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  • elf_babalola 3w

    Point breaker

    The little boy wants to be an attacker
    He wants to learn how to run faster
    The boy wants to play for barca
    Or any other team in Manchester
    He wants to make money to cater for his mother
    But before all these are dreams he is still a waiter
    This is not the sound of a bazooka
    But this sound represent more damage that can be caused by a revolver
    Pain only brought by a heartbreaker
    Pain that can't be eliminated by pain killer
    In life you loose something to get something unending trade by barter
    Our progress is determined by how well we use data
    Don't worry about it you would surely have at least a hater
    But recovering from your pains would make you greater

  • elf_babalola 3w

    Desire to be the one

    I wish I am the one
    I pray I am the one
    I hope to be the one
    I want to be the one
    Can u let me be the one
    For you can I be the one
    I am trying my best to be the one
    I would be very happy if I am the one
    Please I want to be the one

  • elf_babalola 4w

    Letter to Antoinette

    You are special to me
    You are like an angel to me
    You are precious to me
    You are like medicine to me
    You are like the sun to me
    Because you brighten my day
    I want you to be the one for me
    Because I can do anything for you
    I want your heart and kind to belong to me
    I would cherish and protect it
    Your smile is happiness to me
    Your love would mean everything to me

  • elf_babalola 12w


    I am short of words
    My head and my heart are fighting with a sword
    I have a lot of feelings to express I wish I had a billboard
    I would have sang my feelings to you but I don't have the perfect chord
    Saying a few words will make me feel like am committing fraud
    I can't speak right now but if u ask me if I am happy for you I will reply with a nod

  • elf_babalola 15w

    Tired of life

    Life is running out of juice
    Life is running into it's end
    Life is drowning out my cry for help
    Why does life exist
    Why does life keep running
    Why can life be affected by so many things
    Your life affected by how another person runs their life
    Does the life even belong to them

  • elf_babalola 15w

    My Age

    When you ask me about my age
    I think should I tell you how long life has felt like a cage
    Maybe I should tell you how long I have been writing my feelings on a page
    Should I count all the years life was smooth because my parents took me on a carriage
    No stress during those years I did not have to worry about my luggage
    I feel I should count from when my mind was opened by a sage
    The sage told me you can make impact you don't have to be on a stage
    But I could start counting from when I earned my first wage
    It was so little everyone said manage
    So I bought some things and kept in a storage
    Then I woke and I was in rage
    I realized everything has been stolen even the smallest of the baggage
    I should be like everyone and count from when I was born that is my real age

  • elf_babalola 15w

    All am about

    What should I talk about
    What can I tell you that you won't doubt
    Sit down and please I can't offer you stout
    I want to talk to you am not someone that does things for clout
    And you should listen am sure you are not a tout
    Listen carefully to every word that comes out of my mouth
    Read my lips when you hear no sound even if I pout
    Know why I made those choices why I took that route
    Why I chose to keep most of my thoughts inwards and not speak out

  • elf_babalola 15w


    All I feel is pain
    I all I get the chance to feel is pain
    Even when I am staying on my lane
    I suddenly get flogged with a cane
    Even when no one has anything to gain
    They keep inflicting pain again and again
    Sometimes I just like staying under the rain
    It relieves the pain and keeps me sane

  • elf_babalola 15w

    Listening with just one ear

    I feel chills because of fear
    I hold a lot of sadness maybe more than I can bear
    But no matter how much I hold my heart would not tear
    No matter how much I speak out only few people care
    Stop being sad you tell me like it is a dare
    But if you put you in my shoes you won't stand to be fair
    I feel like am that gray in a head full of black hair
    They say keep hoping the greener pasture is near
    Like two shoes you and your joy are a pair
    But to me their analogy is a fabric with a big tear
    I might use it but it something I won't wear

  • elf_babalola 15w

    My suicidal moment

    There is a bridge over a river
    The bridge is not far from my house
    No one has jumped into it
    I can't swim I don't know what will happen if I jump
    I might float u know
    I might very well sink
    What i want won't matter
    What I want has never mattered
    Why will the river care when even humans don't
    Just let me sink in like an object no meaning no use
    Wash my away pain slowly
    Washing it away thoroughly
    Washing it so well it keeps me in never lets me go back to where I get pain
    At least I have never heard of a soul insane not to talk of in pain
    But for my body I feel pity
    Six feet under is not nice for a body holding such a tortured soul
    But my gladness is it won't feel the humiliation
    I will feel it my last pain
    Then finally peace
    The peace I want
    Am ready to die