to dip my pen
    In the ink that is you
    And write down all the things that make you lovely

    Like how my soul awakens when you say my name
    Or how your laughter chases away the lingering sadness left on my lips
    Let me write about all the ways you've loved me
    Openly and honestly
    Through all the changing seasons of our lives

    Let me color your flaws in bright hues
    So the world can see how much beauty there is to the once darkest side of you
    Lets write poetry
    About how you've turned deserts into gardens
    And picker patches into your playground
    Experiencing life in its entirety with gratitude written all over your face

    Allow me the opportunity to dip my pen
    In the ink that is you
    To write down all the things that make me proud to say your love is true

  • elisebeth 42w


    I think of him as though he is an ex lover
    One I'd hoped kept his distance forever
    But never actually does

    He never spears my heart when he returns
    Taking the unexpected with him
    Reminding me I never had control

    Regardless of the many prayers I've enveloped and addressed to our maker,
    He remains ruthless in his cause
    Taking a piece of me everytime he visits
    Keeping them as his very own souvenirs

    I know the last visit he pays me would be special
    And I hope he is kind enough to spear me the theatrics
    I hope his smile is warm as he extends his hands
    Waiting to reunite what's left my existence
    With the pieces of me he once stole....


  • elisebeth 43w

    She is magic

    She seldomly finds herself quiet and uninterrupted
    Left only with thoughts and emotions
    Waiting feverishly to be explored

    Sometimes her life gets so hectic
    That she forgets the magic her mind creates
    And that her spirit is most divine in its rawest form

    She is not easily ruffled
    The noise does not bother her
    She turns pain into her masterpiece
    And her passions become her lifestyle

    It's in these moments,
    Quiet and uninterrupted
    She is reminded
    That she is rooted, regardless of the season her life is in

    She is magic


  • elisebeth 48w


    I tilt my head towards the light
    The way flowers do
    When they're being kissed by the sun
    Welcoming the warmth I so rightfully deserve after a full night of darkness...

    I surrender to the motion of the breeze
    Swaying Left then right
    Right then left
    I am content,
    At ease
    I am overflowing with love
    I am at peace
    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 48w


    What I think of myself has always been more important than what you've thought of me.
    I have peeled away the picture you painted of me
    I've danced on the broken words you threw at my feet
    I've discovered and rediscovered my strength every time you tried shading me in the darkest corners of your mind
    I see you, you dark and insecure little being.
    Not enough courage to show your true colors but bold enough to think you know mine...

  • elisebeth 49w

    I am her

    I am her,
    A sister
    Who's breath was snuffed away
    By the hands of another
    Simply because, I walked by conveniently

    I am her,
    Who left for work early
    In an attempt to provide for my family
    And never returned
    I am her,
    Who loved so blindly,
    Beaten so brutally and made makeup my best friend

    I am her,
    Silenced with threats
    Because I attempted to speak up
    I am her
    Stripped of my innocence
    Long before I knew how babies came to being

    We are all her,
    A sisterhood,
    Standing on the pile of bones of all those who did not make it
    Saying to you,


  • elisebeth 52w

    depression anxiety #writers

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    All I have to do is move!
    My story will not be that of the girl who stood paralyzed while darkness had its way
    I will not lay flat while it tries to swallow me whole
    I will fight damn it!

    Today, the shadows will not know my face
    Light will grace me with her presence instead
    I will feel her warmth and I will embrace her tightly
    I, will become her

    Laughter will fill my stomach
    And fresh air, my lungs
    I will win today...
    I will move

  • elisebeth 53w

    Self love

    She held heaven at her fingertips
    Her lips were soft to touch
    Her chest would rise and fall
    At the thoughts her mind explored

    She paid attention to every detail
    As her hands brushed against her heated skin
    Tracing every curve and scar
    Reminding her of the goddess within

    Her own breath she'd captured
    As her fingers trailed between places dying to be loved by her
    Swollen with anticipation
    And drenched in feverish desire

    She'd dip into herself
    Again... and again
    Until she found herself spent
    Serving as a beautiful reminder
    That she has and always will be
    The epitome of love itself...