A wanderer drifting here and there in thoughts, still searching, for the path that calls out to oneself

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  • elicia 36w

    Please let me know if there's any way to access old drafts on here. It used to at least give us that option of seeing our old drafts even thu drafts have been limited, but now I can't even access them anymore.��

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    Draft & Switching to a New Platform

    Mirakee has changed a lot since I went on hiatus. Now drafts are limited and I'm not sure how to access those old ones I had on here. I mostly transitioned from writing poems to thinking about writing stories, so I'm moving onto another story writing platform called ScribbleHub. It's much better platform for story writing and adding chapters, since miraquill is mostly in the form of posts. Sorry my followers, I know it's been awhile, only to say I'm moving.

  • elicia 78w

    On a Haitus for now.
    Too many things on mind.
    Many things need to re-focus.

    Until the next time, when poet's inspiration takes captive of the mind once again.

  • elicia 82w

    Life in Metropolis and Even in Our Current Life

    Everything must come out fast, fast and fast.

    On the go food, multitasking several things at a time, always running to get to the next destination...

    Image filtered and cropped. Original image from Holgi on Pixabay: #miami #city

    #city #modernlifestyle #grey

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    Life is too Quick

    Everyone's gasping for air
    In this life of a fast-moving pace
    Where has the time gone and spent
    Toiling away everyday at work and life
    Dreaming of all these lovely times afterward
    Knowing full well they may never happen

    Breathing in the cold air
    The deafening sound of incessant traffic
    Drowns out the cries of many hearts and minds
    The endless necessities in life is a heavy weight
    Struggling to make each new day's needs met
    What seems temporary becomes permanent

    Rosy tinted glasses become covered in fog
    Souls that were once full of color turn ashen
    Matching the colors of our grey surroundings
    We fall into a march of endless routines
    Not treasured, but just enough to be sustainable
    Losing bit by bit, what we cherish and hold dear


  • elicia 83w

    By unknown writer

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    When in doubt, don't pause
    Sometimes it just take a leap of faith
    Adventure into something new

    Rather than just waiting on the other side of the fence,
    Make your plans to action
    Hard as it seems
    You'll thank the day you decided to take a leap of faith
    And jump towards your dreams

  • elicia 85w

    Cleaning my old draft closet. ��

    Originally written a long while ago (about a yr?). Rewrote draft completely.

    Sometimes, when you've been by yourself for so long, does it start to feel more comfortable to just stay by yourself and let your mind wonder in its solo drive?

    Or does it still bother you about being isolated from one another, when it looks so close to overcome but still so too far away to reach over?

    Sometimes, it seems more comforting to just always do things by yourself instead of sharing your experiences with others. It becomes a natural feel to push others away, instead of pulling them closer.

    But is that truly the way you want things to stay? Or do you want something more?

    #loneliness #lonely #comfortablewithloneliness #isolation #comminicating #socializing

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    The Loneliness that Sinks In

    Loneliness sinks in
    Yearning for someone to connect to
    But the chance it present itself is hard
    Sometimes its awkward, sometimes none at all

    Makes you ponder for a moment or two
    If it's worth it to step outside of one's boundaries
    And so it begins, accepting it of sorts
    The loneliness that rolls in, like a gray ashen fog

    It makes you comfy
    Delusions slowly eroding in on your openness
    Your willingness to share and bond fades
    As you begin embracing it, like a blanket

    You begin to feel its more secure by yourself
    Better than to worry what others think of you
    You can just be by yourself, and nothing to hide
    To battle against the world all it needs is just you

    But then it shutters you in
    You don't see the hand reaching out to you
    Until eventually it decides it has spent enough
    And moves to find a way to better for itself too

    And even then you might not realize
    Maybe one day, years later, or just whenever
    Until its too late to turn the clock back
    And the loneliness this time fully envelopes you

    It will contract only to occasionally expand
    Squeezes some bits of your soul and then some
    And that despair of being all alone again
    Washes over you, drowns you in a way

    Because that loneliness will follow through
    And the gap it causes preventing us to connect
    To share the joys, the happiness, the laughter
    Leaving us to trail only after its unhappy wake

  • elicia 85w

    Trying make sense of a long forgotten draft. I need to clear some drafts in order to reserve some room for more useful drafts to be made, especially with the draft limit nowadays �� ��

    The older we get, the more we become cynical and radiate less positive, bright and happy energy.

    Sometimes we just drift by to go along the way in life.
    And when that does happen, often times we give up a part of ourselves that makes us excited and stare in awe at what the world has to offer before us.

    We just live to get by, but not truly living as we once were. Some things had to give in life, but if given the chance, would you take the risk to find what your true passions are once again? Or do you already know what's the likely outcome so you don't even bother to dream it anymore?

    #growingup #gettingolder #innocence #energetic #lostenergy #maturity #skeptical #tired #bored #dullness #soul #exhaustion

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    It's kinda funny what children sees
    The first ride on a bus may seem adventuresome
    But an adult will see it as another daily hassle

    Children eh?
    How interesting and exciting things they see
    But as the years go by and we grow older
    So do the dullness that takes hold in our eyes


  • elicia 86w

    Hope everyone is doing well and still staying safe and taking care.

    #world #stars #fate #journey #travel #life #paths #explore #setsail #dreaming #peace #discover #harmony

    Image from jplenio on Pixabay: #ocean #starrysky #milkyway #rest #night #stars

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    Sailing Along the World's Paths

    Time flies
    When everything is in suspense
    Propelled by invisible strings
    That cover the world in its web of fate
    What lies entrenched in these silver lines
    Are countless questions of what lies yonder
    Of how to rejoice, how to reconstruct, and build
    How to explore to what awaits us still
    All while keeping afloat through our journeys
    In this plane of existence
    That is just as mysterious
    Dreaming of a better destiny
    A better harmony

  • elicia 90w

    Just something random
    Idk if it makes sense
    By unknown writer

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    A 100 words of today may not even describe a 100 words of tomorrow.

  • elicia 91w

    Just fyi, part of reason why I haven't made any progress to the story #LSSID yet

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    Stories really do depend on the mood don't they?
    There was a time where I could picture dark themed stories
    But now, its long gone. Replaced by mood to write some slice of life or some fluffiness
    Ah the world, how interesting your ways are in making us a writer eh?

  • elicia 91w


    I wanna scribble, i wanna draw
    Let all the pent up irritations flow out
    But the timing just doesn't seem right
    Or my thoughts just can't flow right now
    So all i can do is sit here and watch
    Drip drop, half of motivation already long gone
    The other half just watching it slowly fade away