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  • elisebeth 5w


    I find myself watching the river run its course
    Easily making it's way around and over the rocks
    Calmly moving away any debris
    Relatively undisturbed,
    Unbothered by the path ahead

    And I hope that I too,
    Can someday move though life with such fluidity
    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 12w

    Reality is

    The branches we've once extended to each other has withered its leaves
    Reality has cut into the roots we've planted
    And dug it all up
    Unearthing the ugly truth
    That actions mismatched words
    And smiles no longer curl our lips when our eyes meet
    We've become okay, with not being okay
    Perfect strangers bound by pride
    Finding it difficult to admit
    We were both messing things up
    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 12w

    Lost and Found

    Sifting through the pieces of myself
    I can no longer identify with
    Is sort of like deep cleaning at home
    You never know what will resurface

    Bittersweet memories pop up in the form of keepsakes
    Like finding myself after slipping beneath a bed of self doubt
    Or facing the traumas I've once swept under the carpet
    It's like replacing souls I've outgrown
    With ones that makes mine soar
    Its me,
    Unapologetically manifesting, redirecting and recreating everything deserving a place in my home
    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 15w


    I sit, legs folded on the floor
    After throwing the bags off of my shoulder
    I exhaled deeply as my eyes analyze what was in front of me
    What to throw away?
    What to keep?

    As I sift through what seemed to contain everything that has made me, me
    Every experience and every emotion
    Looked back at me as if to say,
    "It's your call now"

    And after much deliberation I decided not to throw a single thing
    But instead change the way I carried them
    I seperated my experiences into different bags
    Putting regret, heartbreak and betrayal in one and calling it life lessons
    Happy moments were placed in treasured memories
    Hardship was placed under resilience and strength

    Now, whenever I'm in need of these things
    I pick the bag I need the most
    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 15w

    Road trip

    I live for the moments
    When I can let my hair down and watch the wind make it dance
    For the island music
    And scenic views
    I long to step away from the hassle of everyday living
    Taking my exit from simply existing
    And stepping out where adventure awaits me
    I long for the freedom to be
    Everything I am meant to be
    Without having to worry what's behind in the rear view morror
    © bits_of_liz

  • elisebeth 18w

    The Sun in my Sky

    I have become a worrior
    Protecting the heart roaming outside of my chest
    An expert explorer
    Guiding him on this adventure called life
    A proud teacher
    Cheering him on as he challenges himself
    A doctor
    Addressing the pain of his many bumps and bruises
    A counselor
    Helping him understand those complicated feelings
    A chef
    To create with love, his favorite meals
    And let's not forget to mention
    A date to fun Friday night movies
    And while I became all these things for him,
    For me , from the very first glance he became
    My definition of unconditional, unimaginable, heart warming love
    A Never ending source of joy accompanied by an equal amount of fright
    For how can I ever begin to imagine being a sky without my sun..

  • elisebeth 20w

    #hope inspiration

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    My hope for you

    I hope you find the peace you are searching for
    That love finds you
    And never leaves your side

    I hope forgiveness works it's way into your heart
    And chases away any feeling of resentment you have

    I hope you find solice in knowing that a new day awaits you
    Filled with new and exciting possibilities

    I hope that when the tears clear from your eyes
    You understand that sometimes people treat you the way they see themselves
    And you are in no way defined by the pain they inflict

    I hope that when the storm comes you stand tall, chin up, face forward
    And say your name loudly from your gut
    Just so it knows you're a force to be reckoned with,
    Because honey, you are all that and more


  • elisebeth 23w


    There are three sides to a story
    Something we don't like to admit
    And while nothing justifies a shitty personality
    Not everyone is ready for the truth
    Not everyone is entitled to "I am sorry"
    And I'm sorry to be an asshole while you're on the journey to self discovery
    But sometimes our nose is too high in the air
    To smell the crap we've been serving to the ones we claim to care about.
    We've all been hurt a time or two
    Maybe three or four undeserving ones
    But we act like we take and take without serving some
    Truth is we drive each other apart
    When honesty from the beginning could have resolved all of that.
    " I did not like when.."
    " I'm not ready for.. "
    " I feel uncomfortable when"

    Are all conversation starters that could save us from hurting one another...


  • elisebeth 26w

    My Muse

    Let me undress your mind
    Before the clothes fall
    Allow me to rediscover parts of you
    You've long forgotten exisited

    Let me enlighten you
    Take flight with you
    On cloud 69
    While I invade your thoughts 24/7
    And taint them with the memory of my every touch

    Forgive me for the long stares
    As I capture every distinguishing feature
    That I intend to kiss
    When the time comes

    Allow me the opportunity to make you my muse
    And watch as I slowly become yours

  • elisebeth 26w

    What I would tell her

    The question is often asked,
    "What would you tell your younger self?"
    I would tell her don't cry over boys who have no clue what they want
    And forgiveness does not entitle anyone to a second chance with her
    That boundaries are meant to protect her
    And that her value is not measures by being compared nor does it require her to compete.
    I would tell her to embrace each moment,
    Even the unpleasant ones
    Wear that outfit she loved without a care
    And laugh a lot more
    That sometimes we miss opportunities to really be happy
    When we're too busy studying "what if".
    I would tell her to listen more,
    Else we miss the chance to understand others
    And to practice being vocal and honest about her feelings instead of running away from them.
    Most importantly, she should know
    Life is a lesson and even if she didnt know all these things before
    To not worry about it
    In the end, she'll still be okay