Simple emotions poured in the form of quotes, poetry, heart talks, microtales and captions. - Mahima Ahuja

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  • effectivewords 80w

    Letting mom choose our clothes

    Making our own life decisions.

    We all grew up!

  • effectivewords 81w

    Most annoying feeling?

    When someone who used to understand
    you every single time in the past has started
    misunderstanding your every word or action.

  • effectivewords 81w

    How to let go off someone?

    Honestly, there is no universal formula to this
    because until you yourself set your mind to this thing that you have to let go off your past for a better future, no one can help you out in this.

  • effectivewords 81w

    Can you forget your first love? No. But can love happen twice? Yes. Now let me explain the theory behind this. Obviously, second love cannot replace the first one. While we all have our past experiences and if one person turned out to be wrong for us then it doesn't mean that you're gonna stay alone for the rest of your life just because you've forced your mind to believe that second love doesn't exist. You have to move on because staying stuck at a point won't really help instead make it more difficult for you. Letting yourself find someone who wants to be with you is not bad and once your find your right person, trust me nothing else will feel better than that.

  • effectivewords 81w


    To everyone who doesn't feel like showing
    participation, you're free to back out. But do
    not mock the rest of the people who want to
    do this in order to appreciate each and every
    person who has chosen their job over their
    own family. I'm sure half of us can't even think
    of doing this. So please do not make fun of it because according to you it is a stupid idea.
    Keep your consent to yourself because no
    one is forcing you to do it. Just put your mind games aside and let the nation stick together.

  • effectivewords 81w

    The future of a relationship depends on not just one but two people involved. Because imagine clapping with your one hand alone. Is that possible? No. Similarly, one person in a relationship cannot make things work out if the other person isn't willing to put his equal effort. Until both the people happen to realise the importance of what they feel for each other and how stupid it is to give up, nothing can help. That togetherness is really important for anything to fall into place and if that is missing, no magic is going to fix the mess silently.

  • effectivewords 81w

    When it is okay for people to enter and exit
    your life according to their wish then clearly
    it is your fault. Because if the person treats
    you as an option and you know it but you still forgive them again and again just for the sake
    of your feelings for them that is exactly where
    they take advantage of your weakness. Stop
    being extra sweet all the time and learn to
    value yourself more than this shitty capacity
    to distribute love where not required. Period.

  • effectivewords 81w

    I might look like I'm okay but trust me,
    deep down I can't wait for this crisis to
    finally get over so that I can see my best
    friend, share the biggest hug and spend
    an entire day with that stupid monkey.

  • effectivewords 81w

    How do I stay motivated?

    By reminding myself that everything happens
    for a reason and being grateful for what I have rather than what's missing. I try to look on the positive side of things to keep myself going.

  • effectivewords 81w

    "You better take care of yourself."

    "Really. What if I don't, huh?"

    "Nothing, then I'll have to marry you a
    little earlier to be your shadow forever."

    That is when I knew you're the one.