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  • eauxmygod 1w

    From the reasons I have cried
    For the reasons why I smiled,
    You were it, you are the reason.

    From the ways i was afraid to fall in love
    To the the way, I am still falling every day
    You were it, the only reason.

    From the ways, I feel alone,
    And to the ways, I want to reach home
    You were the reason, you are the reason

    You are, you were every reason,
    You were the metaphors
    for all my seasons.

    I don't know how to love
    May be someone else knows better
    There's always better and prettier
    There's always someone better

    You don't get happiness for free
    You have to pay for huge amount of pain
    You have to crush your soul
    You have to break your heart to give happiness

    I want to be a better person
    But I'm tired of trying
    Because in the end i know I'm just a failure
    I know I'll never be better

    May be i can fix what I've broken
    May be I can give what you've lost
    I'll climb every mountain
    Swim every ocean

    Just to be with you
    To fix what I've broken

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  • eauxmygod 1w

    Every day I see myself getting into a hollow called darkness. I want to get up, make myself free of all my demons, chin up with pride and tell myself how proud I am for being me, but the darkness inside me don't let me do it, It holds me tight that I can't explore to a happy place. My demons are my best friends, they know how exactly I feel and what exactly I feel. Even if I abandon my demons they will find me and haunt me, because of this I exactly know where I belong.

    You can't choose if you get hurt or not
    But you can choose happiness
    By choosing right people
    Stop giving chances to people
    That they don't deserve
    You might think they do but
    Deep down you know they don't
    The more you hold onto them
    The more you get hurt
    You deserve to be happy
    You deserve to be treated right
    You deserve to be loved
    You don't deserve to get hurt
    You don't deserve to cry over
    You don't deserve to be mistreated

    This is what lovers do i think
    May be some people know how to love better

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