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  • eden_with_eve 36w

    She's got a pair of Red Ridinghood lips.
    A wolfish way of telling tales that rip people to shreds.
    Set the fairytale forest on fire to laugh at the way it burns.
    In its glow she looks a monstrous beauty.

  • eden_with_eve 36w

    I am bound to sex.
    Gender, body, beauty.
    Pushed to nudity and named anything else, but myself.
    To be my own is selfish, painted to be hellish, lips shaped to be helpless.
    To hell with this.
    A heart turned horrible, how is it my fault?
    How am I bad for fighting?
    Judged because they made me frightening.
    I learned to harness lightning and burned their brains dumb struck.
    A woman chained stuck to a world out of luck who has learned to call herself Lilith and be proud.

  • eden_with_eve 38w

    A woman of words writes to the highest of provocations.
    Sculpted illiterations the kind of which is done with love hard enough to cut stone.
    Wept into my ink, wrapped a shaking hand around a pen, and I am born again.
    Gone is that girl that used to give up her mouth.
    Mourn her but a moment for her end meant a better beginning.
    Give me your ear and get a teased brain in return.
    I write words for people who gain the world in letters.
    A woman of words offered to the world searching for a way to show wonders to those who wander.
    I wonder what they will think?
    Just as well I give at will the chance to see the way I weave around me in wondrous ways with words alone because to myself they are lovely.

  • eden_with_eve 38w

    Never have I loved more bravely than I've loved you.
    Never have I been more proud, more sweet, more strong.
    Never have I missed someone nightly.
    Never have I sought the stars and sewed someones name in the sky.
    Never have I been better.
    Never have I burned brighter.
    Never have I known the likes of you.
    Never do I wish to know another nor could I should I try.
    Good love is my new best learned behavior, you've taught me well sweetheart.

  • eden_with_eve 38w

    I have grown.
    Grown gargantuan. Grown gorgeous. Grown for the good.
    I have grown strong and proud and kind.
    I have grown better because of great women.
    They have given me roots to know. Ground to walk. Helpful gains.
    In a world of games I am made glorious with gifts abundant.
    For my part I am grateful.
    Grounded in greatness and in the name of a glory I am blessed golden.

  • eden_with_eve 39w

    Beauty claws up her throat
    The truest note a song bird ever wrote
    To right wrongs she pokes at hypocrisy
    Cupids bow mouth an insult to idiocracy
    Her words turn arrows aflame
    In dark corners they hiss her name
    Her, She, Mine, Me
    Fear this woman who's learned to preach
    She owns scripture that wrathful tool you used to strip her
    She's weaved a holy shroud
    Worship, for woman hath made herself sanctified

  • eden_with_eve 39w

    Her heart pounds in waves of ocean sounds.
    Surf her winding curves, count her freckles, know her scars, and name her free.
    For she is woman profound with rights to every privilege owed her sex.
    Rage against norms that chafe you raw dear girl and know that beneath your body a tsunami grows.
    Flood the ground, drown out the sound, and rise unbidden.
    Unbreakable, unbound, unburdened, now known...no longer unheard.
    In roaring millions does woman's mouth move the world.

  • eden_with_eve 61w

    I don't care if you don't like my hair.
    If you think I'm ugly well I guess I just love me.
    Above you, it's true, I'm a little girl blue, but at least I know I'm beautiful.
    All your words they can't change me.
    Call me critical, tell I'm crazy, my confidence is chronic you hate how I'm on it.
    Please just be honest, I am iconic.
    It's not that you don't like me it's that when you look in the mirror you can't love yourself.
    I hope one day you know you're gorgeous, I want you grow, and you should know how great you are.
    Darling I hope that you go far.
    Self love is forever, so the world can hate me, and I'll be happy.
    Simp girl going sappy and still she's mad at me.

  • eden_with_eve 62w

    You're a Glass Girl, but it's not your fault
    You're just a product of the people making broken hearts
    The mechanics of your brain make you seem like you're malfunctioning
    Do you feel the rush, do you feel the pain, do you feel the same, are you insane, are you ok?
    Hey, I know the world can be cruel, and you just want to be cool
    Only a fool takes a risky choice, but if you stay in bondage you'll never hear your voice
    Be it clear, be it gruff it's worth too much
    I know it's rough, cause good girls we gotta be tough
    Remember to love, remember to make it last, cause we Glass Girls crack

  • eden_with_eve 63w

    It isn't that my mouth does not speak.
    It's that your ears never really listen.
    In this moment I am listless, whoever said the heart cannot lie is the best lier of all.
    "Fornication!", you scream, it rolls from my tongue in cunning illiteration that you call crass.
    The shine of the brass gives birth to the truth my words are cut from the cloth of the world.
    Pinned together by my teeth to tell horrific tales.
    Real talk this life is wrong.
    I use my sentences to wring dry my innocence.
    Honesty is full of irony.
    You complain about bitter women, but when did the truth become sweet.