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  • elimaria 5w


    For the first time in a long time
    I'm willing to try something different
    I want it to be permanent
    Calling someone mi amor
    That's my way of saying I want more
    They say keep your friends close
    But your enemies closer
    So instead of friends let's be enemies
    I'm okay with us fighting
    So long as we do it together
    Have fun and create memories

  • elimaria 7w


    I'm going out tonight
    And well aware that anything I'll do will be anything but right
    Might do stuffs I'll probably regret later
    But when I'll reminisce it'll just call for laughter
    Drink and have some fun
    Sleep and wake up to the rising sun
    At least once in a while
    I get to do things without asking myself why

  • elimaria 7w

    Guardian angel

    Whenever I feel left out
    Or just want to be left alone
    I know you're always here
    You're my comfort zone
    Every day I make sure I pray
    Even when I run out of words to say
    Or runaway and hide in fear
    I need you to draw me near
    At every opportunity
    I call on you for security
    You help me restore my faith
    And assure me it's never too late

  • elimaria 8w


    Telling you to move on
    That's easier said than done
    You'll have to do it anyway
    Can't afford to sit and wait everyday
    What goes around comes around
    Is that why you expect them to come around?
    You think they'd apologize
    But all they have to say are more lies
    Trying to forgive and forget the past
    Making sure the grudge and hurt don't last
    They still do it over and over again
    Then you realize all your efforts were in vain

  • elimaria 8w

    Daily routine

    It's a new day
    I'm thankful so I kneel down and pray
    I take a shower
    Dress up and breakfast later
    I'm off to work
    Wishing I don't do much work
    Still trusting the process
    And hope it leads to sucess

  • elimaria 8w

    "way out"

    Am surrounded by people
    Yet I still feel isolated
    I'm trying to reach out
    But I don't want to seem desperate
    I feel like I'm being shut out
    I'm losing it at this rate
    Listening to the voice in my head
    So I don't make the wrong choice
    Keeping my thoughts to myself
    I remain silent in fear
    I have a lot to say
    wish someone was here
    At least to show me way out


  • elimaria 8w

    I pick up my pen
    Count to ten
    How do I start?
    I wish I could press restart
    All I want to do is write
    Even if I don't get it right
    At least I might be someone's candle light
    Help in that darkness
    Get rid of the bitterness

  • elimaria 9w


    It's my time so I'll do what I want
    Whatever I do is fine
    I don't even care if I cross the line
    Don't see my efforts and tell me I relent
    Cause me to sin then ask me to repent
    It's my time so let time be my guest
    Last time I checked am the only one left
    So don't text me
    U'll vex me
    Probably just want to sex me
    Then ex me

  • elimaria 9w


    Since we never talk
    Let's try taking a walk
    Am looking at my reflection
    And all that comes to my mind is perfection
    Trying to get there sucks
    I find out am only making myself look worse
    What's with all these mirrors on the wall
    They've never made me look tall
    I'll shatter it to pieces
    So I can have some peace
    Finally I can walk freely down the hallway
    Not worrying about tripping halfway

  • elimaria 9w

    The only one

    If I make u mine
    Out of ten u'll forget the remaining nine
    I'll give you a reason not to leave my side
    Cuz it'll be a long ride
    Tell u to hold on
    Even when you're not strong
    And am not sure for how long
    Rough times may come our way
    But I'll never listen to what others have to say
    If we do fight
    Let's never keep each other out of sight
    I'll earn my place in your heart as the only one
    Not just anyone but your number one