A mage with human impurities

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  • egnolnuges 7w


    Every set of twins hails from Isokun.
    A relative of monkeys you are
    Hoping and jumping from one tree branch to the other
    Jumping helter-skelter, you landed in a wretched man’s place
    Turning around his misfortunes
    A rare set of children that commands much and undue honour and respect from even their parents
    To your stepmother, you are an unwelcome sight
    But to your very mother, you are both emperors of two empires!

    (Adapted from the Yoruba panegyrics for twins)

  • egnolnuges 8w


    To be by meself is to be unbridled
    Free to perch and welcome to any branches
    But the age is ripe
    The rite of passage calleth
    My loins is full and bubbling with seeds
    And my ifẹ is ready to receive

    But uncharted territories scare me
    Mistakes can be borne by myself
    Not when a child is involved
    My father's shadow scares me
    Will I walk in them?
    Will my examples raise a fruitful offspring?
    Am I ready to be a father?!
    Won't I mess it up?
    When they trip and fall, will my heart be filled with courage not to break
    How will I shield them from the many toxic influences that lurks at every corner?
    Will I let them live and not choke them with my expectations?
    Won't I project my mistakes on them

    My age is ripe and full of seeds


  • egnolnuges 8w


    A hand outstretched
    Rips me out of the way
    The scuffle legendary
    16 seater bus
    9 passengers

    Enough space for everyone
    But this is Lagos
    Everyone is in a hurry
    Each trying to outdo the others
    Tempers flared
    Egos bruised

    No apologies rendered
    Just a pat on my shoulder
    Like we just won a war to get into heaven
    16 seater bus
    9 passengers


  • egnolnuges 13w


    Fear pervades
    then cripples the mind

    True freedom comes when you have learnt and mastered boldness

    Freedom to speak your mind
    be who you want to be
    live in darkness knowing your heart is full of light.


  • egnolnuges 16w


    When they brought you
    Our fathers smiled and our mothers leaped
    A feast at the palace marked your erection
    Finally, action match words
    'We have been remembered!'
    Electricity beckons; darkness be gone
    Cement pole

    Returning from elementary school
    We admire your gait and share tales of your coming
    How we would watch men in boxes;
    Bright courtyard
    Ironed clothes to school
    Alas it was never so

    Now, boys have became fathers
    Black hair turned gray
    The poles have turned green
    A host for parasitic plants
    We look forlorn at the pole
    A symbol of lies and hope that will never be
    The government officials have simply used the poles to get us to the polls.
    After winning they abandoned us.


  • egnolnuges 17w


    Young birds, smooth feathers
    To the scars of life
    Lessons from my tumbles
    So without ruffles you may spot your feathers
    longer than us.
    Love fearlessly and fiercely
    For that's a representation of yourself and not who you love.
    Dying makes living worthless but;
    Embrace life
    For you only die once but live everyday...


  • egnolnuges 30w

    My Dove 18+

    My dove isn't a dove
    She's a crow covered in talcum
    My dove is not a dove
    She a raging nympho
    with an incredible urge
    to have all her orifices filled
    with throbbing veins.
    She's an acrobatic
    doing 360 on her supposed cousin's shaft.
    My dove gets shy with me
    But deep throat a 7 inch
    without a whim
    Dark as midnight
    A beautiful witch that feeds on heart
    My dove isn't a dove
    She's a crow covered in talcum


  • egnolnuges 36w

    The world does not like ugly.

    Excuses are made for the pretty.


  • egnolnuges 36w



  • egnolnuges 36w


    Don't love her too much;
    she will forsake you