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  • elhuzzy 21w

    Day by day,
    We are walking closer to doomsday.
    How long will it take us to reach this day?
    Maybe thousand years,
    Or billion hours?

    I don't know,
    Does anyone knows?
    Who knows?
    The day we'll stop breathing,
    The day we'll be dead and stop living.

    Nobody knows this moment,
    When our clothing will be white garments,
    And the grave will be our new apartment.
    Does anyone knows this day?
    When we'll be buried with sand and the wet clay.

    ©Yahuza Abdulkadir

  • elhuzzy 21w


    If i die tonight,
    The birds will cry in the morning and the dogs will bark at night,
    For a great tree has fallen.

    If i die tonight,
    Pray for me,
    Let my name remain on your lips,
    As it always was.

    If i die tonight,
    Don't be scared to call my name,
    Recall the good times, beautiful memories, laughter and fun.

    If i die tonight,
    My life has come to an end,
    With so many words left untold.

    If i die tonight,
    Know that I'm resting in peace,
    Don't be sad put your life at ease.

    If i die tonight,
    Don't stand at my grave and weep,
    Know that I still live in your heart.

    If i die tonight,
    My story will touch the people that know me near and far.

    If i die tonight,
    Don't flood the bluegreen nation with stories of my demise,
    I wouldn't want it this way.

    If i die tonight,
    Know that a small disease subdue and defeated me,
    I'm going to rest in heaven with my ancestors.

    If i die tonight,
    Please know that the angels came looking for me earlier than I thought.

    If i die tonight,
    Don't hesitate to tell the world that I have answered my final call in heaven,
    Till we meet to part no more.

    If i die tonight,
    I'm saying a permanent goodbye,
    Until we meet in jannah.

    ©Yahuza Abdulkadir

  • elhuzzy 23w

    I thought nothing would go wrong in my life,

    I was thinking that happiness and comfort are my two best friends.

    My mind intimidated me to accept that moments of joy would last.

    I believed that everything will be alright,
    And good things would be my companions.

    But, I never knew that it's just a dream,

    The good in me now fade away,
    I'm losing my sanity.

    Darkness surrounds my timid heart,

    My world is falling apart.

    I know soon death would come,
    With a knock at my door step.

    I wish I could rest in peace while I live,

    But, it's too late to cry when the head is cut off.

    ©Yahuza Abdulkadir

  • elhuzzy 24w


    I love you so much that I believed,
    Without you I can't survive.
    You were so kind to me, till you left me.
    You left me in tears, now I'm aggrieved.

    I couldn't believe I've changed this way.
    I can't resist the pain,
    Sniffing is my new plane.
    Thinking that it will give me the relief I crave.

    I wish I could change,
    I try to convince myself but it's all so strange.
    Drugs has taken over me, it's now eating up my soul.
    Smoking has turned my skin black, like a piece of charcoal.

    Drugs has taken away my freedom, it took away my choice,
    You could even hear it in my voice.
    I'm now addicted to drugs and alcohol,
    It makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.

    Sometimes I feel like I can fly,
    I have nothing to worry about when I'm high.
    Addiction has caused me so much pain,
    It made me go crazy and insane.

    It took away my dignity,
    My head was taking me away from reality,
    I put my family to shame,
    With no one blame.

    I really want to quit,
    But the next day I get back to it.
    I lost hope and happiness,
    I need to end this before death leaves me soulless.


  • elhuzzy 25w

    Shekaru biyar da suka gabata,
    Ita ce kadai a raina.

    Bazan iya misalta yadda nake sonta ba,
    Abun ya wuce tunanina.

    Gani nake rayuwa babu ita,
    Zan iya rasa raina.

    Ko da ta mini laifi,
    Nakan daure domin ita ce farin cikina.

    Rana kwatsam! Ta juya mini baya,
    Abun mamaki wai ta gujeni.

    Hakan ya haddasa mini matsaloli,
    Kullum ina cikin tunani.

    Ji nake babu ita,
    Nima babu ni.

    Na rasa yadda zanyi,
    Son ta dashi Allah ya jarrabeni.

    Ita ce mace ta farko,
    Da na fara so a rayuwata.

    Farkon haduwarmu,
    Nayi tunanin cewa zata kawo farin ciki a rayuwata.

    Kamar da wasa,
    Ni da ita muka zamo tamkar jini da hanta.

    Dalilinta yasanya ban kula kowa,
    Burina shine ta zamo matata.

    Amma yau naje gidansu,
    Ta mini korin wulakanci.

    Nace ta tsaya ta saurareni,
    Tace mun bata da lokaci.

    Wayyo Allah! Ya zanyi,
    Rayuwata ta shiga kunci.

    Ji nake kamar zan mutu,
    Banda sauran numfashi.


  • elhuzzy 29w

    Depression and sadness,
    Has always been there,
    With happiness comes ease and comfort.

    You can fail a thousand times,
    That doesn't describe you a failure,
    You can get up and try again.

    Your heart may be broken,
    Don't be sad if the people you love decide to leave you,
    Moving on is a way of life.

    On the road to success,
    There will always be obstacles, pain, trials and tribulations.
    But that will only shape and mould you to be the best.


  • elhuzzy 29w

    Idan ka rasa Allah,
    Idan ka samu Allah,
    Shi kadai zai iya kareka a duk inda kake,
    To shin me zai sa kayi sake.

    Ko nuna gazawarka,
    Wajen bautawa ubangijinka,
    Kasani cewa ranar wanka cibi bai boyuwa,
    Kaico! Dan uwa kana sane da ranar tashin kiyama?

    Ranar da zamu tsaya gaban mahaliccinmu,
    Ranar da za'a yi mana hisabi daidai da kwayar zarra abunda muka aikata,
    Yi kokari ka gyara ayyuyanka,
    Domin kasamu rahamar ubangiji a wannan ranar.


  • elhuzzy 29w

    I listened to my inner voice,
    I live each and every single day,
    Based on my choice.

    I followed my passions,
    And I keep believing in myself,
    Someday I will shine.

    How I live my life,
    Is up to me
    I cannot hide myself from me.

    I know,
    And believed,
    The future will is bright.


  • elhuzzy 35w



    The first time I saw you,
    I was thought that,
    You are the Ideal girl to beloved.

    Everyday my heart yearns for you,
    Thinking there was no one like you.
    I felt without you, I won't survive.

    I gave you all my life,
    But at last you hurt my feelings,
    You betrayed me in a way I couldn't believe.

    You once said that,
    You'll never let me down,
    But you left me to battle with my feelings and emotions.

    You ruined my life,
    I now understand that you're evil,
    You make me have no future at all.

    Sometimes I have to sit in the rain,
    To wash away all my pain.
    Nothing good left for me in this world.


  • elhuzzy 36w


    Day and night;
    I search for you,
    You are nowhere to be found,
    All the years without you has been tough for me.

    As i look up to the sky,
    I can still remember the day,
    When death came knocking at the door
    17th November 2006.

    Those sad memories still reflects in my view,
    I can see you laying in your white coffin,
    I cried wholeheartedly,
    I can't believe that you're gone forever.

    ©Yahuza Abdulkadir